Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Small bathroom renovations can be an exhilarating experience. The problem though, is often that small renovations can easily turn into big disasters if they are not carried out correctly. Fortunately, there are many small bathroom renovation ideas that can really help a smaller space to look bigger and also help save money and also transform the room into something special. Let’s have a look at some great ideas.

Proper Storage

Next up on our list of small bathroom renovation ideas is to get rid of as much clutter as possible. Clutter creates feelings of disorganization and restricts movement. So if you have limited space available for the renovation, then it’s time to clear it. Start with the corner bathroom cabinets and shelves. They won’t take up much space. The storage is very useful to keep your toiletries and other bathroom supplies.

A standing cabinet that is placed in the corner of the bathroom becomes an extra storage idea that can be utilized optimally for a neater and more organized appearance of the room. This wooden cabinet consists of closed and open storage making it easier for you to organize all your toiletries and toiletries on a regular basis and of course can be placed according to its function and use. Standing wooden cabinet from hgtv.

Take advantage of the wall in the corner of the bathroom as an open storage idea by installing floating wooden shelves arranged vertically. This shelf can be used to put toiletries such as soap and clean towels that are placed in a metal basket. Let this shelf appear naturally without polishing and repainting. Floating corner wooden rack from hgtv.

Let the Natural Lighting In

Another way to get around a lack of adequate space for small bathrooms is to make good use of natural lighting. One of the biggest problems when it comes to small bathrooms is the absence of any kind of light source. This makes the bathroom feels darker and more claustrophobic because there’s not any source of light. However, installing some kind of window can solve this problem nicely. Natural light is essential for any bathroom space because it helps to soften the look and feel of the room, as well as create a more relaxing, enjoyable environment.

Instead of using walls with transparent glass windows that are quite large and spacious. This window is a light source that allows sunlight into the room to the maximum during the day. Cover these glass windows with thin white curtains to minimize the entry of excessive sunlight. In addition, sunlight also helps your wooden furniture is not easily porous. Transparent glass window from architecturaldigest.

Take advantage of a small part of the wall to install a corner glass window that can be used as a source of sunlight in the morning before noon. With this window, you no longer need lighting during the day, so it saves money when paying for electricity. Wall tiles make the impression of the room more modern and minimalist, you can try it right now. Corner glass window from architecturaldigest.

Change the Old with New One

Let’s consider a couple other small bathroom renovation ideas. Try to change the old items in your bathroom with the new one. Can you replace some old, worn bathroom fixtures with new, more contemporary fixtures? It will bring a new look to your bathroom.

If your bathroom decor has been renovated, avoid using shabby and old furniture. You can replace all room furniture with more modern and new ones. For example, using a standing shelf that is placed in the corner of the room and a glass shower room that looks shiny and is able to reflect light rays throughout the room so that the room feels brighter. Avoid using shabby furniture from architecturaldigest.

This floating sink with jet black color is one of the bathroom furniture that looks modern and contemporary, especially since the surface of this sink is equipped with a countertop that looks shiny. You can combine it with a glass shower room and a hanging mirror rectangle that has a similar style. The herringbone wood floor becomes warm footwear and of course makes the room feel more contemporary. Modern floating sink from architecturaldigest.

Wall Mirrors

Do you have a small bathroom and thinking of some wall mirror for small bathroom renovation ideas? This is an innovative idea that can be used to give your bathroom a new look without giving it a total face lift. A large wall mirror is an excellent way to reflect the lighting in your bathroom thereby creating a more spacious feel. It is can also add style to your bathroom.

This frameless round mirror can be hung on an empty bathroom wall to check your appearance before leaving your bathroom. The appearance of this mirror will be more perfect when you hang the lamp on the wall that is still the same to be used as lighting at night. Patterned tiles that have a combination of blue and white give a modern impression. Frameless round mirror from hgtv.

Mosaic color paint on the walls that are applied to this bathroom decoration can be perfected by using a hanging mirror that is large enough and equipped with a gold frame in the right and left corners. The vanity sink with a splash of red becomes a beautiful focal point and can be completed with a small green vase filled with red roses. Mosaic color wall with hanging mirror from hgtv.

Embrace Wall Decorations

Lastly, don’t forget about the way in which you dress your bathroom. The simplest solution that you can apply to small spaces is to accessorize in such a way that it creates the different looks. Can you use wall hangings or pictures to enhance your space? For example, putting in wall decorations or by putting up a mural on one wall can make a big difference.

The plain blue walls in this bathroom can be beautified by hanging a square painting frame that is not too large. Choose a painting frame with a splash of color that matches your small bathroom decor so as not to damage the color tone of the room. Herringbone tile floor is a footwear that looks modern and contemporary. White and blue painting frame from apartmenttherapy.

Don’t let the wall decorations in your bathroom look plain and boring, you can install several painting frames with different sizes and themes as decorations as well as a beautiful view. Complete this painting frame with a hanging hexagon mirror that is hung right above your toilet. Combination of painting frames with hexagon mirrors from apartmenttherapy.

These are just a few bathroom renovation ideas that you can implement without making your bathroom feel smaller. With a good plan of bathroom renovation ideas, you can make your small bathroom more comfortable.

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