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7 Clever Hacks to Store Your Stuff

Whether you reside in a big house or a small apartment, remaining organized is essential. Too much clutter does not only make your home look untidy but also unappealing.  

Building up storage space can be a hassle, especially when you own too much stuff that you can’t even seem to throw away. And therefore, most people keep investing in nifty minor units and unnecessary equipment when all they need are some clever storage hacks. So, if you are tired of stumbling over a misplaced shoe or into an unnecessarily large cabinet in the kitchen, consider investing in some innovative storage ideas given below.

1. Rent Out A Storage Unit 

Adding extra storage spaces in tiny houses can be pretty challenging. You might have to give up on a lot of your furniture. And even get rid of some of your belongings for good. However, a better alternative is to rent out a storage unit. Storage units provide you with a highly secure, clean, and climate-controlled space to safely store all your assets and belongings. Most storage companies also offer 24/7 customer service, modern facilities, and dust and pest-free spaces. 

Renting out a self-storage unit is an excellent long-term solution for your cluttered mess. Storage units don’t cost an arm, and a leg facilitates hoarding, ensures safety, and protects your valuables from environmental damage. If you reside in Texas, make sure to check out storage units Houston for some top-notch services at highly economical rates. Houston is also famous for being home to one of the most secure and advanced storage companies. 

2. Add Extra Shelves 

You’d be surprised by how much extra storage space a few shelves can provide. The most significant benefit of installing storage shelves in your home is that they help keep all your belongings entirely organized. Shelvings also enhance efficiency, limit lost items, and keep all your things secure. Shelves are usually easy to assemble, durable, and versatile. And the best part about installing extra shelving is that they don’t let your house lose its charm by making it look unattractive. 

Adding a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit can be immensely beneficial if you have small rooms. It will allow you to make full use of a cramped-up space and help you in reorganizing all your clutter. You can also add multiple shelves in your closet to accommodate more of your wardrobe. 

3. Change a Room’s Purpose 

Many people don’t shed too much light on that rooms don’t have a purpose. Only because an agent told you that a specific room could be a closet during one of your showings doesn’t mean you need to make that room a closet. You can instead convert it into a home office, and a home office also gives you far more storage space than a closet does. 

There are many more such ideas and tricks you can develop and implement. Focus on deciding what you want and highlight your highest needs. Make a plan to improve the functionality of a room and avoid using what doesn’t work. Bring in the items/furniture that will help the room function as intended, layer in the décor, and finish with a personal touch, perhaps a frame of an encouraging quote. 

4. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is the current hottest trend in the market. It is an excellent investment for reducing clutter and widening storage space. It allows you to make utmost use of your room without knocking down walls and experience a decrease in your structural costs. Multipurpose furniture is easy to clean, maintain, and help keep your place tidy at all times. Moreover, if you enjoy living minimally as possible, investing in multipurpose furniture is your best option. 

Think about it, why would you want to purchase chairs separately when you can easily buy a coffee table that houses both an armchair and a side table. 

5. Storage Chest 

The storage chest is that single piece of furniture that will never go out of style. Whether you like an old-fashioned, heavily furnished house or a modern, minimally decorated one, storage chests are here to facilitate all your needs!

Storage chests can give you ample space to store your belongings. They look good and come in a sufficient number of styles and designs to suit your needs and taste. Storage chests also ensure maximum security of all your items and prevent them from getting lost. Most modern-day storage chests are portable and weatherproof, which means they can also withstand high winds, storms, and rain. 

6. Use a Clothing Rack 

When it comes to storage issues, most people claim not to have enough space for their clothes. Rightfully so because one can never have too many clothes, right? 

A clever hack to add more space to accommodate all your extra clothes is to hand a clothing rank in the corner of a room. A clothing rack doesn’t take too much space yet gives you ample space to convey your clothes. If hung properly, it also doesn’t ruin the image of your room. 

7. Build a Spice Rack 

The kitchen is a vital part of your entire home and usually the most cluttered one. If your kitchen and pantry are all over the place, you need to get organizers right away!

And if you had to choose one pantry organizer, it has to be a spice rack. Spice racks can indeed make your life way easier. Whether you wish to display your herbs or organize your spice drawers, spice racks can come in excessively handy. It can make your kitchen look tidy and allow you to locate any spices instantly. Hence, spice racks are a fantastic investment if you want to reorganize and declutter your kitchen. 


Building extra storage space doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you think creatively. The world is advancing at a massive pace, with remarkable innovations and breakthroughs making their way every day. You must stay alert and take advantage of these transformations. They can bring a lot more benefits in your life besides increasing storage space. For instance, smart living can help improve the quality of life and enhance efficiency. 

However, it is also essential to remember that every idea might not work for your house. Therefore, you need to think carefully and analyze what will suit your needs the best and then invest in it and begin working. Remember, planning is crucial!

If you have more purposes for a storage unit or currently use one creatively, mention it in the comments section below.

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