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Introduction to Terrarium: 10 Winter Terrariums

Terrariums are taken from the Latin word of earth ‘terra’and aquarium. The concept is identical to the aquarium itself, unless it is not using water or aqua, but soil. Terrariums are primarily for plants. The interior of a terrarium will be earthly things such as rocks, pebbles, charcoal, potting soil, and the plant itself. The containers are mostly made of clear glass.

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26 Fresh Spring Decorating Ideas to Celebrate Winter’s Departure

Spring is the best time to experiment with bright colors and fun patterns in your space. It is all about refreshing your space. You could also utilize seasonal flowers with a couple leaves. If you adore bright colors, if you like whimsy and enjoyable decor, decorate an Easter mantel in bold shades. You’ll discover a lot of inspiration and suggestions to combine your spring decor items to earn a stunning display on your mantel. There are many interesting and creative matters that you can use for your coffee table decor.