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Tips On How to Effectively Communicate With Your Movers

One of the first questions you should ask yourself when you decide to move is whether or not to hire a moving company. Should you choose to hire the movers, you can just step back and let them do their thing. 

Since they will be responsible for relocating, essentially, your whole life, your communication with them will assume great importance if you want the process to go smoothly and hassle-free. 

Moving is not an easy job. Many who have tried it do give up doing it on their own, and let the professionals handle it in the end. It is in your interest to hire a company that provides exceptional service in affordable rates. 

Movers alleviate most of your stress and anxiety associated with the move because they take complete ownership and responsibility for the process, and let you just sit back and enjoy the show. 

Besides, relocating on your own is more expensive. When you are moving on your own, you have to pay additional costs for the moving supplies, truck rentals, and hauling equipment that comes in the standard package offered by movers. 

Secondly, since they are experienced professionals, they can cut your moving time in half. Planning a move beforehand is essential because it takes so much time to plan and sort things out. Also, you get time to rid of some stuff you don’t have any immediate need for. 

You can send the unwanted belongings to the Camby self storage if you are living in or around Indianapolis. Movers can also help you out with sending the boxes containing the unwanted belongings to the storage facility. 

Make them feel welcome

After you have scheduled the dates with your movers, your true communication test can begin. Communication affects your and the movers’ impression of the how well the moving went. Your very first call to the movers should be like the beginnings of a wonderful moving experience.

Even though, the movers are wholly responsible for your relocation under the terms of the contract, it still doesn’t bar you from treating and welcoming them in a friendly manner. 

You should be ready to receive them on their arrival, and greet them in a courteous manner.  You should plan ahead and prepare your house for the move in advance, which means you should Keep your kids and pets out of the way, reduce risk of injury and harm, and arrange all the boxes in a way that they could easily be hauled.

First, when your movers arrive, greet them and make them feel welcome. It is all about getting off on the right foot. This will allow them to get candid with you, so they can openly suggest you their recommendations, and clear any miscommunication about the task at hand. 

Prepare your place for the move in advance

No one knows the lay of your own house better than you. You can help the movers by prearranging your belongings for the move. Your movers should not have to second guess which items to take or which to leave. Take an inventory of your belongings beforehand and communicate it to your movers on their arrival. 

Preparing your belongings for the move is your responsibility. Clear out anything that you don’t want to take with you. 

Unplug, clean, and store your appliances beforehand to avoid them getting damaged because of last-minute, hurried packing. Label and catalogue your belongings into boxes. Label everything that needs to be moved. Use protective padding and covering over the fragile items, and, most importantly, secure all valuables and personal documents.

Be Punctual

As mentioned above, moving can be a time-consuming task, you need to make sure you are at the door to receive the movers on time. 

You should be present at your house on the date and time decided between you and the movers. If you cannot ensure your presence, you can ask a friend, neighbor or relative to receive and assist the movers in your absence. 

However, it is still better if you are present on the moving day, since you can rightly guide the movers on any queries they might have. Use special instructions and requests but do not leave them for later, so as to avoid any inconvenience. The key to ensuring the move goes through efficiently is to be vocal and punctual.  

Your ability to effectively voice your side can be extremely handy when it comes to payment negotiations or quote inquires you might have for the movers. 

Be friendly and candid

When your movers arrive, greet them warmly and offer them a cup of tea or coffee as you would offer any other guest visiting your house. Give them a complete picture of the inventory in the house, so that they can prepare for any safety hazards and arrange for any special equipment they might need for the hauling to be done later. 

If your attitude isn’t cooperative, the movers might hesitate in asking you questions essential to their task. This lack of communication will lead them to doing what they think is best, instead of what you would have wanted. 

Offer the movers some refreshments

Moving is tiring work, so you should offer the movers hot or cold beverages depending upon the weather while they work. If it is meal time, you should order in some pizza for the movers or offer them something homemade. 

Allow the movers to take regular breaks, especially if it’s hot outside. Your courtesy and kindness will motivate the movers to finish your move with more diligence than they would otherwise observe. 

Be a generous tipper

After your move is over, it’s natural and customary that you tip the movers generously. Keep some cash on hand and be ready to tip as soon as they are about to leave. 

Since movers are service providers, tipping is appreciated and expected. Decide the amount of tip based on the quality of service provided by the movers. 

Tips are a great way to show your appreciation for the moving service. Also, most of the menial workers work on tips, so it is only common practice to tip these people generously for it. 


Good communication with the movers starts from the very first call you place to them for hiring their service till the very last box has been moved to your destination. The key is to treat them with common courtesy and kindness, acknowledge their hard work, reward them and assist them in all manners needed. 


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