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Introduction to Terrarium: 10 Winter Terrariums

Terrariums are taken from the Latin word of earth ‘terra’and aquarium. The concept is identical to the aquarium itself, unless it is not using water or aqua, but soil. Terrariums are primarily for plants. The interior of a terrarium will be earthly things such as rocks, pebbles, charcoal, potting soil, and the plant itself. The containers are mostly made of clear glass.

Christmas Decoration

19 DIY Ornament Garlands for a Stunning Christmas Celebration

Enhance your home with a charming Christmas ornament! Garland, for example, is one of the most popular Christmas ornaments that you should not neglect. Well, instead of buying a ready-made garland, why don’t we do it ourselves? So, below is a guide to making a DIY ornament of Christmas garland!

Christmas Decoration

These are 13 Cozy Porch Decoration Ideas in Winter

Having a cozy porch decoration in winter can serve as a welcoming getaway to incoming guests or whenever you and the family want to sit outside, marveling at the beauty of the white season.

Christmas Decoration

27 Best Outdoor And Indoor Pinecone Decorations For Christmas

We can find pine cones in cold regions and because it is winter there will usually be a lot in our environment. As well as Christmas hats and gifts, pine cone is one of the icons that we usually encounter during Christmas.

Christmas Decoration Kitchen

20 Easy and Cheap Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Christmas is coming soon. Then, it’s time for you to prepare a festive Christmas celebration. At Christmas, people will decorate their homes with a variety of Christmas decorations. And then, they also decorate the kitchen. Actually, kitchen is an important place. In there, someone will cook delicious food to serve for all families at Christmas celebration. In fact, someone usually builds the kitchen and dining room in one place. So, the appearance of the kitchen must be interesting because you and your family will be in this place for a long time.

Christmas Decoration DIY Ideas Garden

20 Best Christmas Decoration Ideas to Perfect Your Frontyard

Christmas is a beautiful moment that everyone will always be waiting for. The moments at the end of this year are always warm and loving moments. Usually, families will gather and celebrate this special day together. Therefore, for welcoming Christmas, you have to decorate the front yard in your house with a warm and beautiful Christmas theme. So, you can decorate the front yard with some items related to Christmas as below.

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20 Most Popular Rustic Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

As the most important part of Christmas decoration. You should give, your best effort on the Christmas tree. Basically, there

Christmas Decoration DIY Ideas

36 Most Beautiful DIY Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Christmas celebration will not be lively without the presence of a Christmas tree. Various preparations you do. In general, a Christmas tree is a towering pine tree. However, it is increasingly growing. Many Christmas tree designs are provided with more fun. Along with the changing times, there emerged a Christmas tree with various decorations such as string lamps, ornaments and ribbons.