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Creating a Maximalist Home Design by Implementing Layering Technique

If it is difficult for you to master the basic principle of a maximalist home, you can simply do the layering technique. The layering here is divided into the items to be added and the impression that you create. For example, you can create warm, calming, and cheerful impressions at the same time and it is really possible. It will be great if you can create a contrasting impression in one room and it will be also really effective in building a maximalist home design. However, from all of the things that you plan to do related to the home decor layering, there is one thing that you should consider well so that the decoration won’t be seen as overserving that are balance, scale, and instinct to create a good decoration. Here are examples of layering decoration for a maximalist home design.

Maximalist Home from @indigoleopardhome

Layer of Impression

There are so many design impressions that exist. It will be the key to creating an atmosphere or ambiance in the house. Let’s say that there are welcoming impressions, calming, peaceful, cheerful, fresh, warm, comfortable, fun, and other kinds of feelings. Here, you can combine the impressions you want to have in the house. For example, in decorating a room, you can have a cheerful yet calming impression. So, it won’t be only about a single impression so you can make the room looks full even by only playing with the impressions.

There are red, green, and blue colors used in this decoration to create a layer of impression. The red color is known to create a brave and strength impression, the blue color is known to bring peace, and the green color is effective in creating a peaceful impression. Look at how the colors can be effectively create such a gret impression layering. Layer of Impression from @naomiastleyclarke

Color Layering

It is true that the choices of colors are really wide. But, for a maximalist home, you can focus on vibrant colors that will characterize the impression of the design really well. Examples of vibrant colors are orange, yellow, blue, green, red, etc. The colors will be bold and stand out. If case you are not comfortable with the stand-out colors, you can calm down the atmosphere by combining them with other calming colors such as beige, ivory, or white.

Although the color combination is only applied in some small items, the impression is really rich without being overserving. There are a red throw blanket, a yellow patterned cushion, a purple cushion, and a yellow table lamp. Color Layering from @secretsofahostess

Pattern Layering

When talking about the pattern choices, you’ll be amazed because it is surely wide. There are geometric patterns (triangle, square, rectangular, etc), dots, lines, living things, floral, and some other choices. You can do the pattern layering on the home accessories. It is also possible for the furniture but it is rare except for the chair pad or upholstery.

There are line patterns that are applied to the rug and cushions. Then, for the chairs, the leopard pattern is applied to become something stand-out and steal attention in the room. Look at how the combination is really balanced without looking overserving for sure. Pattern Layering from @secretsofahostess

Texture Layering

Surprisingly, there are many different texture available that comes from the fabric for the home accessories, wood for the furniture, and even the interior parts like the wall. Providing and combining the textures won’t only be unique but also able to bring a certain comfortable feeling such as calming with the soft texture or on fire for the rough texture.

From the home accessories (rug, cushion, throw) to the furniture (chairs and sofa) all are provided in different textures. In this case, the textures are also varied where some of them are soft and the other ones are rough. Such a complete texture layering is provided here. Texture Layering from @katie.leede


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