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Hacks To Make Your Moving Journey Less Stressful

The thrill of moving to a new location, the desire to get rid of clutter, and saying goodbye to a chapter of one’s life. It’s an experience laced with new beginnings and more memories. However, when it comes to planning the process of moving, the words “fun” and “yay” are rarely ever associated. Because, let’s face it, moving is a one-way ticket to StressVille. It is fair to say that from trying to sort belongings to moving furniture and figuring out how to transport everything, moving is a mess waiting to unfold.

However, at the same time, it can also be completed in a matter of days. The key is to plan ahead of time and stick to it. For further information, we’ve come up with a few moving tips that will turn the process of moving into a breeze:

1. Cleaning And Decluttering 

There is no better time than before a move to thoroughly clean and pare down! It is critical not to accumulate useless things that can weigh a person down!

Furthermore, moving items costs money, so the fewer items moved, the less it will cost. Consider selling things you no longer need on eBay or other online marketplaces. Garage sales are a great way to eliminate unwanted items. Still, they do not always provide the best return on investment! There is also the option of renting storage units to have your seasonal items kept safe.

2. Create A Moving Binder

Moving involves a lot of elements, whether you’re moving across the country or town. And if you’re not prepared, all that paperwork can feel overwhelming. Here comes the moving binder. A moving binder is what it sounds like. Fill a three-ring binder with all of the moving resources you’ll need. You can make it as dazzling or as simple as you want, as long as it serves you and has enough room for everything you need. Include the following items in your moving binder:

  • A calendar to keep track of important dates and deadlines
  • Rental contracts (if applicable)
  • Inventory lists, checklists, and other to-do lists
  • Mortgage documentation
  • Realtor information
  • Utility service documentation
  • School information
  • Moving company quotes

This is not an exhaustive list; each move is unique, so feel free to include whatever works best for you.

3. Keeping Things Organized 

Throughout the moving process, you may find yourself disoriented; wherever you can insert ways to be a little more structured can go a long way. Lists and timetables will be your best friends! For example, you could keep a calendar with all the critical dates that need to be documented (e.g., move-out day). Another essential list is all the moving supplies you’ll need to ensure your belongings are packed correctly. These are just a few ideas for staying organized during the moving process.

4. Maintain Good Health

Moving takes energy. Your movement will be hampered if your energy levels are low. You will most likely be using muscles you do not ordinarily use daily. You will probably lift and move more in one or two days than in a typical week or month. Your joint health must be perfect.

Furthermore, no one wants to be sick during a move. Diseases can cause you to postpone your movement or make it far more complex than it needs to be. Make sure you’re not eating fast food or taking out. Plan your meals ahead of time and keep several freezer meals on hand.

5. Keep Your Movers Up-To-Date With Everything

 Requesting packing materials such as tape and boxes is one thing. Still, sharing as much information about your relocation needs as possible with your movers is critical when it comes to heavy items. To begin with, notify your movers if you have any overweight items. They will accommodate your needs and plan accordingly, including using additional movers, heavy-moving equipment, or tools to disassemble your items if necessary. It is advantageous if your mover is aware of all the minor details so that they can move everything efficiently on the day of the move.

6. Color-Coded Boxes Make Unpacking And Moving Easier

 To stay on track:

  • Read a few unpacking & packing tips to make the unpacking process more manageable.
  • Use different colored adhesive tape or some labeling method to give each room its identity.
  • Label the components of each box to make unpacking easier.

This moving assistance is for you and your movers or pals if you get outside help. Instead of labeling each room individually, you can color-coordinate them.

7. Pets In The Moving Process 

Moving with pets must also be planned. It may be in the pet’s best interests to board them for the day of the initial jump. Having movers and strangers in their homes can cause anxiety for the pet. Putting the cat or dog in a crate is recommended during the actual move because it is safer for them. Make sure there is enough water and food for them as well. Planning for exotic pets should also be considered. Exotic birds may require a travel cage, water, and food.

8. Exercise Extra Caution During The Transfer 

Moving is a complex process, and you will most likely need to hire professional movers or enlist the help of friends to help you with this transition. There is no damage in enlisting the assistance of family and friends; however, extra precautions must be taken. Wash or sanitize your hands as often as possible to avoid spreading the disease to others. 

9. Remember To Go Slow

We know you’ll want to get everything done ASAP, but the moving day can be tiring. Set realistic goals for how much you want to accomplish – it’s unlikely you’ll unpack your house on the first night! It will take time to untangle and decorate your new home, so don’t expect everything to come together immediately. Take time to relax and have n fun by ordering takeout or going out with friends. Your entire existence does not have to revolve around unwrapping!


By keeping these tips in mind, you can effortlessly transit into your new home. Complete the task gradually by devoting a few hours each day or week. If done correctly, it can be a pleasurable experience. After you’ve unpacked your essentials, take your time and enjoy your new space. You can even organize a few enjoyable activities for your family members.

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