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How the Colors Can Set The Mood In Your Home

In decorating homes, one of the most important things to pay attention to is the way how the color can set the mood in a room. There is a good reason why it is this way. In fact, the effect of the color on people’s moods is much stronger than the effect of its lighting. So, if you want to impress people at home, the appropriate use of colors is an important factor to consider. This article will show you how to use the right colors to create moods inside the room.

When choosing a color scheme for a room, you have to keep in mind the mood that you want to set. Certain colors are suitable for particular activities, while others are not. It is also important to make sure that the colors you use are not destructive and will set a mood in the room. Further information, take a look at some ideas below.


In the current times there are various pink color for home decor ideas. This color is identical to the feminine style. I am sure that every woman has some favorite color which adds a very nice touch to her room or house. But, beside can create a feminine look, the pink color also can set the positive, lively, and fun mood. This pink color for home decor ideas would depend upon the preference of the person or the theme of the house.

Apply that pink wall and exposed brick wall too for an all-in-one color scheme. This dark rustic wood floor gives it a warm and inviting look. The wall hangings of a collection of hats and framed paintings provide the perfect focal point. This mid-century style sofa completes the look. Pink wall and exposed brick from home-designing.

Deep pink walls combine with fabulous rugs to amplify a bold statement. Complete your wall décor with several framed wall galleries for the perfect focal point of the room. This mustard sofa and acrylic chair add a modern and inviting touch to the room. This coffee table with animal legs gives a unique look and steals the attention of many people. Pink walls with colorful rugs from home-designing.

This pink color is synonymous with feminine style. You can apply it to your living room on an open wall shelf to give it an attractive appearance. This pink and white sofa is complemented by pink cushions. You can balance the color party by bringing some natural wood furniture and metal accessories, such as a nesting table and a copper floor lamp. Pink and white wall living room from home-designing.


If you want to set the mood of your home more intimate, daring, and passionate, the red color is a good idea. This one of bright and bold color that can stimulate your mind to be more passionate and excited. If you like a bold look, you can apply the red color for your wall. But if you prefer a red look that is not too prominent and strong, you can give a red accent on pillowcases, curtain motifs, or carpets.

Bold colors in this living room can beautify the appearance of the room and will give a calm impression. Combined with some antique wall galleries and initials, this makes for the perfect focal point of the room. The wooden floor combined with the black and white striped carpet adds to the warmth of the room. Red Wall living room from decoist.

The living room seems ready for a fun holiday season celebration. The use of a red color scheme on this wall gives a bold impression to your room. Combined with a dark wood floor which is equipped with a patterned carpet, it gives a warm touch to the room. Floor-to-ceiling curtains with yellow and beige furniture add a neutral touch to this French living room. Red color scheme from decoist.

Choosing red for this bold living room design will make the decor of the room calm and inviting. Beautifully framed wall art and bold rugs steal the show here. This black sofa and oval wooden table make for the perfect contrast. This large window will create a bright room and let sunlight into the room. Bold living room design from decoist.


Orange is one of the bright color that can set coziness, stimulate creativity, and evokes warmth. There are many great looks that can be created from the use of orange. Refers to that reason, this is one of the color that identical to the fall season. Almost people use this color to decorate their home in the fall season. If you want to bring fall vibe or just want to feel cozy and warm, you can use this color to set emotion in your home.

This citrus-inspired breakfast corner will wake you up in the morning for breakfast. You can also try a white color scheme to create a bright look. Combined with wooden floors and this round dining table set completes the perfect look. This spiral-shaped chandelier will make any room sophisticated and bright. Orange and white wall dining room from hgtv.

The dark wood dining set and buffet are a sweet complement to the pumpkin orange walls in this chic dining room. Photographs of colorful birds adorn the bright orange walls. The bright colors of the walls are illuminated with mixed lighting of crystal chandeliers hanging above the glass dining table. The orange seat cushions on the seats provide the perfect contrast. Pumpkin orange walls dining room from hgtv.

Orange, orange everywhere, and a hint of beige look in this home office. The five tables have been painted orange, sawn in half and mounted on the walls in the same orange color. This blue chair also provides an attractive appearance and will balance the appearance of your room. Orange wall and furniture from hgtv.


Create a sunny and welcoming in your with yellow color. Yellow paint color or yellow wallpaper are able to add cozy and modern interior design. This color is suitable if you want set the cheerful and light mood to your home. You can mix this color with floral or striped pattern. They will works well to beautify your home.

Choosing yellow in the decoration of this living room makes the room design fresh. Combined with this gray sofa, it gives a comfortable and modern impression to the interior design. This vintage side table adds a vintage touch to your space. This yellow rug also brings a stylish and warm look. Yellow wall and rug living room from home-designing.

The yellow walls combined with the red sofa will bring a bright and fresh look to this modern living room. Accented black leather chairs and this coffee table ottoman create a stylish look. These large windows make for a bright decoration of the room and let the sunlight into the room. Yellow walls living room from home-designing.


For the tranquil, invigorating, and balancing color, the green color is thought able to do it. This color is able to bring harmony and balancing to its surrounding, so there is no wonder it becomes a favorite color for the interior design. You can feel restful in your home. Apply this color to the wall, furniture, curtain, or your bedsheet to make it more feel.

This primary green color on the walls and open shelves brings a fresh impression to your room. Completed with thick green chairs and a bright red sofa, it makes an accent in this workspace. This wall gallery of framed photos will balance the decor of this room. Green color wall home office from digsdigs.

The mint green walls in this mid-century modern living room are balanced against the red carpet and this ottoman provides the perfect contrast. This design will give a fresh touch to your room. Combined with this wooden floor gives a fresh touch to the room. Some of these wooden furniture create an attractive look with a mid-century style. Mint green walls


Maybe you will feeling blue while fresh and calm at the same time when you are applying blue color for your home decor. This color also will bring a beach vibe to your home. You can pair this color with white to remain timeless for years to come. You can opt for to go all-blue color or just use blue accent.

To design a classic blue bedroom for your child, you will come up with a bright and inviting room design. Blue wallpaper is the key to a blue wall that feels welcoming and friendly. Choose something that has a soft pattern that will give you color without rushing. The blue carpet and armchair also give it an eye-catching look and provide the perfect contrast. Blue walls kids bedroom from homedit.

Finding blue in a classic bedroom might give the room a soft and warm touch. Classic style furniture usually has several shades of brown which are often upholstered with beige bedding. Blue walls add comfort to the room and will add a touch of style to the room. Blue classic bedroom from homedit.

It is very important to choose the right color before you are applying to your home. Choosing the right color based on your preference and style, surely it can set the mood of your home.

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