Remodeling Ideas for Your Small Kitchen to Get a New Look and Still Functional

Small kitchen designs are more popular these days, more so than their larger counterparts. People want to keep their homes small and functional while at the same time feeling like they have more space than they really do. There are a couple of ways that you can go about remodeling your kitchen design. You can either hang new cabinets all over or you can replace the cabinets that you currently have with new ones. Either way, this will have your kitchen looking brand new in no time. Here are some ideas to remodel your small kitchen.

Use Bright Colors

The first thing to remodel your small kitchen is applying a bright colors scheme either for the wall or kitchen cabinet. Instead of buying new cabinets, changing the paint color of the cabinet, you can get a new and fresh look.  Applying bright colors is able to illuminate the room to be brighter and wide.

White is one of the best paint choices that you can apply to the walls and some of the kitchen furniture inside. You can combine this white color with pastel pink standing cabinets and colorful runner rugs that make the room seem more pleasant. Add a chair in the kitchen island so that it can be used as a dining table so that it functions better. White wall paint with colorful runner rug from countryliving.

The combination of white with pastel blue in the kitchen decor is a perfect color combination and certainly does not damage the elegant color tone of the room. The lower kitchen cabinet can be painted in pastel blue which is perfected with a solid black iron knob to make it easier for you to open or close this kitchen cabinet. Hanging antique plates is a wall decoration idea that you can apply in this kitchen. The combination of white with pastel blue from countryliving.

Double Duty a Mini Bar

If your kitchen is not able to be placed a kitchen island or dining table, you can add a mini bar at the end of your kitchen countertop. Installing a mini bar in your small kitchen can be a solution to add a dining space or prepping area while you can sip a cup of coffee in the morning.

When you have a kitchen decoration with a floor that is not too wide then you can use smart furniture that you can use as well as possible. For example, you can use the mini bar area to cut vegetables to be cooked or it can also be used for the dining table in your small kitchen decoration. This mini bar has a level countertop so that it can be used at the same time, repaint the surface of the mini bar with a fresh green color to make it look cleaner and more colorful. Tiered mini bar design from housebeautiful.

You can use the mini bar design which is equipped with a white marble countertop as an area to serve food or drinks that have been provided, besides that you can also add a high stool so that it can also be used as a comfortable dining table and of course very suitable for a kitchen decoration. with limited space. This mini bar is integrated with the built-in cabinet and stove so it looks more minimalist. Mini bar that is used as a dining table from housebeautiful.

Open Space Concept

A small kitchen will look smaller and narrower when it is limited by a wall. The concept of open space will be more fitting to create an airy impression. If there is already a wall that separates your kitchen from the living room, you can tear it down and make an open space. An open kitchen that blends with the living room is in great demand by modern people today. Because of the many benefits, you will be able to add breathing space to the layout of your home and make it more spacious.

This openly designed kitchen with a dining room is a small room decoration idea that is worth trying. You can use a kitchen island and kitchen cabinets with the same color as solid black so as not to damage the color tone of the room. The use of a room divider that is large enough will limit your space and make the decoration of the room feel narrower and cramped. Avoid using room divider from homedit.

Decorating the living room with a small kitchen that is integrated in one room is the best choice when you have a home design with limited space. Use bright room lighting to make it look wider and open, chandeliers and spotlights in the backsplash are the perfect combination that you can try together when the room starts to feel dark. Combo kitchen living room decoration from homedit.

Invest on Open Shelves

Instead of installing more kitchen cabinets, better for you to install open shelves for additional storage space in your kitchen. Installing kitchen cabinet will create a claustrophobic and bulky look to your small kitchen. Then the open shelves can create an open and airy look. It is also can make your small kitchen more stylish.

Take advantage of your kitchen wall area to install a floating corner wooden shelf that can be used as a cutlery storage idea that is easier to reach because it is open. You can use plywood which has a lighter splash of color so that it is easier to combine it with the colored kitchen cabinets you are currently using. The more shelves you use, the more storage you get. Plywood floating storage rack from homedit.

Floating shelves that are arranged vertically are made of hard wood so that they have a solid surface and are not easily porous, of course. You can re-polish the surface of this wooden shelf for a cleaner and shiny look. Apply this hanging shelf right above your countertop to make it easier when taking or storing glasses or cups stored in this area. Vertical hardwood floating shelf from homedit.

Add Lightings

Sometimes, a small kitchen looks gloomy because it doesn’t get enough lighting. Don’t forget the lighting for a small kitchen. It is very important to add light and illuminate the space. If there is no window, you can add a window to your kitchen and don’t forget to install lights under the cabinet or above the kitchen island.

In addition to sunlight entering your small kitchen, the use of hanging chandeliers is also very important and more needed at night. Therefore, you can hang chandeliers that are large enough just above the dining table in the kitchen to illuminate the entire kitchen room evenly. Open your wooden windows during the day so that the air in the kitchen room is healthier. Hanging chandeliers from decoist.

The kitchen-dining room combo in this apartment decoration certainly requires bright lighting during the day or night. During the day you can use the transparent glass window to get more sunlight into the room to the maximum, but at night you can simply use three pendant lamps that are hung on the kitchen ceiling with a distance that is not too far away. Pendant lamps ideas from decoist.

Even thought your kitchen is small, you can still have a comfortable cooking space with a little remodel. Through those ideas, hope it will help you a lot.

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