How To Live In Small Apartments?

Small apartments have now become the new normal. With escalating rents and real estate prices,  especially in metropolitan cities, many people find themselves relocating to a relatively small and affordable living space. Moreover, as work-life gets busier and demanding, there is no need to dig a hole in your pocket for a large house and its decor. Functional living spaces seem to be more manageable now.

Downsizing doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the aesthetics, décor, and living standards. On the contrary, a minimalist yet fulfilling lifestyle is quite possible. So if you just relocated to a studio apartment away from downtown or are simply trying to make more space in your small apartment, we have got you! Covering various elements of a home’s interior, we have come up with six tips you can use to make the most of your small living space. 

Dial-up storage units

Living in a small apartment requires immediate and frequent decluttering. While you can cut down on certain items, there are many you need once in a while. For instance, the expensive crockery for a Thanksgiving dinner and your Christmas tree decorations. After all, how much stuff can you easily and safely store in your tiny apartment? No need to worry, for we have an apt solution- rent extra storage space.

You can find plenty of storage units that match your needs and fit your budget by running a quick Google search. For example,  If you live in Delaware, look up Lewes de storage units on the search bar for some nearby options. You can do the same for any other state/city you live in. Many storage facilities offer free reservations, convenient accessibility, and various unit sizes. So find something you like and stash away things you don’t need frequently.

Chose the right color scheme 

The color scheme operates on a psychological level and helps to determine how big or small your living space looks. Light colors not only make a room look bigger but also brighter. Unlike dark, vibrant colors, they do not absorb natural light. So, to maximize space, opt for light color palettes. Colors like crisp white, light purple, and sage are perfect for making your apartment look bigger.

If you are starting from scratch or simply redecorating, start with the paint, and on that note, the right one. Once you get to the décor, you will have more open space at your disposal. 

Prioritize tidiness 

If you do not clean and organize your apartment regularly, your things will pile up here and there and get in your way. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize tidiness and make it an essential component of your daily routine. Since you have a relatively small area and fewer items to cover, it will not be a challenge at all. Without spending hours and putting in a lot of effort, you can manage independently.

All you need is to keep things in their designated areas; do not keep stuff lying around. Did you make a mess while prepping for the party on Saturday night? That’s completely okay! Just don’t forget to clean it up on Sunday. Apart from this, always make your bed in the morning. Put away the dishes as soon as they dry. A little bit of productivity will ensure hours of comfort and peace in your abode. 

Befriend the corners 

Since you are limited in space, furniture, and decorations, you can use the corners in your home to your advantage. These places are often left empty, so you can install small, open shelves to keep pictures, books, plants, and other decoration pieces. You can also add a vertical mirror. It will reflect more light in the room, making it look spacy and chic.

Apart from this, you can add a small desk in one of the private corners, perhaps in the one near the window. It will keep you focused and serve as a minimalist workspace. Another suggestion is tall lamps. They will bring about light and a classy, vintage impact. Last but not least: seating. You can place a chair or a small sofa. It will come in handy when guests are over.

Don’t go overboard with the furniture

Since you are short on space, it is not wise to cram it with furniture. Follow a minimalist approach and only add the basics. And for that, the recommended size is small to medium. If you are a booklover, there is no need to buy a big rack. Find a small one and set your topmost favorite books on it. Or use one open shelf to house a little bit of everything. Similarly, don’t add decoration pieces for the sake of adding them. Just add a few small ones here and there. 

The goal is to have more space by not congesting the already limited existing one. Bulky and excessive furniture is a big no! Also, don’t forget to keep it against the walls to leave abundant space in the middle.

Another helpful piece of advice is to opt for furniture with exposed legs. It will make the floor look open and spacious. Plus, it will ease out the cleaning part. You can also consider multipurpose furniture. Tables, sofas, and beds with extra storage are extremely beneficial when living in tiny spaces.

Organize your kitchen

While it is easy to cut down on clothes, accessories, and home decor, the kitchen is tricky. As an essential unit, it will require a lot of attention. So start by removing the items you don’t normally use. Not a pasta lover? No need to keep the pasta-making appliances. Not interested in baking or trying out homemade pizza? No need to install a large, technologically advanced oven. A small one will do just fine. Similarly, only keep the appliances you regularly use while cooking.

Moreover, you can add hooks on the inner side of your cabinets to hang knives, spatulas, and saucepans. They will enhance accessibility as well as the style quotient. What a big win! Apart from this, you can also place utensils above the cabinets.


If you live in a small apartment, your fretting days are over! From color schemes to furniture, we have got great advice to help you make the most of your limited living space. All you need is to make some minor, simple, and inexpensive additions and adjustments. And, in return, you get a cozy, manageable, and personalized residence with zero compromises on aesthetics. So get started. Your dream home awaits you!


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