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9 Useful Tips for a Smooth and Stress-free Intercity Move

Intercity relocation, especially if you are moving with a family, is not at all easy. Having more members in your family means that you will have more items to move and, in relevance, more packing and preparations to do. There is a chance that several different types of complications can arise, such as damage to your belongings, late delivery, missing belongings, and even injury to a person while handling heavy boxes while loading and unloading them. It is safe to say that intercity relocation isn’t something that you can achieve just by yourself. You will require the help of professional moving services, among other things, to achieve this feat. But there are a handful of steps you can take to ensure that the move is stress-free and smooth, such as: 

1. Book a storage unit 

If you have a lot of stuff in your current home that you don’t need, have space for, or may not temporarily require at your new home, then placing them in a storage unit near your new home is the best choice. For example, if you’re moving to Salida, then find a storage unit that fits your requirement and move all the things you don’t need immediately to it. Since storage units salida are both secure and reliable and offer you a feasible solution to your storage problems and also ensure that you don’t have to carry too many things over a long distance. 

  1. Research and hire a mover 

Before you start packing, you must set a deadline for yourself, six weeks from the current date to when the movers arrive to load and move your things to your new home in a new city. Hiring a reputable and reliable moving company is not only feasible in terms of smooth moving, but also ensures that all of your belongings are handled by professionals when traveling such a long distance. It minimizes the chances of breakage and damage, and you won’t have to worry about loading and unloading the truck. 

Apart from that, the deadline will keep you motivated to finish everything on time. Hence, when hiring a moving company, make sure that they have good customer reviews and services that suit your needs. You can also ask your friends and family for a referral. 

3. Create an inventory list 

Before you start packing your belongings for an intercity move, prepare a detailed inventory list of your household items and furniture that you currently own. Categorize these items into what is essential and non-essential to get a complete estimate of how much it can cost to shift all these belonging to the new place. This approach will help you get rid of unwanted junk and clutter from your home and help keep the cost of moving well within the budget. If anything is unnecessarily heavy or not in the best condition, moving it is not worth it. Instead, you can make a little extra cash by selling these items. Then, contact your moving company to make an estimate.  

4. Separately pack the items you will need immediately 

Once you completely move to your new home, you won’t have time the same day or for the next couple of days to unpack and set up every box completely. Keep in mind that there is also a very real possibility that your moving truck may not arrive at the destination in time. Then instead of getting stranded with nothing on hand, make a box of everyday essentials that can last you a week or two. That includes your toiletries, clothes, shoes, everyday utensils, tools, and important documents. Taking this precautionary step will save you from a lot of frustration. 

5. Get moving insurance 

Another essential aspect of moving to another city is that there is a high chance your belongings can get damaged during the move. Safety of your belongings is the most crucial concern of people moving to another city. While professional movers are highly trained in handling heavy objects, unforeseen events can still happen. Hence, the safest course of action is to acquire moving insurance. Insurance will pay an estimated cost of the object that is damaged or lost during the move. Taking this step ensures that nothing gets damaged, and even if it does, you get recompensated accordingly. 

6. Acquire vehicle transportation services 

If you have a bike or car that you want to move to another city with you, then acquiring vehicle transportation services is the safest way to relocate your vehicle. While most of the moving companies offer this service, you can still go for a dedicated vehicle transportation company for your added peace of mind. Moreover, make sure that this service is acquired before the date of your intercity relocation so that you can arrive at the new place with your vehicle already in place. 

7. Change your address two weeks prior to the move 

The moving date is only 15 days away now, and it is highly unlikely that you are about to order something off amazon now. So it is time to change your mailing and billing address to the new location. For this purpose, make a detailed list of all the businesses, utilities, financial institutions, etc., and ensure that they have your new address. 

8. Make your last grocery trip two weeks before moving 

Before you make your shopping list, take an inventory of all the groceries available in your fridge and the things stocked up in your pantry. Once you are done, only buy items you are sure you will use for meals and finish before moving. Moreover, make sure you are also emptying out your freezer so that you don’t have any fresh or frozen food left that may need refrigeration. Keep in mind that you have to move intercity, and any food, frozen or fresh, will get wasted, so you can find ways to avoid waste, like donating it to a food bank. 


No matter how much you plan your move, there will be some unexpected hiccups. However, planning everything ahead of time can ensure that these problems are limited to the minimum. Keep in mind that moving is a big deal and will take a lot of time and effort. So keep realistic expectations in mind about the timelines and issues. It is very unlikely that you will be able to up and go your entire home in a day. So keep the timeline in mind, and walk through the process step by step, making sure you are not wearing yourself out. 

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