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Wall Decor Ideas For An Interesting Dining Space

If you are thinking of redecorating your dining room, why not consider some dining room wall decor ideas? Dining room wall ideas are very important to the overall feel of your dining room. Your choice of decor is important for the space you have and the way it will be used. There are many different kinds of wall art and others wall decor for dining rooms. They are used to bring color, light, and sometimes to spice things up. This can really help to make a dining room feel comfortable and exciting at the same time.

You can have it all – the dining table, the chairs, the dishes and the wall hangings. You can let your imagination run wild, it’s your dining room! The only thing you need is some creative help and guidance. Here’s a few ideas for your inspiration.

Create a Gallery Wall

Consider having a custom-made wall decor featuring your favorite photos, art or designs. Your guests will be mesmerized by your beautiful artwork and you’ll feel like royalty for having such a perfect dinning space. All you have to do is select the pieces you like the most and represent your vision for your dining room. Whether you love vintage pieces or modern ones, your dining room wall decor ideas will surely benefit from unique decorative plates.

This bright and contrasting dining room with a wooden dining table is complemented by a gallery wall in the form of framed photos to become the perfect focal point of the room. These black chairs and wooden benches add a touch of comfortable space for you to try. This light bulb chandelier just above the dining table makes for dramatic lighting. Framed photos gallery wall from digsdigs.

Despite a contemporary look and feel, this dining room offers a lively historic character. That’s thanks to the vintage pieces, in the form of antique plates that are placed on the walls against the background of this wallpaper, which steals the attention of many people. Combined with a bright carpet and a wooden dining table set, the decor of the room is attractive and looks warm. Hang plates gallery wall from housebeautiful.

Bold Colors

Choose bold and interesting colors that really stand out. You want your focal point to stand out and grab people’s attention right away. For dining-room wall ideas, a bold and interesting color like black or another bold color is often a good choice. It does not have to be black but can be a deep, rich color like burnt orange, hunter green, or even a dark blue.

This bold blue dining room is broken up with glossy white trim. It keeps it from going overboard, and also plays into the architectural details of the room. Combined with this attractive chandelier, it makes for a charming room decoration. This classic dining table set gives a cozy feel to the room. Bold blue dining room from housebeautiful.

Green lacquer looks bold in this San Francisco home. Adding this gold accent sunburst glass gives it a luxurious and elegant look. Some of these antique furniture has a gold color to create a unique look and steal the attention of many people. The greenery in this vase brings a natural touch to the room. Green dining room wall from housebeautiful.

The wine walls give a warm, lively feel to your dining room design. This glossy wine color wall makes your dining room look more luxurious and elegant. This green dining table set with gold accents on the legs gives an elegant and luxurious look. The luxurious chandelier above the dining table gives a charming look. Glossy wine color from housebeautiful.

Turn the Wall Into a Collection Display Area

Enhance your dining room walls with fabulous dining room wall decor ideas. The dining room walls are one great area to display your family’s prized dishes and serveware. You can place expensive China or collectibles in elegant frames to add splendor to your dining room walls.

Let your porcelain give the dining room color and pattern. This is the secret of a classic style that doesn’t go overboard. You can add plates with Chinese accents to the standing cabinet to produce the perfect room design. Combined with this beige color scheme, it will give a warm impression to your dining room. Plates with Chinese accents from southernliving.

Install Floating Shelves

One of the easiest and most classic dining room wall ideas is floating shelves. These are shelves that are installed to the wall and are used to help create some storage space. The existence of shelves are able to change up the visual of your dining room. Besides that, these shelves can be used for extra storage to display your decorative items, candles, or even house plants.

Adding an open shelf on one of the walls of this living room gives an interesting look for you to try. You can display various ornaments and antique cutlery to show off your items. Adding a wreath of carnberry fruit complete with burlap ribbon gives a stunning room design and steals the attention of many people. Large open shelf dining room from decoholic.

Opt for Wallpaper

To add pattern to your dining room, opt for installing patterned wallpapers. They comes in various patterns and colors. From classic to modern. You can go for a flower pattern to get a classic look and geometric one for a modern vibe. The detail of the patterns can add visual interest of the dining room.

Stylish wallpapers bring gold elegance to the contemporary dining room. With this yellow flower pattern, it gives a charming appearance and steals the attention of many people. This wooden dining table set gives a natural touch to your dining room. Adding a framed wall decor will give it a unique look. Gold wallpaper dining room  from decoist.

Looks Stunning with Mirror

By adding a mirror to your dining room wall it can make the room looks stunning. Especially, if the mirror and mirror frame looks unique or polished in gold touch. The mirror is not only can fill the blank space of your dining room wall but also can reflect well the light. Your dining room needs a good lighting, either natural or from the lamps and to create a perfect reflection, the mirror can do it well.

The large Casamidy mirror completes the modern style of this dining room. This dining chair has a classic structure, but is made edgy with a print motif on the back. This sea urchin-like chandelier adds a dramatic touch to the room. This beige color scheme gives the room a warm and cozy feel. Large Casamidy mirror from homedesignlover.

Create Different Textures with Wall Panelling

Having a same wall texture might be boring and looks plain. If you decide not to hang anything on your dining room wall, applying wall panelling can be your next options. Installing a wall panel to the one side of your dining room wall can bring a different texture to the dining room. You can apply two tones to get a clear define.

The reclaimed wood feature wall makes a very beautiful choice to attract guests’ attention. This dining room is undoubtedly a space your guests will envy. This off-white color scheme and large windows provide a spacious and airy space. This wooden dining table set complete with red bulb chandelier makes a stunning room decoration. Reclaimed wood wall panel from homedesignlover.

When it comes to finding some dining room wall ideas, you are truly spoiled for choice. Just remember that the wall decor you choose should tie in with your dining room decor and add to the style of the home.

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