Bathroom Organization Ideas to Declutter Your Room

Inspiration for bathroom organization ideas should come naturally when you realize how much disorganization can take place in the bathroom. Get inspired by these easy bathroom organization ideas which leave a bathroom clean and uncluttered. The bathroom just looks to be such a room that requires a total reorganization and organization all year round. A good way to keep things well-organized is to use baskets, cabinets, or other containers to store items. Some common bathroom categories are medicine, cosmetics, towels, nail goods, and toiletries. Here are some bathroom organization ideas to declutter your room.

Baskets and Containers

Baskets, cabinets, and containers are excellent bathroom organization ideas. The baskets and containers can be used for everything from toothbrushes and hair care products to towels and toilet paper. They make an easy way to keep things neat and tidy all the time. They comes in various materials and this type of container is available in many colors and many designs.

If you have a bathroom decoration with limited space, then you can use hanging storage by installing a wicker basket on the empty shiplap wall. You can use several of these hanging baskets with more quantities so that you can store more of your toiletries. There’s nothing wrong with lining this wicker basket using a white cloth so it doesn’t get dirty. Hanging wicker basket from┬áhomebnc.

Iron baskets and plastic containers mounted on the walls of the bathroom are open storage ideas that you can use to store some of your toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and shampoo so that they look neater and less messy. Install stainless steel shelves to hang these baskets and storage containers vertically. Combination of iron basket with plastic container from homebnc.

Medicine Cabinet Door

The medicine cabinet is one of the most important storage areas in the bathroom. It is important to have the right combination of shelving and organizers for this space. You will want to use both shelving and organizers for the daily routine items such as toothpaste, soaps, deodorant, medications, etc. You may also want to have a place to store your special medications, such as inhalers and prescription glasses.

The medicine cabinet door that is installed in this wall area has several storage shelves arranged vertically so that it can be used as a closed storage idea in your bathroom decor. You can use each shelf in the medicine cabinet according to its function and use to make it easier for you to find the items you need. Medicine cabinet door with closed rack from realsimple.

An easy way to organize toiletries and special medicines in one storage room is to use a medicine cabinet door made of wood with thick glass to make it more sturdy and not easily damaged. You can hang this medicine cabinet on the wall that is still empty and unused. Don’t forget to repaint it in a neutral color like white. Combination of wood with glass medicine cabinet door from bhg.

Wall-Mounted Storage

The bathroom can get really messy when you are taking a shower and when you are spending time in the sink. To avoid messy sink and counter tops, you will need to use some bathroom storage solutions. A great addition to any bathroom would be a storage that attaches to the wall next to the sink. You can store extra soap, shampoo, washcloths and towels here for easy access and you won’t take up valuable shelf space on the counter.

The floating shelf that is installed in the vanity area is an open storage idea that can be folded when not in use. You can choose melamine wood as the main material of this shelf to match your current bathroom decor style. Paintings that are large enough on the shelves become room decoration ideas that present an artistic impression. Floating folding shelf from apartmenttherapy.

An easy way to store toiletries while in the shower room is to install several hanging containers of different sizes. You can also store accessories in the hanging container area to make it safer and not fall on the floor area. Hang this storage container on the empty and unused part of the tile wall. Choose a container made of plastic so that it is not easily porous. Hanging plastic container from apartmenttherapy.

You can use the wall at the top of this toilet to hang a medium-sized wooden shelf. Not only for storing toiletries, but you can also store small indoor greenery as a natural accent that can be used as a fresh room decoration and very on budget. Do a polish on this wooden shelf for a more polished and shiny look. Hanging wooden shelf from apartmenttherapy.

Jars Storage

You can use a jar for bathroom organization ideas to keep track of all the products you have in your bathroom. The jar is suitable to store your small things. You can use your old mason jar. It does not have to be very pretty or expensive. The most important part of any bathroom organization system is that it keeps you organized and that you keep track of what you have in your bathroom when you are not using it.

Do you have an unused jar? If so, then you can reuse it as a storage container in bathroom decorations on a budget. For a more colorful look, repaint the outer surface of the jar using a sweet pastel color. Use jars of different sizes and shapes so they can be used to organize your bathroom storage. Pastel color jar storage from homebnc.

Another option for jar storage ideas is to hang them on the wall tiles using wooden planks to make it easier and not damage your walls. This jar can be used to store some of your small toiletries such as a toothbrush and some makeup tools. With this jar storage, your countertop area will be more tidy and controlled. Hanging jar storage from homebnc.

Repaint the used jars that you have to serve as storage ideas in bathroom decorations, before you paint them, you can wash them first so they are clean and can be used safely. There’s nothing wrong with adding DIY ribbon accents made of burlap and rope as decorations that can be easily made at home. Jar storage with ribbon decoration from homebnc.

Labeled Container

Another idea of bathroom organization is try to label your container. The idea of using this bathroom organization system will help you to find the things that are in the bathroom easily. All you have to do is just labeling the container. This is especially helpful when you have a lot of different products or when you have a number of different items such as bath salts, cotton balls, detergent, shaving cream, etc. You can pour all your items to the container and this will make it easier for you to find the exact item that you need when you need it. You will be able to store your jar in a pretty closet or cabinet, but it will not be hard for you to get to.

To make it easier for you when looking for toiletries in the same container, then you can add a labeled container that is clearly installed on the outside surface. This storage wire container is installed in the area behind the door so that it saves the bathroom area effectively and efficiently. If the paper on the label uses white, then for the writing you can use black ink to make it look clearer and more contrasting. Black and white labeled container from polishedhabitat.

You can complete an iron basket with the same color with a label that is filled in according to what is stored. This labeled container idea is intended to make storage in your bathroom decor better organized. You can use a label letter design that is easy to read from a considerable distance. Iron basket with label from jaroflemons.

The label that is installed on the surface of the container is intended to make it easier for you when looking for toiletries with a more effective and efficient search period. Attach the label using strong glue so it doesn’t come off easily. This labeled container idea does not cost a lot of expenses so it is perfect for bathroom decorations on a budget. Attach container labels with glue from thespruce.

Group It On the Tray

If you want to declutter the top of your bathroom vanity, you can use a tray, single trays or tiered trays. You can place your stuff there for a more organized.

The countertop will look neater and more organized when you add a wooden tray to organize all the toiletries that are placed in this vanity area. Not only toiletries, you can also put green plants with small jar vases as room decorations that can be easily found in decorating your backyard garden. Wooden tray storage from mydomaine.

Match and match the vanity countertop material with the storage tray for a more elegant bathroom look. You can use glass material with a marble pattern that looks more modern and luxurious, besides that these two accents will also reflect light into the room so that your bathroom looks brighter during the day or night. Marble glass tray from mydomaine.

Having an organized bathroom looks is very pleasant. You will be enjoyed when bathing and can easily find your items.

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