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61 Awesome Apartment Design Ideas and Projects

Regardless of what kind of house you dwell in, whether or not a residential apartment or a villa or possibly a little apartment, designing a room may be a terrific challenge for you. Use up every last drop of room to make your living room functional and appealing. If your compact living room also includes a compact fireplace then you ought to take total benefit. There are lots of decorating ideas which will allow you to transform the space without the usage of a paintbrush on a wall. The entrance is a considerable place to showcase your very own personal style and reflections, together with functional and versatile storage pieces which make your day easier. Odd-shaped rooms can be a little challenge, so think beyond the box!

Apartment DIY Ideas

51 Creative DIY Storage Organization Ideas For Apartment

The spacious apartments at Est ling Village will supply you with ample floor and wall space, and that means you

DIY Ideas

20 DIY Mason Jar Chandelier for A Rustic Lovers

Mason jar is so lovable. There are many things that you can make with it. You can use it in kitchen, bedroom, living room, anywhere. So many things that you can do with it especially if you are DIY-lover, DIY mason jar chandelier for example.

DIY Ideas

20 DIY Cushion Ideas To Upgrade Your Seating

If you want to add some fun to your seating area, throw some cushions! It is a smart way to bring some enticing colors to your space. Cushions in particular can add personality and inject new life into your space. But choosing the best cushion can be a pretty daunting task.


23 DIY Succulent Garden for Easy Succulent Gardening

Having succulents is a different story of gardening, except it is still about growing a living plant in a planter, soil, and water. While some found it is extremely hard, other found succulent gardening is easy. Of course, everything is easy if you know the trick.


20 Creative and Cheap Garden Fence Decor Ideas

Many old-generation houses tend to have an old fence in the backyard. While you can demolish it and replace it with a newer, more exciting fence, you can always decorate the old fence. That way, not only do you save money, but you also create new DIY activities that make the old fence even more gorgeous. If you’re unsure about how to decorate the old fence, check out these cheap-yet-creative 5 garden fence décor ideas!


These 20 Garden Block Wall Design Ideas are Cheap and Exciting

Sometimes regarded as a retaining wall, a block wall is mostly used to create a structure for a higher-ground garden. A block wall needs a good structure with a solid base, footing drain, and weep hole to sustain the ground against water and avalanche. But for all the requirements, there are exciting block wall design ideas that add characteristics to the wall. Here are 5 of those examples.

DIY Home Decor

30 Cheap and Easy Rustic DIY Home Decor Ideas to Try

With the popularity of rustic home décor skyrocketing, it’s no surprise that your local shops might sell you some items. However, what if you can get even better enjoyment from them without having to spend a fortune? Well, it’s entirely possible thanks to these 5 exciting DIY rustic home décor ideas that are cheap and easy to make. Check them out right here and start your journey to the world of rustic décor right now!

DIY Ideas

21 Easy DIY Wooden Furniture Projects to Try at Home

You don’t need to be an expert craftsman to furnish your home with style. In fact, all you need is just some equipment and spare time to put together some wooden furniture. Not sure where to start? Go with the easy ones. Try these easy DIY wooden furniture projects at home and complete your dream furniture collection.


13 Best Camping with Kids Hacks

Kid can complicate travel. Yes you read that right. It’s more expensive, more flights to book, more people in a hotel room, more activities to pay for, and more food to buy. Travel can become less relaxing too!