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11 Great Ways To Create More Space In Your Home

Living in Boise, Idaho, means friendly people, a low cost of living, plenty of employment opportunities, and wide-open spaces. Idaho, also known as the Gem State, houses the United State’s most breathtaking natural beauty and stunning wildlife attractions. In addition, the state features remarkable outdoor attractions and recreational activities that appeal to families and individuals alike. Boise, Idaho, is your dream place if you love living close to green pastures and open spaces. However, when living in a relaxed and wide area, you must ensure that your home complements your surroundings. Imagine living life in a cluttered home in a place known for its wide-open spaces — not recommended. 

Living in a spacious home delivers you the following benefits:

  • Every member of the household enjoys more personal space and privacy
  • There is more room for children to involve in productive and recreational activities
  • A clear wide space inspires the creative portion of your brain
  • It’s easier to create a peaceful environment in a spacious home
  • Cleaning wide open spaces is easier as compared to cluttered ones
  • Hosting guests and events in a spacious home is easy

To create more space in your home, you don’t have to sell stuff or invest in converting your traditional house into a smart home. But did you know that a few simple changes can help you easily make your home seem more spacious? For example, rearranging furniture cleverly or painting more neutral colors on the wall of your house can create an illusion of a more expansive space. Read on to know about eleven great ways that help you create more space in your home.

1. Store Extra Items In Storage Units

Boise, Idaho, residents can rent suitable Boise storage units to store excess furniture and other valuables. These storage spaces are custom built to provide safe and flexible temporary storage facilities to store any items you don’t need daily. When you move these extra valuables from your house to a high-quality storage facility, you clear massive space in your home.

2. Install A Sliding Door

Traditional doors with hinges and swings take up additional room in your house. In addition, you can’t set anything close to the door because you need to leave the space empty for the door to swing open. Install sliding doors in place of traditional doors today to dramatically save up space in your home. 

3. Explore Creating Dual-Purpose Rooms

You can instantly create more space in your house by setting up dual-purpose rooms. However, it takes a little creativity and organization to make a single room fit for two different types of activities. Here are some combinations you can use to your advantage when creating dual-purpose rooms in your home:

  • Kitchen and Dining Room – Set a few chairs alongside one of the countertops or purchase a multipurpose dining table for the kitchen.
  • Laundry and Mudroom – Set up racks and shelves in your laundry room to store shoes, coats, and other outdoor accessories you may require for easy access when stepping out.
  • Office and Bedroom – Set up a minimal desk in one corner of your bedroom (inspired by hostel rooms) to create office space in the same area.

4. Mount Your TV Instead Of Seating It

When you set up a TV on a table, entertainment center, or shelf, you use up floor space in your house. To create more space in your home, mount your TV on the wall and remove the TV stand. The style will eliminate clutter from your home, giving it a more modern and upbeat feel.

5. Invest In Furniture With Exposed Legs

You can add more visual space to your living and dining area by adding furniture pieces that feature exposed legs. Buy tables, sofas, chairs, and other furniture items with exposed legs and no arms to invest in minimal pieces that create a more relaxed vibe.

6. Purchase Massive Art Pieces

If you are a fan of art installations, you can use this trick to create more space in the main room of your house. Buy an oversized piece of art and place it in your living room. So how does a massive art installation help create more space? The logic is simple. Oversized pieces of art anchor the room and capture all attention, making your small space seem larger than it actually is.

7. Paint Neutral Colors To Enhance Brightness

Do not choose dull and dark colors for the walls. Instead, go for light, pastel, neutral colors. Neutral shades brighten things up by maximizing the brightness level in a room as they can reflect more natural light. Brighter rooms make the space seem much more relaxed and large.

8. Keep The Windows Open

When you keep windows open or cover them lightly with a sheer neutral-colored lining, you allow more light to enter your home. More sunshine makes your personal space look bright, which creates the illusion of wide-open spaces. Conversely, if you keep the windows closed, you may create a cramped or stuffy vibe in your house, minimizing space further.

9. Add Mirrors In All Your Rooms

Adding mirrors in small cozy rooms is the best trick in the book to help you create more space in your house. Mirrors reflect ample light, which helps brighten up your minimal spaces. You can even try putting up wall-length mirrors in your home. These massive mirror walls give the illusion of more open spaces by reflecting the image in front.

10. Invest In Multipurpose Furniture

Imagine having a sofa that can be converted into separate chairs and even a bed. It’s great. You can save a great deal of space if you buy multifunctional furniture pieces that can be converted into several things at one time. These pieces of furniture also give your home a modern feel, enhancing its appeal and vibe further. 

11. Free Up Floor Space

Adding a full-length vanity in the bathroom, setting up cloth hanging racks near the door, and placing colossal decor pieces in the living room are examples of wasting precious floor space. However, you can use a floating vanity to create more space in the bathroom, magnetic strips and pegboards to hang clothes and utensils in the kitchen and bedroom, and invest in minimal hanging decor pieces for the living room to make your home look great without using up precious floor space.


Spacious homes translate to a luxurious, modern feel and ample personal space. And who doesn’t appreciate these? Creating more space in your home can positively impact your life mentally, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Use the tips and tricks mentioned above to maximize the space in your home without having to spend a fortune on purchasing a bigger house. A little creativity, innovation, and DIY magic can take you places. Channel your creative persona and put in a little effort and hard work to easily create more space in your home on a budget. Have fun!

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