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8 Ways To Manage Storage During Home Renovation

Renovating your existing house isn’t just a fun and creative process, it is less burdensome on your wallet than investing in a new dwelling altogether. For some, it may turn out to be less time-consuming than buying or building a new space. The process doesn’t merely involve saving a couple of aesthetic interior design images on Pinterest and asking the contractor to make it for you. It is a process that requires careful planning and organization.

The additional burden of storing your items while your home gets renovated can make the process seem less fun. Therefore, this article will uncover a few ways to manage storage during a home renovation.

Find a storage space first

You are on a time crunch and have little hands to help you shift your storage boxes. Before tossing stuff in giant boxes, find a storage space that will fulfill your needs. And no, your friend’s empty garage isn’t the right space for putting out your stuff while you renovate your house. Especially if you need to access your stuff frequently, it is better to have it stored at a storage facility rather than at your friend’s.

The best solution for saving time and cost is to find facilities near your house that offer storage. If you live in Bonney Lake, you can find some amazing, fairly-priced, clean storage facilities if you search for ‘storage Bonney Lake.’ Most of these facilities have 24/7 on-site managers to overlook your belongings. The facilities are secured, and you can book a storage space online as well. So look up a similar localized search string to find a storage unit near your home now.

Put your stuff in storage containers

Assigning a designated spot for every item in your house will not only keep everything safe until the renovation ends, but will also speed up the shifting process. You would know where every item is and two items from different categories like kitchen utensils and books would not get mixed up.

Ensure you get boxy storage containers as they are easy to fit in any spot, unlike the round ones. Nesters are a good investment for storing your items as they are stackable and thus require less space. Also, buy storage containers depending on what you need them for. It is a waste of money to buy a mediocre-sized container only to find out none of your stuff fits in it.

Give away anything you don’t need

Though not a typical storage solution, it would be convenient for you to give up anything that hasn’t been used in a long time. The process of decluttering your space before it gets a new look will make room for new additions. A space that is less cluttered and more organized is also one way of feeling relaxed.

Of course, there is also no point in storing anything you are less likely to use in the next six to twelve months, especially if it is something that has an expiry date. Get rid of such things.

Label everything

Start packing and labeling once you’ve decided what and where to store your items. You have no idea how much time and energy you will save when you have to reorganize your newly renovated home. When you know which boxes have all the kitchen items, you would only focus on that and not meddle with boxes that have items for the living room or bathroom. It is also helpful to pack items categorized according to the room so you know which box goes where. 

Remodel your house for more space

Apart from knowing how to store your belongings efficiently, it could be helpful to consider ways to make your house more storage-efficient when you’re remodeling.

One of the most common ways is to use all the dead space in your house. Spots like under the stairs or behind doors could be remodeled to make a reading nook or a vertical shelving system to store spices and food cans. Any awkward nooks or crannies inside your house can make for a good reading spot or extra storage space with a bench or hanging shelves.

Create an open floor plan

If you are not already considering this, you’re missing out on a lot! An open floor plan isn’t just the modern and chic way. It can open up your space. Breaking down the walls separating your kitchen and living room will make the area feel less congested and airy. A good lighting system and fresh paint will give it a fresher perspective and feel like your home has been remodeled.

Built-in shelving system

For smaller spaces that don’t have a lot of space to store items, let alone decorate, an open shelving system built into the walls can make a difference. The space around your TV or that lonely wall by the living room window can be converted into a shelving space where you can put up picture frames or books.

Transform extra closets

Many old-built homes come with extra closet space that is redundant for some people. You can turn that extra closet into a laundry room. Remove the shelving and install the water drainage system. For inconveniently small spaces, you can install a vertical washer-dryer system – still better than not using the space at all.


It is human to feel cramped up in your small living space, but there is nothing that remodeling or renovation cannot fix. You can also free up the space by eliminating anything you don’t need anymore, like extra books, clothes, cutlery that hasn’t been touched in years, etc. There are plenty of storage facilities across the US for you to manage your living space and belongings more efficiently. Use them to your advantage, and home reno will be easier to manage.

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