Easy and Basic Ways to Create A Healthy Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom decoration ideas, commonly, most of people only concerned about the furniture and how to make it pretty and interesting. Such as choosing the right color, tiles, shower curtain, and other accessories. But, there is one aspect that is often forgotten, how you can make a healthy bathroom. Since the bathroom is the place that tends to have high humidity, so you have to consider how to manage it. To help you, there is actually an easy and basic way that every bathroom must have that is a natural lighting system and good air circulation.

Flood The Bathroom with Sunshine

The first aspect to make a healthy bathroom is by flooding your bathroom with sunshine. Let the sunshine in through the window or skylight. The wide one is good for you. Natural lighting is becoming increasingly important to homeowners, as they want to make the most of every square inch of space that they have to work with. And also the natural lighting will help you to reduce the humidity and make your bathroom become healthier.

In this attic bathroom, applying skylights will make the room bright and also natural lighting will help you reduce humidity and make your bathroom healthier. Combined with some greenery and wood accents on this sink and bench, it brings a natural touch to the room. This beige color scheme and recessed light will add extra warmth to your bathroom. Skylights attic bathroom from decoist.

The elongated skylight on the bathroom ceiling gives the room a bright appearance and looks more spacious. Combined with a white color scheme with a touch of wall panels, this bathroom gives a modern, rustic look. This recessed lamp also provides bright lighting. Large mirrors will create the illusion of a spacious room. Skylight bathroom decor from decoist.

The creative combination of textures in this modern bathroom gives a stylish room design and catches the attention of many people. Using double skylights and large windows, this creates a bright and spacious room. This white color scheme and brick walls create an airy and natural feel to the room. This rustic crystal chandelier provides dramatic lighting. Modern bathroom with skylight from decoist.

This contemporary bathroom with the use of beautiful skylights offers a bright and spacious room decor. Choosing this double skylight also produces a charming room design and steals the attention of many people. The beige color scheme and marble accents on this bathtub frame give it a warm and elegant impression. Double skylight from decoist.

This beautiful contemporary gray bathroom features a large skylight to bring natural light into your bathroom. Choosing this gray and white color scheme gives the room a warm and soothing touch. In addition, adding two windows on this wall will also provide a bright room and provide a charming outdoor view. Contemporary bathroom with skylight from decoist.

Proper Air Circulation

One way to improve the air circulation in your bathroom is by installing a window in it. If your bathroom window is not attached to the wall, you can easily install a window on the opposite side from your toilet or vanity. Windows increase the air circulation in the room and therefore help to keep your bathroom cool in summer and warm in winter. You can also attach an anemometer to your bathroom window so that you will know how much air circulation the window is generating. But if you can’t install a window in your bathroom, the AC, heating, and exhaust fan system at least help you to get a good air circulation.

Each bathroom window can be made private with any type of curtain. This bathroom uses roll-down blinds which are not as comfortable as regular curtains. Combined with a dark color scheme will also provide a warm and comfortable room that will make you feel at home for long in this bathroom. In addition, applying a large window on one of these walls will provide a charming outdoor view and will let sunlight into this modern bathroom. Bathroom window with roll-down blinds from homestratosphere.

White-framed windows with white blinds frame the freestanding bathtub. The following bathroom design is a way to increase air circulation in your bathroom. Combined with this gray and white color scheme, this will give a warm and calm impression to this modern-style bathroom. Light gray cabinets and wicker baskets will also provide a neat and clutter-free room. White-framed windows with blinds from homestratosphere.

Here is an example of a shower with a window. Applying this bathroom will result in a spacious room decoration and natural lighting that enters the space. Windows increase air circulation in the room and therefore help to keep your bathroom cool in summer and warm in winter. Choosing ceramic tiles for wall and floor decoration will make your bathroom look more stylish. Using this glass door will also make your room more spacious and airy. Bathroom windows from homestratosphere.

Applying a white framed window around the tub gives the room a fresh look and you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor view. Look at how much light they let in the bathroom. In addition, applying this many windows will also give the room a brighter and more spacious look. This subtle white and gray color scheme brings a feeling of calm throughout the space. White framed window from homestratosphere.

Implemented a window above the ledge that provides a place for bathroom necessities next to the tub. The window is placed in the corner which gives the bathroom depth. A very nice feature. In addition, applying this window will provide a bright room while getting good air circulation. Add a crystal chandelier above the bath and a candle holder will provide dramatic lighting throughout the room. Large window from homestratosphere.

By considering those ways above, you can create not only a comfortable bathroom but also healthy at the same time. You can opt for to choose one or to apply both according to your bathroom condition.

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