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Weekend DIY: 6 Tips for De-Cluttering Your House

Whether you live with your kids or live in your separate apartment, decluttering often becomes necessary. It is common to have accumulated a lot of stuff when you live in a place for a long time. So, after some time, you need to spare some time to get rid of things you don’t need or organize items in their proper place. There can be many reasons for decluttering your house. It could be part of your daily routine, or you might want to get your hand off things as part of your downsizing plans. If you don’t get rid of this stuff, it is not long before your start living in a messy house that is difficult to manage. 

Another reason for decluttering is when you are moving to a newly built house or a new town. You might not want to take all the stuff with you and restore to undergoing a massive purge around the house. Decluttering can be a part of your house remodeling process too. In this case, you are not getting rid of the unwanted stuff. Instead, you are decluttering to put some of your belongings away to make the remolding process easier. Some people put their property into a self storage unit. They often find the storage unit near their house for ease of access in case they need their stuff. You can also do this if you find yourself in the same situation. Search for the storage facility according to your location. For instance, take the example of Revelstoke; if you live there, search self storage Revelstoke to get the options. Make sure to check the ratings before finalizing a storage unit. Decluttering can be overwhelming as it might take some time before you are done with the whole house. However, we propose some tips if you intend to spend your weekend decluttering your home. 

1. Relax And Move From One Room To Another

If you have mustered the courage to declutter your house, there are chances that the activity may overwhelm you at the start. You might get stressed too thinking about how you will manage everything and the best way to do that. So, the first tip when you start decluttering is to relax and think of it as a step-by-step process. You must not think about decluttering the whole house; this will definitely overwhelm you. Instead, you have to go from one room to another or one corner to the other. Once you are decluttering a room, don’t think about how many rooms are remaining.

 2. Designate Containers For Different Stuff

When you are decluttering, you have to develop a system to sort things in different containers. There will be some things that you want to keep. Others you want to donate or sell. So when you are moving from one room to another, make three piles of things such as “things to donate,” items to sell,” and “things to keep.” This way can reduce some mess that has been piling up and avoid making a bigger mess than you started with. 

3. Make A Yard Sale

Once you have sorted stuff and made different piles, you can organize a yard sale and make some money out of it. Social media can help you with this. You can post the date, time, and venue of your yard sale and attract customers from your friends and others. You might see people finding treasures from the stuff that was not more than clutter to you. 

4. Donate The Stuff 

Apart from selling your things, you can donate your stuff to charity too. If you have kids at home, you will have a lot of clothes, toys, and other equipment due to decluttering. Call the charities in your locality and ask them to take the stuff. They are often eager to help and take all the things from your doorstep. Put everything in containers or big shopping bags and get rid of everything. This will give you peace of mind, too, as your stuff will help others fulfill their needs. If some stuff remains in the “give away” pile, you can post it on your social media accounts to let people know what you have as freebies. 

5. Get The Help Of Your Friends Or Family

If you are overwhelmed by your decluttering project, you can ask your friends or family to help you suggest the items that you can get rid of. You can also ask what you should sell and what can be given as giveaways to the charities. When you are decluttering, often you end up keeping most things, so your decluttering project does not bring any positive results. So when you have someone else with you, you can argue with them about the efficacy of a particular item and keep it when you both agree in favor of keeping it. 

6. Take Out All The Outdated Medicines

You often have a pile of medicines in the house that are not needed or expired but still occupying the space in your bathroom. So, it is time to take out all the contents of your bathroom drawers and check which bottles and medicines are useable. Throw away the expired ones and only keep that you intend to use. Once you are done taking out the unnecessary stuff, organize everything back into the cabinet. If you leave the organization part to any other time, let me tell you that time will not come until a few days. You should repeat the same exercise with the bathtub side and go through all the contents. 

Decluttering is not only needed to make space for more important stuff, but it also has its health benefits too. Studies show that clutter can make you stressed and cause depression. So when you organize stuff and take the unnecessary things out, you display a better image of yourself and how you live your life. As a result of decluttering, you also donate your stuff that makes you feel good about yourself as you are helping others. Decluttering room by room can make the process easier, and sorting things into different containers does not let you end up with more clutter than you intended to clean.

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