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Moving Hacks For Newly Married Couples

Forget all the worldly things. As for many, there’s nothing more precious than having to seal your future with an “I do.” However, marriage requires a lot of logistical (and mental) planning. By that, we mean your living situation. Questions like, will they move into your home, or will you move in with your spouse, can mean a great deal. And perhaps you will both pack your bags and buy a new house together where you can build a beautiful life on neutral ground. Regardless of your motives, it would help make this transition as soon as possible because you don’t want to deal with the stress of moving right after getting hitched together for life.

While professional movers can handle transporting all your belongings, this guide will help you prepare for the other aspects of moving into a new house as a married couple. These moving tips can assist you in making your moving day a memorable and stress-free occasion.

1. Inventory like a pro

Okay, so you know how important it is to get started early, but do you know which task should be your primary concern? 

When you’ve finished making your moving checklist, it’s time to take inventory of your belongings. If you two are moving to a city where the weather is superb and the economy is almost recession-proof (like Nashville), consider all your options. You can choose to put away your unused or out-of-season belongings by browsing for the best Nashville storage units near your area.

Furthermore, don’t be shocked if you discover that you have more stuff than you realize. You might even rediscover some forgotten items as if you were seeing them first. In any case, a detailed home inventory will assist you in understanding the volume and value of your belongings to fill in any gaps in household items and avoid problems.

2. Create a budget

It’s not cheap to move into a new home. Many moving expenses include renting or purchasing a new home, hiring a moving company, travel costs, and opening new energy accounts. These expenses can eat into your budget, and having a reasonable moving budget can help you prepare for the unforeseen. When making a budget, get a quotation from a moving company. This way, you’ll know how much money to set aside for the move.

There are also costs associated with house revamps before giving the keys to the lender or the next owner. You’re not alone, thankfully. You and your spouse can discuss these ideas and help each other monetarily make your move a victory. That could be the first time you’ve discussed money with your partner. You’ll want to avoid any conflicts with your finances at this point.

3. Discuss your deepest moving-in-together apprehensions

Many people are concerned about the prospect of living with someone. They’re afraid of losing their freedom, the relationship becoming stale, or breaking up and starting over. These anxieties are entirely usual. But, before you move in together, we think it’s important to talk about your biggest concerns, acknowledge the uncertainties, and then devise a plan for your moving situation. Sometimes just talking through how you’d handle a split or maintain your independence can alleviate your concerns. You’ll have a plan in place if you run into one of these issues in the future.

4. In true newlywed fashion, pack your belongings

Even if you hire movers to pack your possessions, you must prepare them so that they are well organized and ready to go into the boxes. It’s not hard to find simple packing tips that will help you get your belongings into a box easily and quickly, but this is still the most time-consuming task in your moving plan. You will spend even more time trying to prepare for the big move if you do the boxing on your own. Why not encourage your partner over for a packing session instead of spending all of that time alone?

They can assist you in packing your possessions while you munch on strawberries and sip wine. You will repay the favor with a long night of packing and their desired takeout. You are less likely to leave behind frequently forgotten belongings. When you have two brains working together, you can turn one of the most complex moving jobs into an opportunity for fun and bonding.

5. Select the best moving company

After planning and implementing one life-changing event, you may not be mentally prepared to deal with the added pressure of sustaining another significant chapter in your life, at least not right away. You must hire a reputable moving company that will manage all of the minor details of your unique experience as newlyweds move in together quickly, securely, and sensibly. In terms of your newlyweds’ moving expenses, hiring a low-cost moving company will allow you to save money. How? Because you can’t and won’t become another victim of many neglected and unexpected self-moving costs.

You cannot overlook the valuable time you will save by using professional packing and moving services. Nor should the additional security that your insured movers will transport, protect, and deliver all of your belongings without damage.

6. Determine how to make the space your own

If they are moving into your home or your partner’s, you will want the space to feel like your new “together” home. Perhaps that entails converting the second bedroom into a home office so that your partner, who appears to work from home and prefers space, can have it. Perhaps that means adding personal touches to your partner’s previous bachelor pad. 

Maybe you two can agree to repaint and remodel your home together or create a new outdoor space as a couple. Have a good time with it and turn the page on your place, both literally and metaphorically; it’s the next chapter of your life.


Moving into a new home with the love of your life won’t be easy. Therefore, you must acquaint yourself with the moving hacks mentioned above and start a life that’s going to be brimming with excitement and adventures. Be gentle with your belongings, cherish whatever memories they have brought you, and meld them to fit into your new house and life with your new partner.

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