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4 Tips to Give Your House a New Look for Christmas

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Christmas is around the corner, and preparing your house for the festivities is the best way to welcome this seasonal change. There’s nothing better than the delicious aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, a Christmas tree lining your hallway, and the unmistakable sound of Mariah Carey’s holiday special music somewhere in the distance. However, that’s not all that Christmas entails. 

While one side of the coin is about the fun you’ll have with family, the other is the work you need to put in to prepare your house for the dreaded winter. Places like Newcastle in Australia experience cold temperatures, almost hitting 60F during Christmas. The climate shifts from warm summers to long and chilly nights that can turn your house into a freezer. 

So, how do you ensure that your place is ready to celebrate this year’s end? Here are some tips you can look into:

  • Get your pipes looked at

One of the drawbacks of winters is the frozen water and clogged pipes that happen way more frequently than you like. That is why you should get all your pipes looked at, especially during winter. Even if Newcastle doesn’t experience snow, the cool temperatures are enough to mess with the plumbing system and make it hard for you to use the bathroom or turn on the faucet without feeling annoyed. 

If you plan on hosting your family, you wouldn’t want them to go through the same problem of dealing with a clogged piping unit. Hence, the solution to your problem lies in looking into and getting your piping system sorted. 

But ensure to search for those plumbers in your region that possess ample experience in tackling any plumbing issue. For instance, if you reside in Newcastle, New South Wales, looking up “plumber Newcastle” will prove worthwhile. 

Early intervention before the season change starts ensures you have fresh and sturdy pipes to last through the winter and cause you minimal inconvenience. 

  • Bring out the wall art

Christmas is the best time to switch up the artwork on your walls. Do you have paintings of famous pop culture icons dressed like Santa or Rudolph? What about a funny picture of the Christmas Grinch? 

Pictures add personality and depth to your house. They are also an incredible way to express yourself and showcase your feelings about the holidays. If you’re sentimental, consider hanging up Christmas photos of your loved ones and using them as holiday decor. Try also to update old framed pictures into new ones. You can utilize unique frames made for the holidays, like those with candy canes on them or embezzled with a ribbon. 

  • Paint your house

Painting is the most cost-effective way to spruce up your house. Colors play an essential role in controlling the layout of any room. If you want your space to look relaxed, soothing, and comforting, you should dive into pastel paints. But if you’re looking for a deep luxurious look, consider dark colors. Paint also makes a room look bigger or smaller. A light paint job acts as a reflective surface that plays with the natural light and adds more volume to the room. On the other hand, darker colors absorb light and make it seem more authoritative and sophisticated. 

Depending on your mood and how you define holidays, you can opt for light or dark. Or, invest in Christmas wallpaper if you are highly festive. Most of these are in shades of reds and greens, making a room look cozy but not tacky. It’s also great to get the painting done in December before New Year’s. The winter wind is also suitable for your paint job and doesn’t melt the colors. Instead, they’ll dry up in no time. 

  • Landscape and add plants

If you want to have numerous new plants and bulbs in the summer, start planting them in the winter. During Christmas, get your green thumbs on and landscape. You can also take this opportunity to add lights and decor to your front yard and make it look more lively. 

Landscaping and fixing your front yard is an extensive process. Go easy on watering since the soil may trap moisture because of the cold air. Likewise, remove dead leaves, clear off dead plants, and put up Christmas decorations on your bare trees. You can also add ornaments to your deck and get new patio furniture. However, there is one problem when you landscape. If you get snow, you’ll need to put twice the effort into removing it and then work on the grass underneath.

Final thoughts

Christmas is the last step before you head into New Year and celebrate new beginnings. That is why you must make the most out of these season greetings. What better way to embrace Christmas than prepare your house for it? You can introduce numerous changes into your space that make it Christmas-ready. For instance, getting the plumbing unit fixed to withstand the cold, making sure the wall decor reflects the spirit you’re trying to capture, and painting your house. If you’re willing to take it up a notch, try working outdoors and use this space to light up trees, add decor and plant new flowers and bulbs so you can enter the first summer of the new year with a bloom. 

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