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50 Gorgeous Small Soap Storage Ideas To Revamp Your Bathroom

Having a magnificent bathroom is not a castle in the sky. In fact, it’s actually pretty achievable, as long as you got the right elements in your sleeve. One of the examples, is your soap storage. That’s why, having one of 25 gorgeous small soap storage ideas to revamp your bathroom can be a solution for ideal bathroom.

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46 Awesome Beaded Wind Chime to Perfect Your Garden

Garden is not always about the plantations. There are many other elements to make your garden more attractive. Adding water feature for example, this option is surely one of the best idea. But if you think that it is a bit too much, adding a wind chime probably would be the best option for you!

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37 Fun Ways to Organize Stuffed Animal In Your Kid’s Room

Your kid’s room is full with so many stuff. Their books, their clothes, their toys, oh, so many of them. But some of them is not just the toy. The stuffed animal, for example, they are both toys and decorative items. If you know how to organize them, there is no need to add room accessories to your kid’s room. All you need is some creativity and those stuffed animal.

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Top 10 DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

What will be the best way to decorate your home nowadays? Since the DIY trend is back, it’s the right time to do it! With this top 10 DIY pallet furniture ideas to upgrade your home, what else do you need? Just get the wood pallet nearby, and stark work on your house!

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28+ Mesmerizing DIY Pallet Coffee Table Ideas to Perfect Your Dream House

Let us remind you: don’t throw away your wood pallets! Not only it’s such a waste of good wood, but it turns out even the used ones still carry lots of function. It’s an easiest item to make DIY. Because, you can make basically everything from wood pallet.

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25+ Best Rustic DIY Pallet Corner Shelf For Your Next Projects

Being rustic is not a hard thing to do, don’t you agree? Because, rustic is back as a trend. No wonder, it’s easy to see anything rustic, from wedding, party, and also home decor. Since it’s simple, why don’t you check this 25+ best rustic DIY pallet corner shelf for your next project?

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28+ Cheap and Easy DIY Wood Pallet Signs for The Home

Let’s admit it, wood pallet is one of the easiest thing to find around our house. So, it’s a wise option to make something from it, instead of just throw it to the garbage dump. This list of 28+ cheap and easy DIW wood pallet signs for the home is the alternative for you. If you’re confused about what to try, you can make something easy like these!

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55+ Easy and Simple DIY Pallet Project Ideas To Inspire You

Pallet wood has quickly become a favorite building material for savvy DIY-ers. Moreover, it is such a fun and economical way to create a lively home or even garden. Since most of pallet wood DIY projects require only tools you probably already have. That’s why, it becomes easier for you to be eager in this DIY project.

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25+ Smart Hanging Wardrobe Designs to Store Your Outfit

Speaking of storing your clothes, some people choose to have a hanging wardrobe. The advantage of this is that it won’t have folds. However, when you decide to have a hanging wardrobe, do it based on the space you have. Because basically, it is used as additional space. Now, you can store your clothes in the closet.

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30 Incredible DIY House Number Design Ideas

You already done decorating almost every part of your home. Now you left wondering is there anything else you can do, right? Honestly, there is one thing that you can do that will add character to your home. The good news is you can create it by yourself and give your personal touch to it.