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Best Lifespan Materials to Reduce Waste in Decoration Needs

Applying the best long-lifespan materials to your home decor needs is really important. It will help you to reduce waste since you can minimize the repetition of the material usage for your home. It is important because the material usage in a massive way especially for those that contain toxins and can’t be recycled already has a bad impact on this earth. There is pollution and climate change that will endanger our lives. So, just don’t wait until you can’t live anymore on this earth. Let’s implement eco-friendly living by choosing the best lifespan materials only for your house.

There are some possible good lifespan materials that you can use for your house. It can be those that are coming from nature and those that are made by humans. The ones that come from nature should be the ones that can be grown again and not harm nature. Then, for man-made products should not use toxic materials and not harm nature, of course. Here are the material recommendations for you.

Wood Material

If you decide to use wood material, you should be careful because not all wood materials are durable and have a good lifespan. If you choose the wrong wood, it will just make things worse because the product will weather easily and you’ll just purchase the new one again and again. Of all the wood types, the strong and sturdy ones are oak, teak, mahogany, etc.

This room is impossible without using hard and sturdy wood. Look at how warm this room can be. You can smell the wood and feel nature when staying in the room. If you want to have an environmentally-friendly room, this one is a good reference. Wood House from @vestigare_

Brick Material

The use of brick material has already been done since a long time ago. It was even used for the old structures. The brick is made of clay that can be really strong and durable. It can be applied to the wall, fireplace, built-in bench, etc.

This house was built using red bricks with an unfinished style. The layout and design of the building are in a modern style but the brick makes it look warm and aesthetic. There is no rigid impression just like most modern style has. Brick House from @man.made.nature

Rattan Material

Rattan material is known for its lightweight characteristic but it is surprisingly really strong and durable. Rattan comes from nature but using it won’t harm the environment and nature. It can grow well and won’t extinct. You can use this material for your furniture or some home accessories.

The rattan material is applied on the headboards and basket beside the bed. Look at how the rattan material can create such a warm and welcoming atmosphere inside the room. Rattan Furniture from @hill.home.design_

Stone Material

It can’t be doubted that stone is a durable material. It can be extremely strong and is one of the recommended good lifespan materials. The use of the stone can be varied from the wall, floor, pond, pathway, etc. You can apply this for your rustic home, modern home, Bohemian, or just whatever as long as you do the right stone finishing to get the impression you need.

The stone is provided in different tones that become an interesting part of this house. The application of the stone is only on the pillars and the top part of the front wall. Stone House from @hadleyjameshome

Steel Material

Steel material has already been used for architectural needs for such a long time. Its durability is really great and can last a lifetime. Not only for the furniture, but steel material can also be applied to doors, windows, ceiling, and more.

Having a glass door should be combined with a strong door frame so that it can be sturdy. This door is framed with steel material in black color for a sturdy and trendy look. Steel Door from @alainmattelebvba

Bamboo Material

Although it isn’t seen as durable bamboo can last for 10 years which is great enough when talking about its lifespan. This material is also naturally friendly and can grow fast and easily. The usage possibility of bamboo is really wide from the furniture, and ornament, to all of the interior stuff.

The bamboo material is used massively in furniture, wall, ceiling, lamps, and even rug. This one is such an eco-friendly house. Bamboo House from @tropitecture


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