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Essential Farmhouse Decoration Ideas for Your Home

When first thought about decorating a home, some people knew very little about farmhouse decorations. But everyone wants to add something special to the personal space so they began looking around at various farmhouse decorating ideas. First maybe discovered antique tables and chairs. The combination of a rustic tabletop with an old-fashioned seat and those two elements create such a warm and charming atmosphere. In addition to their beauty, many people were also amazed at how functional they were for the purpose.

After you have got your favorite farmhouse furniture, your farmhouse home decor will not be complete without farmhouse decorative items. There are some essential farmhouse decorations that you can use for your home. We have gathered some essential farmhouse decorations that you can copy to your home.

Galvanized Buckets

Using a galvanized bucket for farmhouse decor is a great way to add some extra character to a room if you want a simple, country look. If you buy the right kind of bucket, you can use it in a number of different ways to create a look. You can use the galvanized bucket as a vase to display your flower arrangement.

This flower arrangement that is applied through a galvanized bucket vase is a kitchen countertop decoration that you can try. The vase that is used gives a vintage impression of its own which has a simple theme without spending a lot of money. The more types of flowers that are applied, the more beautiful the scenery you get. Galvanized bucket vase on countertop from homebnc.

The galvanized bucket in this farmhouse bathroom decoration has two different functions. Galvanized vase that is placed above the toilet becomes a suitable room decoration for this style, while the galvanized bucket above the floating rack can be used as a storage container for your utensils or toiletries. Galvanized bucket vase and storage from homebnc.

Decorate your farmhouse living room decor with a green plant vase made of galvanized bucket. You can put this vase on the floor area or rather next to a shabby chic wooden sofa that is painted in white. Galvanizer floor vase from goodhousekeeping.

Rustic Picture Frames

Farmhouse decor is identical to homey home decor. Displaying the family photo becomes a characteristic. Usually, the portrait was displayed in the living room or hung on the walls. To add warm and natural nuance, the rustic frame is the must-have essential farmhouse decor.

One way to decorate the walls of your farmhouse is to install a distressed wood frame filled with some impressive B/W photos. You can hang the photo frame to the floating shelf area using a DIY black ribbon that looks more attention-grabbing. Arrange these photo frames neatly and vertically. Distressed wood frame photo from homebnc.

Don’t let your white walls appear plain and boring, you can install photo frames made of natural wood without polishing and repainting. Select and use a frame with a geometric shape container layer as a unique and different scene. This B/W photo becomes your memories with your family. Natural wood frame with geometric container lining from

Large Wall Clocks

If you are looking for a farmhouse wall deco, the oversized wall clocks are the perfect decision. It comes in wood or galvanized materials. The big size of the clock can be a focal point of the room and bring a bold farmhouse vibe.

In addition to being one of the wall decorations, a large wooden pallet clock will also remind you of the time every day for your daily activities so that you are not late and of course will be on time. Hang this wall clock on the wall leading to the stairs so that it is clearly visible without the obstruction of the surrounding furniture. Wooden pallet wall clock from homebnc.

If the wall clock hanging on the entryways is less attractive without other wall decorations, then you can combine it with some wooden signs and memorable photos. All of these wall decorations that are hung simultaneously will work together to make a farmhouse home decor view that is more unique and different than before. Combination of wall clock with vintage wooden sign from homebnc.

Pillar Candle Holders

Dress up your table and the fireplace mantel with the pillar candle holders. This is an essential farmhouse decoration that can add height visuals to your home decor.

The console table in the entryway farmhouse decoration will feel warmer when you add a fairly large white pillar candle holder. Combine this pillar candle holder with some other beautiful ornaments around it, such as photo frames, table lamps and knitted ball ornaments placed in one small container. White pillar candle holder from homebnc.

Not only in the entryway decoration, now you can also install several pillar candle holders in your living room decoration. You can place this candle randomly in several areas but still look neat. This pillar candle holder is perfect for farmhouse decoration because it has a vintage touch that seems simple. Vintage pillar candle holder from homebnc.

Jute Rugs

Don’t let your floor is bare, cover it with a rug. The jute rugs are good for farmhouse style. The rug that comes from natural fiber materials is suitable to add a natural vibe to your farmhouse decor.

Cover the white stone floor in your living room decor with jute rug which has a more natural and environmentally friendly feel. This jute rug will coat the legs of your coffee table in this room so it looks more elegant. In addition, the rug also makes the surface of your feet more comfortable and warm, you can try it easily. Natural jute rug from homebnc.

The jute rug that is applied to your living room decoration has a wider and larger size so that it can accommodate the entire surface of the furniture legs in this room evenly and thoroughly. Pair this jute rug with a white sofa for an instant farmhouse look. In addition, the combination of these two colors will also work well together. The width and size of the jute rug from onekindesign.

Old Window Frames

Can’t be neglected that farmhouse decor is identical to the old-fashioned items or repurposed stuff. In this case, the old window frame is the most popular farmhouse decoration. You can use it to dress up your fireplace area or for wall decoration. Today, to create a different look in the farmhouse decor, many people convert the old window frame to become an antique mirror.

Reclaimed wood is the main ingredient of the old window that you attach to the wall decorating your living room. You can add some other hanging ornaments such as monogram wall decor and small hanging galvanized pots. A round side table with a few embellishments on it is a sweet finishing touch. Reclaimed wood old window wall decoration from homebnc.

This farmhouse style coat design will look more perfect when you add some beautiful ornaments such as glass flower vases, wooden signs and green plant pillars. But for the wall above you can hang the recycle old window which is perfected with hanging greenery wreath. No need to repaint this wooden window, just let it appear more natural. Recycle old window with hanging greenery wreath from homebnc.

Tiered Stand

To complete your farmhouse kitchen decor, you must have a farmhouse tiered stand. You can use it to place your fruits, cookies, some cups, or decorative items. It would be the center of your kitchen countertop or dining table decoration.

Do not let your fruit scattered on the countertop, you can use a wooden tiered stand as the right container and can also decorate your countertop easily. Green plants applied to light blue pots are additional decorations that you can apply simultaneously. Fruit and greenery tiered stand from homebnc.

The succulent tiered stand is one of the favorite farmhouse-style dining table decorations this year. You can repaint this tiered stand using white to make it look cleaner and easier to place on the dining table with any color, material and style. Not only succulents, you can also add other ornaments such as iron monograms and ceramic cow statues. Succulent tiered stand from homebnc.

Actually, there are many ways that you can do to create a farmhouse vibe in your home. But, by having some essential farmhouse decoration above, you still have a farmhouse vibe in your home.

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