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8 Tips and Tricks for a Successful Home Reno

There are many reasons why you may be willing to take up the discomfort of constant hammering and construction. One of the biggest reasons is *drum rolls* home renovation! Who doesn’t like to spice things up and update their home for the better? Whether it’s to make your home look fabulous or to increase the resale value, taking up home renovation is a mammoth task that requires meticulous planning. However, we do like to point out that every home improvement project isn’t a walk in the park, and if you want yours to be successful, we recommend the following tips and tricks, which will guarantee a smooth experience.

1. Envision the finished product: 

Home renovation isn’t something that you do on a hunch. If you are lucky, it requires successful pre-planning, which you hope goes your way. That’s why one of the first things to do is envision what you like your house to be when you are done. Develop a plan according to your renovation goals and make a master list of all the projects. You need to keep every aspect in mind, from temporary accommodations to dealing with utility maintenance. For instance, people living in Brandon, MS, must endure excruciatingly hot weather during summer, and with long renovations, your belongings may sustain damages without proper storage. For a simple solution, you can plan to rent storage units brandon ms for safely keeping all your clutter. Similarly, you can make a master list of everything that will happen during the project.

2. Set a realistic budget: 

While you envision the home renovation of your dreams, try to keep in mind the financial limitations (if you have any). It is imperative that you have a budget and a realistic one while keeping every aspect in mind. The typical home renovation budget should include costs for building permits, construction, building material, decorative finishes, labor, etc. You can make a detailed budget by allocating funds to individual projects along with reserving at least 10% of your money for miscellaneous expenses. You should save costs wherever possible by opting for cheaper yet impactful upgrades and going for DIY projects.

3. Create a renovation timeline: 

While most of us don’t have the option of completely moving out during home renovations, it’s best to develop a complete home renovation timeline. After you plan the details of the project and set the budget, hit the calendar and start allotting days and hours to different projects. Calculate the total time for the entire home renovation and then breakdown days for projects you want to address first. Next, determine which parts of the projects can be completed concurrently and which would require prep time. Set the dates according to your routine and what the developer has to say if you hire a professional. Make sure you keep some room for delays and make your way backward from the end date for better planning.

4. Conduct research and ask for references: 

Rushing things when taking up something as big as the home renovation is not a wise idea. You should take your sweet time to research everything you need during the project. Research about the scope of your home renovation project and understand whether you can take it up on your own or need outside help. Collect as much information as possible, especially when it comes to hiring help. It’s always ideal to hire professionals if you are renovating for the first time. It will help if you ask your neighbors or friends and family who have undergone the process to help you navigate your renovation and even refer you to a good contractor. Before hiring, remember to take at least three to four quotes from different contractors.

5. Make room for renovation: 

How do you expect to get anything done when you and everything else is constantly in the way? Start clearing the renovation zone beforehand if you want to get the home renovation done as soon as possible. Declutter or pack up anything unnecessary and consider renting an onsite storage unit for clearing up renovation space in a gif. Allocate a secure area of the house to keep all the gear and tools out of the kids’ reach. It’s best that you make arrangements for kids and pets for most of the renovation to keep them out of the work zone and safe.

6. Aim for connective spaces and spaciousness: 

One of the best ways to improve your house is to make it spacious rather than filling it in with more stuff and rooms. Plan renovation projects which increase space, such as opening up hallways and walls. Try to create more livable spaces, such as turning a dull corner into a reading space or going for an open floor plan. Use interior design such as a paint job or decorative items like big mirrors to create the illusion of space. You should also declutter spaces and move out anything you don’t need to have more area to work with.

7. Invest in projects which offer value: 

If you want to have a successful renovation project, we recommend investing in projects that increase your house’s value. For instance, taking up upscale kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects is a waste of time and money because they offer almost next to nothing recoup value. Put your money into projects such as window replacement, adding a deck, new front door, and garage door as they will offer the best return on investment. Do not throw your money into adding unnecessary bedrooms or bathrooms, thinking it would appeal to buyers because people want space rather rooms upon rooms.

8. Don’t forget to obtain permits: 

Permits are necessary for home renovation, especially if you are going for full-on remodeling. If you don’t take building permits beforehand, it will just slow down the process, which is frustrating. You’ll need building permits to ensure your house remodel meets the recommended fire and structural safety requirements. Permits are necessary, but they can become a costly headache during resale if not done right. Therefore, get all the permits you need in advance and save yourself the hassle! 


Who doesn’t want to break their old moldy kitchen and spruce up a new one? Home renovation gets every homeowner excited because even though it’s a time-consuming process, it also offers excellent energy and future possibilities for the owner. Therefore, when you take up this gigantic task, ensure that you follow a foolproof renovation planning guide like ours so that you can boast about a successful renovation project to your neighbors. 

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