Entryway Paint Color Ideas to Highlight Your Small Space

Since the entryway is the first place you see when you come home and the first place to impress when your guests visit to your home, make it look interesting and impressive is very important. Before the furniture and whole decorative items, the first thing might be considered is the suitable paint color to give your small space a big hit style. There are some paint color ideas that you can apply to your entryway based on what you want to achieve.

When choosing a color for your new entryway, it’s important to consider the size and shape of your entrance. If your entryway is long and narrow, then you’ll want to choose a bold color scheme. Conversely, if your entryway is short and wide, then you’ll want to go with more subtle, warm colors. Here are some simple entryway color ideas to get you started.

Bright Blues

When you’re choosing paint colors for your entryway, think about the scale of your entryway. If your house is small, bright blues will tend to look larger than they really are. This color can seem to a neutral color but can add a pop of color to your entryway. You can feel a beach nuance in your entryway and it works well with white color.

A touch of bright blue and white in this entryway design creates a fun and fresh look in the room. A touch of gold on the mirror frame and handle gives an elegant touch to the room. This coat hanger, console table and flowers in a vase present an attractive and fresh-looking room design. Bright blue and white entryway from idealhome.

The bright blue and white color scheme of this entryway will give your entrance a beach feel. Having a country house design with wooden floors and walls will also produce a warm impression in your room. Don’t forget to add some greenery to vintage vases and chairs to make it easier for you to take off your shoes after traveling. Bright blue and white colors for entryway from housebeautiful.

The blue bright color of this entrance door gives the room an attractive design and looks fresher. Applying a white tabletop, this white framed mirror provides the perfect contrast to this entryway. Complementing the look with blooming flowers in this blue vase will make the room fresh and inviting. Bright blue entryway design from southernliving.

Let the color of your entryway give visitors a cheerful welcome. Choosing blue for this wall color scheme will result in a bright and fresh room decor. Combined with orange doors and orange striped carpet, this will create a fresh look for you to try. This combination of wood floors gives a warm touch to the room. Blue wall entryway from bhg.

Soft Pink

Among the many colors that can be used for an entryway, no matter what color it is, it should give a sense to your home. Color selection is very personal and there is no color that is more suitable than the color that suits your personality. If you are a romantic person but don’t want to overdo it, soft pink is for you. This color is soft enough to welcome your guests.

This pink adds a warm and inviting touch to your entryway design. You can also add wooden furniture and open wooden shelves for extra storage ideas to your room. Don’t forget to add coat hooks to spruce up your entryway. This wood-framed round mirror also provides a spacious and bright room. Soft pink entryway from mydomaine.

This blush pink color scheme gives the room a subtle and serene look that you can try. Combined with the black and white checkered floor, it provides the perfect contrast and grabs the attention of many. If your entrance leads directly to the stairs, try using the space below to display a table or small cabinet, like the classic, timeless style above. Don’t forget to add figurine ornaments and flowers in a vase for a unique look. Blush pink color scheme from mydomaine.

The entrance to the house in warm, neutral pinks painted on the entrance walls is fresh, welcoming, and downright inviting. You’ll love the combination here with the dark floor, to keep things sophisticated. Adding a black vintage console table and blooming flowers in this glass vase makes for a fresh and inviting room. Neutral pink entryway from homedit.

Calming Green

If you are looking for calming green for entryway design ideas, don’t stop at simply choosing one color for your doors. Use the green color to create a visual flow through the entire room, instead of just choosing a single hue. If using more that one color, better choosing the same tone of green colors. The use of this color is very effective at creating a visual balance and harmony.

Spacious foyer featuring green walls surrounded by hardwood floors. Combined with brown curtains from floor to ceiling, this will give a room that is tall and spacious. This curved style wooden door creates an interesting room for you to try. This chandelier also creates a dramatic room. Green walls entryway from homestratosphere.

This traditional style house features a minimalist entrance with muted green walls and wooden floors giving the room a serene design. Choosing this green color will provide an interesting touch for you to try. The touch of white on this door provides a contrast to this room. Green wall minimalist entrance from homestratosphere.

A large green entryway featuring green walls and brick tiled floors. There is a center table with a pot of green plants on it to make an interesting touch of the room for you to try. Some of these classic French-style furniture also produce the perfect room design. This white lantern chandelier provides a dramatic space. Green entryway from homestratosphere.


When you are thinking about painting the entrance of your home, one of the most important factors that you need to consider is choosing the right color for the entryway. You can go for a neutral tones such as tans. This will give a more earthy feel to the entrance of your home and will also make the entire space look bigger and larger.

The tan color in the entryway design of this classic house gives a touch of warmth and serenity for you to try. Combined with this wooden floor, it brings a rustic touch to your room. This large round rug will welcome your guests with extra warmth. This chandelier adds a dramatic and inviting touch to the room. Tan wall color entryway from homestratosphere.

You can choose neutral colors such as tan on the walls of this entryway to give a warm touch to the room. This hardwood floor with large carpet provides a charming look and extra warmth. Vintage chandeliers add a dramatic touch to your room. This wooden door gives a charming look. Neutral colors entryway from homestratosphere.

Small entrance with tans walls and hardwood floors. Wooden furniture will create the perfect contrast and provide an attractive design in your entry room. Wooden floors and wooden doors also provide the perfect warmth in this room. Small entrance with tan walls from homestratosphere.

Depth Impression with Darker Tones

If you want to lend depth impression to your entryway, the darker tones are good idea. The dark color also can lend more expansive feels to the room. There are wide range of dark colors that you can choose from. You can go for dark grey, navy, or black. You can apply those color for the wall, trims and doors. Balance the dark look with stand out items, such as entryway mirror, artwork or lighting fixtures. They can work well to create a bold statement to your entryway.

The combination of dark blue walls and white door trim provides a perfect room design and an interesting contrast. This patterned tile floor gives a unique look and steals the attention of many people. This unique bench will create an elegant room design and look more attractive. Dark blue walls from housebeautiful.

Dark brooding walls are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. Choosing this color will make the room feel warmer and more inviting. A wooden console table equipped with flowers in vases and other ornaments will give a fresh and different look. Black wall entryway from idealhome.

Making a good impression on the first sight is very important. Before dress up your entryway, better for you to decide the right color scheme for your entryway.

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