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7 Ways For Decorating Your Bedroom with Plants

Your bedroom is your personal space. Decorate it to become a sanctuary place is a great idea. There are many ways that you can do to decorate your bedroom to be more interesting and comfortable. Due to the reason, there are several designers offers some bedroom decor styles. One of them is decorating the bedroom with plants. Plants are known of their capability to freshen up surrounds. Then put them to the bedroom can bring a fresh and beautiful atmosphere.

When considering bedroom decor ideas with plant, remember that you should use a focal point for the plant. This focal point should be something that is unique to the room. In general, the best plants to use in your bedroom are the ones that do not absorb much light and are fairly easy to maintain.

Now, once you know the type of plants you want to buy, you need to decide where you want to put them. You could place them on your bed, side table or beside a window. Here are some ways to decorate your bedroom with plants.

Line Up to the Wall

The first way that you can do to decorate your bedroom with plant is to place them along your bedroom walls. If your bedroom is quite large and have enough space, you can line up the plants along the wall. It can fill the blank space of the wall and create a soften look.

Don’t let your bedroom walls appear plain and boring, hang some green plant pots with different types as room decorations that are fresh and seem natural. Floating wooden shelves become an additional area on the wall to place several plant pots neatly without giving a tacky impression. Green plant pot decoration from digsdigs.

Not only on the walls, you can also put green plants on the floor as a beautiful and soothing combination of room decoration. Perform regular maintenance on this green plant to get more fertile and lush results. Fern is the best choice that can be applied right on the floating rack that is installed above the headboard. Green plants as wall and floor decorations from digsdigs.

A Plant Corner

Does the corner of your room look awkward and empty? You can add a touch of greenery to that space. Use some potted plants then arrange them on your bedroom corner. You can use plant stand to get levels and create an attractive looks.

Green plants are one of the room decorations that are not easily boring and are certainly suitable to be placed in all rooms of your home, including in Scandinavian bedroom decorations. Take advantage of every corner of this bedroom to put several types of green plants of different sizes. The entry of sunlight through the use of glass windows to help plants grow perfectly. Plant corner with different types from digsdigs.

Monstera plant with clay pot in this bedroom decoration can be used as a fresh room decoration. You can use a wooden stand plant so that your plants can be seen more clearly without being covered by the bed frame used in this bedroom. Green plants are one of the decorations that are very suitable for decorating a bohemian-style bedroom. Corner Monstera plant from digsdigs.

Place It on the Windowsills

Windowsills can be a great place to put plants. You can have benefit in this way. Besides your plants will get enough sunlight for their growth, plants will dress up your windows look. Choose plants that are low so as not to block the view and that are resistant to weather changes.

Complete the windowsill decoration in this bedroom decor with the presence of small green plants that grow lush and lush. Green plants that are used as windowsill decorations will appear more fertile because they get enough sunlight. Perform regular maintenance by watering it with water regularly every morning or evening. Small green plants as decoration windowsill from digsdigs.

The window sill equipped with built-in shelves is the right area to put green plants because it will maximize the fertility of these plants during the day with sunlight entering the room. If this windowsill plant is less statement, then you can add some other green plants that can be placed on the floor area and on a wooden table along with placing a candle holder. Big green plant windowsill from digsdigs.

As a Side Table Accent

To add accent to your side table, put an indoor plant there. It can add natural texture to your bedroom. You don’t need a big plant, you just need the small one to make your bedroom looks fresh and have a natural accent.

If the top surface of the nightstand is still empty and unused, then you can use it to place small green plants planted in modern ceramic vases that have a solid black color. This plant is very suitable when applied in a modern minimalist style bedroom decoration. In addition, you can also choose indoor green plants that have low maintenance. Green plant with black ceramic pot from digsdigs.

Hang the Plants

Save your bedroom floor by hanging the plants. You can install some hooks on the walls or ceiling. This idea is perfect for plants that grow hanging down. This will create a good visual interest to your bedroom.

Do you have a bedroom decoration with limited floor space? If so, then you can hang it in the ceiling area right next to the shutter window which provides sunlight so that plants can grow perfectly. Fern is a low-maintenance indoor green plant choice, so it is highly recommended to perfect the room decoration to the maximum. Hanging fern plant from digsdigs.

To Fill The Floating Shelves

If you use a floating shelf for the storage idea in your bedroom, you can add some plants to fill the floating shelves. You not only see your book collections on your floating shelf but also the green accents that will refresh the eyes.

Standing shelves and floating wooden shelves that are installed in the wall area can be used as areas for placing several different types of green plants. You can use a clay pot with a smaller size so that the shelf in this bedroom can accommodate more of the indoor green plants you have. Shelves made of wood have a more natural impression of the room. Combination of standing rack with floating green plant rack from digsdigs.

Use the Headboard

Take advantage of your headboard if it is wide enough to put plants. This will create a focal point into your room, surely. You can choose the plants that not to big but you can play its height to look more attractive.

The appearance of a wood headboard pallet will seem more beautiful when it is decorated with green plant ferns that have a size that is not too large. This plant has a low maintenance that makes it easier for you to do routine maintenance every day, fertilizer and water are the right sources of fertilizer and you can try it as best you can. Pallet wood headboard with fern decoration from digsdigs.

Those are some ways to decorate your bedroom with plants. The decision you make will depend on how big your bedroom is and how much you want to spend on decoration. Have a nice to try.

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