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15 Desert Landscaping Plant Ideas to Perfect Your Garden

In order to achieve a great garden landscape that we’re dreaming of, the key is to work with your environment. That is why, before choosing a theme, knowing your own garden is a must. Check out the soil, temperature and of course, the water availability. If you already know it, the next step will be much easier to you!


16 Perfect Privacy Fence Decor Ideas to Perfect Your Home

There is one thing of their house that most people forget to decor which is the humble fence. Even tough you can be categorized as a decor lover person, you give your privacy fence a boring color paint or left it untouched. Furthermore, your fence can also add color to the yard or garden if you dress well it. You must be wondering how to decorate your privacy fence, right?

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18 Smart And Unusual Book Storage Ideas For Your Library

Lots of people love to read, even in this digital age. Reading is an relaxing activity that allows them to get rid of the stress. Therefore, you surely need a proper and organized book storage for you collection. That’s because you want to spend your time reading than organizing you book collection, right?


21 Cheap DIY Fence Ideas To Improve Your Privacy

One of do-it-yourself project that’s relatively easy and will add value to your house is fences. Build your own fence can boost appearance of your yard too. We all know that building your own fence can be considered as an easy project, you will end up with a costly fence project most of the time. We all know what you’re looking for from a fence project.

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26 Inspiring Basement Remodel Design Ideas

Generally, a basement is used to store some old furnitures or boxes. However, you may be forget that if you decorate your basement well, it will be a great area.

Garage Decoration Home Decoration

29 Garage Storage Solutions Ideas to Make Your Garage More Organized

Garage storage is something that everyone must-have in the home. With this garage, you can place some home equipment. And there are 3 ways storage that you can place in the garage. There is cabinet storage, hooks storage, and overhead storage.

DIY Ideas Exterior Garden

10 Cheap and Easy DIY Wooden Fence Ideas for Your Backyard

A fence is an object that becomes a protector or security for every home. and one advantage is you also can make a fence as the outdoor decoration. For that you must build your wooden fence in your home from now on.

DIY Ideas

30 Ways to Recycle the Unused Plastic Bottles to Become Crafts

It is really great to be able to utilize something unused to be the valuable things. In this case, the plastic bottles are the most widely exist around us. That is why let us talk about it more so that the garbage out there can be minimized.

DIY Ideas

13 Creative DIY Tree Ring Planter Ideas to Perfect Your Outdoor Decor

A ring planter creates an aesthetical value for your garden. As well as, it makes a border with a doughnut shape that will protect your plants.


31 Best Front Yard and Backyard Garden Landscaping Decor Ideas

In general, the beauty of a house is not only seen from the interior design. But from the exterior that is not less charming. So the idea of front and back yard landscaping must also be considered. Landscaping ideas of home gardens designed with a variety of beauties to complement the entire aesthetics of your home.