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Living Room Renovation Ideas On A Budget

Living room is the important place in every homes. Many activities that can be done in this room. Starting from welcome your guest, gathering with family, watching tv, reading, or just sitting and relaxing. With so many activities to do in the living room, finding a new atmosphere may be part of your plans.

Maybe you are getting bored with the design of your living room. You may wish to have a lot of money to carry out a renovation. You want to change the TV, buy a new sectional sofa, change your lamp, find a new coffee table, and I’m sure there are many things you want to replace. But if you’re on a tight budget but soon want to have a new look in your living room, with some on a budget friendly remodeling ideas, you can do it. We have gathered some ideas below to inspire you.

Put Some Indoor Plants

The first thing that you can do to renovate your living room is to put some indoor plants. The green look of the plants will add freshness to your living room. There are many indoor plants that you can choose from. Make sure that you choose the low maintenance indoor plants for easy maintaining.

Tropical plants are one of the best choices that you can try to decorate your living room on your budget. You can use a concrete pot that has a large enough size as a sturdy and strong container. Place this plant near the window so that it can thrive because it gets enough sunlight. Pumpkin and candle holder are additional ornaments that you can place together. Tropical plants from mydomaine.

If you have a living room decoration with a limited floor, then you can use several hanging plants with a variety of different types as decoration while making the room look fresher and more natural. Small cactus on the coffee table becomes an additional plant that has lower maintenance, making it easier for you to carry out routine maintenance. Hanging plants from mydomaine.

Rearrange Your Furniture

In order to gain a new look of your living room, doesn’t mean you have to buy a new furniture. The simple thing and surely it will not take your money is to rearrange your furniture. Give the new atmosphere by moving the seating face each other to prioritize conversation. Or, you can place your seating area in the middle of the living room to give a decent space to move. You can also move your console table if you feel it is needed.

This sofa and two blue chairs with a layout facing each other make your conversation more focused with family or guests who come to your home. Don’t forget to coat all the furniture in this living room decoration with a geometric rug that has a black and white color combination. Round coffee tables made of wood are very useful additional furniture. Sofa and two chairs facing each other from hgtv.

The white living room decoration that is perfected with a matching colored sofa and folding chairs becomes comfortable furniture that you can try instantly. In the middle of these sofas and chairs you can place a wooden coffee table that is large enough to put the snacks or drinks provided, the fireplace becomes a warm interior that you can try when the room starts to feel cold. Coffee table in the middle of chairs and sofas from hgtv.

Change Your Pillow Cover

Have you ever tough that pillow cover can bring a new look to a room? Why you don’t apply it to your living room? Now, change your pillow cover with a new one. You can choose the color or pattern depends on what you want to achieve. If you like a cheerful nuance, the bright and colorful patterned pillow cover is good for you. Or, you can go for a minimalist look with a neutral color pillow cover.

An easy way to bring a bohemian feel to your living room decor is to use a boho pillowcase with more splashes of color. This pillow pattern can be perfected with the use of the same themed fabric that is applied to your sofa, black and white on this fabric become a more neutral color combination, so it is highly recommended for decorating this living room. Bohemian pillowcase from hgtv.

Make the nuances in your living room decor livelier by using pillowcases that have different colors and patterns. This colorful throw pillow on the yellow sofa looks more contrasting so it can be used as a cheerful and fun focal point. Green plants that are on the table become natural decorations that you can get in the backyard garden. Colorful throw pillow on the yellow sofa from hgtv.

The boho pattern on the pillowcase doesn’t just use colorful splashes, you can also choose a pillowcase with a mix of black and white to make it easier to mix with other interiors around it. To emphasize the bohemian theme in this living room decoration, you can also use a matching patterned rug with a larger and wider size. Black and white boho pillowcase from hgtv.

Install Rugs

Renovating your living room is not complete without the carpeting. Change your already rug with other rugs that has a new look. If your previous carpet was plain, you can replace it with a patterned one. Or, you can still in plain rugs but you can change the color. If you prefer to use a patterned rug, there are many patterns that you can use. From classic to modern, like geometric pattern. You can adjust according to your taste. The existence of rug can change the whole look of your living room.

To save costs when decorating the living room, then you can use a woven rug to cover the floor in this room. Rattan chairs covered with patterned pillows are the right interior combination but of course have a softer surface and are comfortable to use throughout the day. Floor pillows can be used to relax your feet. Rattan woven rug from housebeautiful.

Not only woven rugs, now you can also use vintage rugs with bolder colors. This rug has color harmony with the linen sofa that is used so that it can work perfectly to be used as furniture in living room decorations on a budget. Perform routine maintenance on this rug for a more comfortable and warm footwear. Vintage rug from housebeautiful.

Choose and use rattan rug to coat all the furniture legs in your living room decor. This rug has a smoother surface and is certainly not easily damaged or porous when used for a long time. A patterned sofa and a matte black coffee table are a combination of furniture that you can easily try. DIY woven rugs with patterned chairs from housebeautiful.

You don’t have to give up if your budget are limited in renovating the living room. By applying those ideas above, you can still have a new look of living room.

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