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Rough Wood Decoration Ideas to Beautify Your Home and Creates Natural Feels

Incorporating wood to the home decor such a good idea to bring a natural feels. Wood is a timeless material for decoration that can be used for any shape and look. Not only the condition good of woods that can be used to decorate a home but also the rough wood can bring a good impression for interior home design. Similar to weathered wood and reclaimed wood, rough wood can be a good commodity to add to the beauty of home decor. When you are looking for interior design ideas, rough wood can be used in a variety of different ways. There are wide ideas to use rough woods to beautify you home and create a natural feel. If you still wondering, here are some rough wood decor ideas.


Are you looking for a different shelf idea? Why you don’t try to use rough wood for the shelves materials? Even though the surface is rough but it can create an aesthetic look to your home. It can bring the different look to your wall space.

Traditional gray cabinets with rustic wooden shelves make the space less formal and comfortable. Choosing this wooden block material will last longer and look more sturdy. You can add some other wooden ornaments to complete the look of your rustic kitchen. It can bring a different look to your wall space. Rough wooden shelves from shelterness.

Rugged wooden beams against the wall with lots of candles and lamps are great for creating an atmosphere in your home. Placing it on the living room wall will give an interesting living room design for you to try. This decoration will bring a different look to your wall space. Combined with this brown color scheme, it gives a warm room design. Wooden beam shelves  from shelterness.This rustic wood slab shelf is great for creating a cozy feel in the kitchen it makes for the perfect rustic kitchen design. Choosing this material will last and look more sturdy so it is suitable for your farmhouse kitchen design. Show off some of your tableware collection to create an attractive room design. Rustic rough wood shelf from shelterness.

Mirror Frames

Enhance your home with unusual mirror frame to bring natural and rustic feels. You can find rough wood around your home. It is just need a simple effort to make a mirror frame. You can polish the rough wood or let it in natural color to maintain its authenticity.

A large mirror with a rustic wood frame is a great piece for this rustic bedroom. Choosing this frame will give a natural touch to your room. You can polish the wood roughly or leave it a natural color to maintain its authenticity. This white color scheme and wooden floors give the room a bright and warm touch. Large mirror with a rustic wood frame from shelterness.

It’s good if you want to make a mirror frame that looks rustic is to use hard wood. You don’t need to make a frame from scratch, if the mirror already has one. Only one pallet wood to frame it. Cut four pieces of wood, stack them and glue them to the existing frame and mirror. Then use nails to hold it in place. This way you can also adjust the shape and size of the mirror without having to crop it. Here are interesting country house decorating ideas for you to try. DIY rustic mirror frame from homedit.

If the bathroom already has an overall rustic décor, a mirror will do just fine. Using this rustic wood frame will bring a rustic touch to your room. Combined with this white shiplap wall, it will create a contrasting appearance and have a warm impression. Equipped with double sinks and wooden cabinets it gives a stunning look. Rustic wood mirror frame from homedit.

Ceiling Decorations

If you want to bring a rural statement to your home, you can rough wooden beams for the ceiling accents. The rough wooden beams on the ceiling will strengthen the rustic feel to your home. It will highlight the traditional and vintage style while keep the calming nuance.

The rustic wood beams on the ceiling accentuate the cozy, vintage-inspired style of the room. Combined with this beige color scheme, it will bring a warm and soft impression to your room. This raised ceiling light creates a dramatic and inviting space. Some of these wooden furniture add an interesting touch to the room. Wood beams ceiling from shelterness.

The whole arrangement of rustic wood beams will give your space a super cozy rustic feel. You can apply it to the ceiling to give the room a different look. This will accentuate the traditional and vintage style while maintaining a calming feel. Rustic wood beams ceiling from shelterness.


Rough wood flooring has a timeless and warm charm that many homeowners love. Although it has come a long way since its early days, rough wood floors still have some of its own charm. These types of flooring are a great way to create a homey feel that is still very much a part of traditional design. It is also one of the most affordable types of wooden flooring available today.

The two-tone wooden floors and brushed wood island really give this space a warm and inviting rustic feel. Choosing these beige and stone walls will give your room a rustic look. Combined with this dark wood cabinet, it adds a touch of contrast to the room. Two-tone rough wooden floor from digsdigs.

This rustic wood floor for living room design gives a stylish touch to the room and will steal the attention of many people. You can combine it with shiplap walls and a beige color scheme for an interesting room design for you to try. This farmhouse-style house looks brighter and airier with several additional large windows. Rustic wood floor from digsdigs.

Decorating your home with rough wood has some advantages over other types of finishes. One of these is that it does not show paint marks or dirt as easily over time. You will also have a natural feels to your home.

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