If you ever subscribe to National Geographic magazine, you will have a pile of old maps lying around and do not know what to do. Do not dare to throw away the old maps and atlases. Conversely, why not give them new goals by increasing them into something new and unique? You just need some repurposing and upcycling ideas and you’ll be on your way to your next craft project!

Fall is almost come and all you need is decorate your home for the fall, and outdoor space should not be forgotten. Let’s add a cozy feel to your porch or patio and make it more welcoming with these 8 porch and patio ideas you will want to steal this fall below and have a nice day.

As anyone who has snorkeled can attest, the cool aquamarine light underwater casts an enchanted glow on everything in its domain. Perhaps this explains the allure of water gardens. Small freshwater gardens are fun to create and simple to care for. You have to be creative here by finding out the right plants, right container for this awesome decorative stuff.

Having a magnificent bathroom is not a castle in the sky. In fact, it’s actually pretty achievable, as long as you got the right elements in your sleeve. One of the examples, is your soap storage. That’s why, having one of 25 gorgeous small soap storage ideas to revamp your bathroom can be a solution for ideal bathroom.

Garden is not always about the plantations. There are many other elements to make your garden more attractive. Adding water feature for example, this option is surely one of the best idea. But if you think that it is a bit too much, adding a wind chime probably would be the best option for you!

Summer is a wonderful season to enjoy the sunlight, bird’s songs, sea breeze or perhaps a green grass with floweries in your front or backyard. But there is one thing that spoils it a bit, INSECT. Worry not, you can use repellent candles and torches to avoid the, or go for a mosquito net.

The first thing that you see when you come to somebody’s house is the landscape back/front yard space. That is why, the design of it is important to consider. One of the hottest outdoor decor trends now is creating spaces that remind of indoors but are located outdoors. The idea behind this is to make a seamless transition between the inside of the home to the outside. Check out these 8 examples of outdoor decor to consider below to inspire you.