Fall Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas

Fall is the perfect time to bring your porch and backyard alive. The leaves have fallen from the trees and the flowers have dropped from the shrubs. The leaves on the ground have a wonderful texture and are rich in color. When combined with the colors of the leaves and trees, fall colors have a warm and inviting quality that will make you feel welcome in your new outdoor space. Think of this as the perfect opportunity to add an outdoor room to your home. But if you live in the apartment, don’t worry you can still enjoy the outdoor fall vibe in your balcony.

Fall is a very good time to plan and execute various fall balcony decorating ideas. You can make your balcony as comfortable as you can with some fall decorating ideas. We have gathered some fall apartment balcony decorating ideas to inspire you.

Comfortable Seating Area

There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying the fall season in your outdoor. You can decorate your apartment balcony by creating a comfortable seating area. Cozy sofas and chairs can be your option. Covering the sofa with blanket and add some throw pillows. You can choose in fall color, such as orange, brown, burgundy, and many others. The patterned blankets and throw pillows are a good for you. The floral, maple leaves, and plaid can you choose from.

To emphasize autumn in your balcony decoration, then throwing some orange cloth on tables and chairs is one of the best and easy ideas that you can try. Choose and use a folding wooden chair so that it can be moved after use, this idea is perfect for those of you who want to save floor area with limited space. Chair and table covered with orange fabric from mydesiredhome.

This wicker wicker chair is upholstered with orange cushions for a more fall feel when you add a striped throw pillow with splashes of orange and white. Don’t forget to add a candle holder accent around it as lighting as well as heating the balcony when it feels cold. Striped orange throw pillow from mydomaine.

Choose and use a blanket that has autumn color tones such as orange to cover one of your wicker rattan chairs that are placed in your small balcony decoration at this time. This blanket becomes a warm cloth that can be used at night. A candle placed on a glass coffee table is a warm light that you can use when it’s getting dark outside. Orange blanket on a rattan chair from mydomaine.

If you want to relax on the balcony decoration comfortably, then you can add a folding iron chair covered with striped pillows as well as a cotton cloth blanket that has a splash of orange color. The orange color is one of the characteristic colors of autumn that you can use well this year, the striped rug layer makes the surface of your feet softer and warmer. Folding chair with pillow cover and orange blanket from onekindesign.

Another option for furniture in decorating your balcony is to use orange chairs with armchairs made of natural wood. You can also add a suitcase table with a plaid pattern that has a mix of autumn colors such as orange, white and yellow. Several types of flowers become decorations at the same time will give a fragrant aroma. Orange chair from onekindesign.

Cover the Floor with Rug

Start your decorating campaign in the fall by focusing on the apartment balcony floor. If you have carpeting in your home, you can start by covering it with a fall colored rug. Make sure you pick colors that will enhance the shape of your room. You can choose the rug in fall color or patterned one.

The balcony floor of your apartment will feel warmer when you cover it with a larger rug with a vintage pattern and splashes of orange and burgundy. This rug also makes the balcony decoration more elegant because it becomes the surface of all the furniture you use, including DIY rattan chairs and tables that are repainted in brown. Vintage rug with splashes of orange and burgundy from onekindesign.

An easy way to make autumn balcony decorations more festive and colorful is to use a striped rug rectangle that has a mix of burgundy, yellow and white colors. Burgundy is one of the colors that are suitable for autumn this year, you can perfect it by using DIY bulb string lights that are applied to the walls. Striped rug with a splash of burgundy color from onekindesign.

Fall Ornaments

When it comes to the fall decorating ideas, you can neglect the fall ornaments. This is essential item to bring a bold fall vibe. In order to decorate your apartment balcony, you can place some pumpkins, flower vase, or maple leaf garlands. All you have to do is being creative in placement. You can place the pumpkins on the floor or use them as table decoration with flower vase. For the maple leaf garlands, install them on the balcony fence. It can make your apartment balcony look festive.

This orange and white pumpkin with several different sizes has become a very favorite fall ornament this year. You can apply this ornament to the floor area randomly but still look neat and not scattered everywhere. Yellow daisies become a beautiful complementary decoration and you can use them together at one time. Pumpkin combination with daisies from mydesiredhome.

Do you need autumn ornaments to beautify your current balcony decoration? If so, then you can use some pumpkin ornaments that are placed on the floor area and on the coffee table as decorations that are easy to get at a selling price that is not too expensive. The bigger the pumpkin ornament used, the more bold it will look. Pumpkin ornaments  from mydesiredhome.

The most favorite autumn ornaments this year are white pumpkins that have sizes from the smallest to the largest. This pumpkin can be applied to the balcony or rather on the floor and chairs in the same color. Daisies become decorations and beautiful scenery that you can apply at the same time. White pumpkin ornaments from mydesiredhome.

This small pumpkin ornament placed in a wooden container can be combined with colorful flowers in a white ceramic vase. This reclaimed wood table that is applied to this balcony decoration becomes vintage furniture that is very easy and looks DIY. Small pumpkin ornament from commonground.

Candle Accents

Create the dim nuance in your apartment balcony with candles. Candles are the fall decorating essential items that can be used throughout the years. So, even the fall is over, you can still use candles for the next season’s decorations. You can use lanterns or clear glass candle holder. Candles are able to make a warm nuance to your apartment balcony.

If you need lighting in the balcony decoration, the use of a black iron candle holder is a smart idea that you can try. The more candle holders you use, the brighter your balcony decoration will be at night. String light becomes additional lighting that can be used. Black iron candle holder from mydesiredhome.

Candle holders with patterned containers bring a Moroccan theme to your current fall balcony décor. You can use more than one candle holder so that it gives a warm and bright impression. Hang one of the candle holders in the fence area as a decoration as well as beautiful lighting. Moroccan candle holder from mydesiredhome.

Apply some candle holders on the balcony floor area as lighting as well as a heating accent that you can use young. This candle holder is equipped with a curved handle on top so that it is easier to move it to any area you want without feeling the hot surface due to the wax inside. Lantern candle holder from mydesiredhome.

The combination of a candle holder with a bulb string light is a balcony lighting idea that you can use easily without spending a lot of money. This candle holder has a material made of glass with iron so it is not easily damaged or porous when used for a long time. Combination of candle and bulb string light from mydomaine.

You don’t have to make any dramatic or expensive changes when you are decorating your balcony, just some simple and elegant changes and you’ll be surprised at how much they will make.

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