Bathroom Lighting Ideas You’ll Love

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home, and many homeowners make it their personal comfort room as well. It’s not only where you get ready in the morning or have a relaxing shower after a long day at work; it’s also somewhere you go to find relaxation in the evening after spending time with loved ones or friends. A well-designed and updated bathroom can add value to your home as well as making it more comfortable and convenient for you to use. So, pay attention to the lighting fixture ideas of your bathroom. From traditional overhead lights with soft elegant looks to more practical vanity lights. Here are some bathroom lighting ideas you’ll love.

Track Lights

When it comes to bathroom lighting ideas, lighting on the floor is essential to create an even, well-lit room. Depending on the room’s layout, you can opt for track lights that installed above the vanity for added dimension. This is one of the wall-mounted lights that you can choose from.

A bathroom decoration of course requires lighting to help your night activities while in this room, the track light that is attached to the wall area is one of the lighting ideas that you can apply. This track has three lights so that it can produce a brighter room overall, you can combine these lights with bulb lights that hang on the wall when the track lights are not optimal. Wall mounted track light from housebeautiful.

Not only installed on the wall, you can also hang the track light on the bathroom ceiling or more precisely above the bathtub that is owned in this bathroom. During the day you can use the glass window to enter sunlight which makes your bathroom brighter and less humid. Hanging ceiling track lighting from dwell.

Pendant Lamps

If you want to create a modern look of the bathroom, the pendant lamps are the most popular choice. They can add stylish, comfortable, and can be used to accent any area you need. Such as sinks, bathtub, and vanity area. This lamp comes in various styles. From modern, classic, industrial, or edgy look. The height of the also can be adjusted according to your need. If you want a dramatic look, you can choose a slightly longer strap, depends on the look you want to get.

You can combine the green color of the bathroom with the white interior that is placed around it. You can use this white color for the standing sink and pendant bulb lights that are installed in the corner of the room. This light will illuminate you when washing your face or washing your hands when the atmosphere in the bathroom starts to feel dark. Pendant bulb lamp from housebeautiful.

An easy way to present a modern theme and style in today’s bathroom decor is to use a glass pendant lamp made of transparent glass with a unique round shape and of course having a larger size. You can hang this lamp on both sides of the mirror that is installed in the vanity area to illuminate you at night when you make up or check your current appearance. Transparent glass pendant light from digsdigs.

Another option for lighting in a minimalist bathroom decor is a geometric hanging pendant lamp surrounded by a gold-colored frame. When this lamp does not illuminate the bathroom optimally at night, then you can combine it with recessed lamps and lamp bulbs that are installed in the wall area with a unique pattern. Geometric pendant lamp from digsdigs.

Wall Sconce Lamps

Need a simple bathroom lighting fixtures? If so, wall sconce lamps are a good choice to be tried. This lamp is simple but comes in various styles and types. Wall sconce lamps, usually they are mount directly to the wall. They are mounted in pairs side on each side of the mirror on your bathroom vanity and very close to it. The sconce lamps will help you to get a good light to dress up.

This classic style wall sconces lamp installed in the vanity area has a floral pattern on the lampshade so it looks very eye-catching. This wall lamp also has a splash of gold that gives the impression of luxury without being overwhelming. You can use mirror frames with matching colors to match the beautiful color tone of the room. Classic style wall sconces lamp from housebeautiful.

The linear wall sconces design in this vanity area creates a lighter and softer room with the light it emits. Detailed mirrors with curved shapes that are perfected with re-polished wooden frames you can combine with linear sconces with great elegance. Splashes of gold on the faucet and lights give the bathroom a warmer and more elegant appearance. Linear sconces from housebeautiful.

You can complete some of the walls made of shiplap material with two wall lamp sconces which are dominated by clean white color. This lamp will illuminate the vanity area to the maximum without having to require too much electrical power so that it is more affordable and cheaper of course. You can use two light sconces at the same time at night. Wall sconces lamp in the vanity area from elledecor.


Bathroom lighting ideas can also include stylish chandeliers. Chandeliers are the perfect way to add height, style and elegance to your space. You can choose from styles ranging from modern to antique. The most popular materials used in constructing chandeliers include glass and crystal.

Cage chandeliers that are hung just above the bathtub are the main idea of lighting in this bathroom decor. A touch of gold on the cage chandeliers and shower tub accents the usability of the room that seems luxurious. The nuances of a white bathroom give the effect of a spacious, clean room and of course it looks bright during the day or night. Cage chandeliers from housebeautiful.

Complete the look of your vintage classic bathroom with hanging crystal chandeliers that are quite large in size. These lighting chandeliers are hung to the shiplap ceiling using a sturdy and strong iron chain so that they do not easily fall off or fall to the floor area when used for a long period of time. Standing mirror is one of the interiors that reflects light throughout the room perfectly. Crystal chandeliers from countryliving.

To give your hanging chandeliers a different look, you can add blooming yellow flower accents for a more beautiful appearance and of course give a feminine bathroom impression and style. Lavender flowers applied in white ceramic vases also become room decorations that give a fragrant aroma to this bathroom. Hanging chandeliers with floral accents from countryliving.

LED Lights

For bathroom lighting ideas that offer more options and better value, you can consider LED lights. LED lights use much less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to ten times longer. In addition, they emit less heat, which means they’re easier on your budget. Today’s LED lights come in a variety of colors and designs, making it easy to find one that complements your bathroom design. For a sophisticated look, you can install it behind the bathroom mirror and on the edge of the ceiling or floor.

You can use this round mirror which is equipped with LED lights at night or when the room in the vanity area starts to feel dark. This LED round mirror light will help you when maximizing your make-up or tidying up your appearance to the maximum. The countertop made of marble adds a modern and minimalist impression that looks more luxurious. LED round mirror light from digsdigs.

Not only in the mirror vanity section, you can also attach white LEDs to the ceiling and floor for dimmer lighting ideas and of course these LEDs present a luxurious and modern room atmosphere. White LED is one of the favorite lighting this year so you can imitate it now so it doesn’t go out of fashion. White LED on ceiling and floor from digsdigs.

Recessed Lamps

One of the modern bathroom lighting ideas is to install ceiling lights. In this case, the recessed lamps can be a good choice to get a minimalist but stylish look. They can add a charming touch to your overall interior design and create a beautiful mood. Ceiling lights for your bathroom lighting fixtures can be quite versatile. You can choose from various styles, colors and sizes.

Recessed lamps that are installed in the ceiling area are a favorite choice for decorating small bathrooms with limited space. In order for this recessed lamp to work more optimally, you can use some interiors with clean white colors, for example, you use white tiles to the walls and your bathtub. Recessed lamp with white interior from housebeautiful.

If you use recessed lamps as a lighting idea in the bathroom, don’t just use two or three lamps. The more use of these recessed lights, the brighter the lighting they get. Install in the ceiling area with a distance that is not too far away to maximize bright lighting. Recessed lamps with a distance not too far from bobvila.

Creating a cozy ambiance to the bathroom will make you more relaxed to linger in the bathroom, especially in the evening. Those bathroom lighting ideas hope will inspire you.

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