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46 Best Sterling Homes Design Ideas That Fits With Your Choice

In building your house, there are wide ranges of styles available. In order to get your dream house, you are not only think about the style but also the materials, finishing, etc. Display homes are a great way to see how you can use these features and at Sterling Homes you can modify both inside and outside to create the look and feel that you desire. Here are several ideas that will fits with your choice!

Home Decoration

14 Best Winter Home Decoration Ideas for Your Newly Build House

No one can predict the exact date when you will leave the rental-apartment living. If you rented it to survive the winter, chances are you will move around that time as well. If that’s the case, you should prepare everything for the harsh weather, like rugs, blankets, and extra knitwear. As this is the first time living in a new house, learn the following home decoration ideas.


18 Grey Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Ideas to Consider

Boring kitchen is not something to feel sorry about. Because, now you can easily do makeover on your stuffs in the house. So, not only a small accessories, but also your kitchen. And cabinet, being one of the most important element, also need to be spice up for better kitchen. Hence we prepared 18 grey kitchen cabinet makeover ideas to consider for making a beautiful cooking space.

Home Decoration

46 Tropical Island Decorating Ideas

How about bringing the tropical paradise of the tropical islands into your home with some tropical inspired home decor? Their bright and cheery decor turn your home into a retreat, even if you are in the middle of Minnesota. Nothing is more relaxing than spending a summer vacation in your beach hut while enjoying the waves of palm leaves. So browse our home accent suggestions for Hawaiian decor on a budget!

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

30 Fantastic Backyard Court Ideas to Play Your Favorite Sport

When you are lucky with large backyard area, it will be better for you to build sport court. It is not only as an outdoor design but help you to keep healthy. Your family and friends can see the court and play together someday. Let your children play the game and see how they look happy and fun.


26 Kitchens With Glossy & Reflective Tiles

Kitchen is the space of your house that can have several different type of tiles, and they all will easily enhance your kitchen beautifully. Consider where it is going to go first when choosing kitchen tile. So for those who crave a touch of drama, a glossy backsplash can liven up a neutral-themed kitchen palette. Match high-shine tiles with lacquered countertops to achieve next-level decadence.


24 Best Double-Height Ceiling Kitchens That Bring Sweeping Drama

High ceiling gives a cooling effect to the space. When the hot air rises up, high ceiling gives more volume for the fresh air to circulate. It also helps to provide ample of light to enter the space. The effect of double high ceiling varies according to different space, so the advantages and disadvantages should be concentrated according to the space where it is used.

Home Decoration

28 Stylish Accent Wall Design Ideas for Any Room

An accent walls can take your neutral room to new heights. These easy and stylish action will always be popular because of their flexibility. There are unlimited options, as well as other surfaces and materials. Even the location of it s purely personal. And another good news about it is it can be used in any room of your house.


16 Adorable RV Remodel Ideas You Should Try

If it’s the time for you to remodel your RV, then you are come into the right page. Remodeling your RV can be a daunting project. But, it can also be a whole lot of fun things to do. Keep reading to find some inspirations for your remodeling project!


10 Ways To Save Your RV Bathroom Space

An RV is the ultimate tiny-living space. There never seems to be enough storage space in an RV bathroom. But there are some accessories that can help you stay organized. No matter how small your RV bathroom is.