8 Clever Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Small Space

We all know the predicament of hoarding too many things but not having enough space to store them. As clutter builds up, we sometimes get the idea of throwing useless things away or donating items we don’t need anymore. However, the attachment that has developed with these things over the years keeps us disorganized, stressed, and cramped in the small space. However, to bring some sort of harmony back into your home, you must learn to utilize the small spaces and use them as storage areas for your belongings. You will need to use your imagination and creativity to maximize the use of even the smallest areas. However, keep in mind that even after this project, you will need to throw away the broken and unusable items and donate the ones you don’t need anymore. But for now, let us motivate you to take control of your life and your living space by using these clever storage ideas.

1. Get a storage unit 

If you have a cramped apartment, the chances are that you have already utilized every nook and cranny of that place for storage or practical usage. In such a situation, it can get hard to make space for organization, and the only solution is to get some things out of the house. However, we also understand that you aren’t ready to part with your belongings. For this reason, the most feasible solution for you is to rent a storage unit. There are storage units available in every corner of the state and suburb. But it is easier to find storage units in major suburban areas such as Cedar Park. TX because of the huge demand. The storage units cedar park allow you to rent the units yearly, bi-yearly, or monthly. There are different-sized storage units available with different amenities to fulfill unique demands. Therefore, choose a unit and a renting option that suits your budget.

2. Display your plants 

The chances are that your floor space is already cramped, but the plants you have kept are adding to it more. However, you can make a little extra space on your floor if you have a lot of plants and a small working space by hanging or mounting them on the wall. By keeping the plant pots off the space, you save the floor space yet use the counter space in a visually appealing manner. Moreover, you can mount them on the wall or display them on open shelves. There is also the option to use hanger planters, which allows you to save shelf space while allowing you to put your plants on display.

3. Utilize over the door space 

One of the most under-utilized spaces in every home is the area above your door. In most cases, it only features a decorative poster or some painting at most. However, it is valuable space that people fail to notice, let alone use appropriately for storage. Therefore, be smart, and install some shelves and cabinets above the door. You will be surprised at how much storage area you increased just by taking this step.

4. Mount wall-to-wall storage 

In most cases, you keep putting stuff on the floor while the walls go unutilized. However, using the spare walls in your home and mounting a wall-to-wall shelf can increase your storage area to a massive extent. There, you can display all your books, plants, decorative pieces, and other things that you need storage for. Not only does it keep your clutter organized, but it also makes your home look bigger and gives it an artistic and personal touch. In addition to that, the open shelving is easy to clean, and you can easily store many things on them.

5. Add baskets under seats 

If you have space near the doorway for seating, you can maximize storage by utilizing the empty space underneath that bench by using some baskets. You can use these baskets to stow away bags, shoes, and other everyday essentials you can’t find a place for. Not only will it make the space look clean and tidy, but the colors of the basket will also add a nice touch to the space. And most of all, you can keep a basket for all the little things you seemingly had no space for and keep the doorway clear.

6. Use pegboards 

We understand the sorrows of artistic souls and small cramped spaces where they can’t find enough room to keep their supplies. But you can increase your storage by hanging a pegboard over your work desk. This pegboard will allow you to hand storage cups, small boxes, scissors, and anything you need while keeping the desk space empty. This means that you can sit down and work freely without worrying about knocking over your art supplies.

7. Put your jewelry on display 

If you are a person who wears a lot of jewelry, there are not one but two issues that arise due to cluttered spaces. The first is that there isn’t enough space to store all your goods. And the second is that even when you find enough space, cluttering them in the same drawer can ruin them. Therefore, a simple solution is to invest in some jewelry organizers that you can mount on the wall. Not only will the jewelry organizer keep all your jewelry in neat and easily accessible order, but it also keeps them in pristine condition. Moreover, hanging them on the wall or displaying them on the dressing table means that you have more space in your drawers.

8. Use hooks 

We are sure that there are many things in your house which can be simply stored on hooks. Ranging from your kitchen utensils such as pots, pans, and spoons to hats and bags that you throw on the doorway bench. A simple way to make all of these things look neat and organized while saving your floor and shelf space is to use hooks. Install these hooks in the kitchen and near the door so that you can hang the stuff you need neatly, and it stays within reach of your arm.


Organizing a small space can make your home look bigger and better. Therefore, you must understand that storage spaces aren’t only meant to stow away things you don’t immediately need but as a way to decorate the house. They should make your home look bigger and better. Therefore, invest in open shelves, and if you think you’ll clutter, then closed shelves. 

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