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An Easy Guide To Turn Your Garage Into A Home Office

People always look for unique ways to make their living space more functional and make better use of underused areas. So if you want to add the first or even a second home office to your modest dwelling, your garage is the ideal place for that. The enclosed nature of garages makes them a perfect location for home office conversions. To help you out, we have put together some simple tips that will transform your garage into a dream office:

1. Clear Out The Clutter 

The garage is typically used as a catch-all storage area for various objects. So the first step in creating a home office in your garage is determining whether the conversion is feasible. And it begins with thoroughly decluttering the space. 

The most effective method for cleaning a garage is starting at the top and then working your way down. If you have a refrigerator, you will want to wipe it down and clean the tops of your cabinets and shelves first. Next, use a warm, moist cloth and a light home detergent to clean the walls of your garage and the doors of your refrigerator and cupboards. After that, you should sweep the floor to get rid of the dust that has been loosened up. 

Now it is time to decide what you need to keep and what you should toss out of the garage. If you have bulky items that you are sentimental about, consider keeping them in a self-storage unit. Do not assume finding a self-storage unit is a tough task. For example, if you live in Kelowna, just go to Google and type “Kelowna self storage,” and you will see plenty of local providers in the results. 

2. Think About the Garage Door 

The garage door is one of the important upgrades you can make to your garage workstation. We recommend installing insulated glass garage doors because they allow the maximum amount of natural light to enter the garage. Moreover, the glass can be tinted to ensure privacy. These doors are also durable, thanks to the aluminum backing. 

If your house features a two-car garage and you want to remodel half of it, think about switching from the two-car door to the single-car door. This makeover will increase the wall space in the room, making it easier to divide the area into sections. 

3. Update the Flooring 

Concrete floors are standard in most garages. It is a good option for storing vehicles or tools. However, concrete floors could be quite cold and uncomfortable in a workspace. If the concrete floor is structured correctly, almost any type of flooring, such as tile, wood, or even carpet, can be installed in a garage remodel. The step also covers patching any holes or cracks in the concrete and leveling the surface.

Depending on how your home and garage are laid out, you might also need to raise the garage floor to match the floor height of the rest of the house. Once the subfloor has been leveled, a polyethylene coating can be applied to preserve the flooring and prevent moisture from penetrating the concrete. Adding your preferred flooring over a plywood subfloor can completely change the look of the space. Consider installing a thicker carpet padding beneath your new home office floor to make it cozier. 

4. Invest In A Solid Internet Connection

People assume that a Wi-Fi connection will serve them well in the garage home office, which may be the case. But you must remember that it is one thing to look around on the internet for fun and it is quite another to participate in a video conference while simultaneously using many open tabs. Therefore, make it a point to run your internet connection through its paces before you move in. 

Many attached garages are constructed with fire safety in mind. As a result, Wi-Fi signals might have difficulty penetrating the garage walls. In that case, you will have to invest in Wi-Fi extenders, cable internet connection, or a portable hotspot.

5. Consider Insulation 

Insulation is an important factor to consider while converting a garage into an office. It is not unusual for a garage to have no or very weak insulation, causing it to be extremely chilly during the winter and extremely hot during the summer. According to municipal zoning regulations, these working conditions are unsafe and uncomfortable. 

Insulation will minimize your home’s energy consumption and enable you to use the office year-round, irrespective of the weather. Besides, insulation decreases noise from the outside and the inside of your home.

If the exterior of the wall is made of cinderblock or brick, you must provide it with heavy insulation. If the garage walls have any paneling, you should probably cover the studs with substantial insulation before proceeding. Next up, you must apply texture and paint to the walls for a beautiful finish.  

6. Pay Attention To HVAC And Plumbing 

Most garages do not have vents connecting them to the home’s central heating and cooling system. The HVAC addition’s scope depends on the property’s layout and size and the type of heating and cooling system you have in place. A forced-air system is often the most efficient and easiest way to expand ductwork into an attached garage. You may also opt for a ductless system. 

It is essential to consider how you plan to use the area before making any plumbing alterations. For example, likely, you might not need to make any adjustments to the plumbing if you only want to turn your converted garage into a simple home office with a desk, some open space, and decent storage.


It isn’t easy to fathom what a garage-converted office space could look like, especially if your garage features only lawmakers, automobiles, and other random stuff you have been dumping for years. However, with little creative thinking and effort, you can transform it into a place you truly adore. If you do not know where to start, the tips listed above can guide you in the right direction. 

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