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Pumpkin Decorating Ideas to Make Your Fall More Spectacular

Pumpkins are one of the most commonly seen and used as decorations at fall, Halloween parties, weddings, festivals, and more. Whether carving one from your own home garden or buying pre-made from a store, creating a pumpkin decoration is a fantastic way to add flair to your event. There are thousands of ideas for pumpkin decorating ideas and these featured here may spark your own creative ideas. Take a look at these unique pumpkin decorating ideas that will be sure to make your fall ​more spectacular

Jack O’Lanterns

Halloween party decorations with jack-o’-lanterns can really add to the spirit of Halloween. A Halloween pumpkin centerpiece can easily take on many forms. Jack-O’-lanterns come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from many different materials. If you want something more personal and distinctive you may want to make your own jack-o’-lanterns.

This spooky jack o’ lantern cobweb is one of the fall decorations for a fun Halloween celebration. You can try this ornament like a professional in no time. Long black pipes can be an accent that is applied to this jack o’ lantern to create the appearance of spider legs that seem dashing. Spooky jack o’ lantern from diynetwork.

If you have the ability to carve intelligently, then you can turn a pumpkin into an ornament or home decoration in the fall. Turn your pumpkin into a formidable drill sergeant jack-o’-lantern. Don’t forget to cut the pumpkin in half to make it a cool military helmet. After finishing, then you can put it in an area of ​​​​the house that is often visited by your guests. Jack-o’-lantern drill sergeant from diynetwork.

Welcome Pumpkins

Using your pumpkin to welcome your guests. All you have to do is just take the pumpkins, paint them, and stencil your name or house number on each pumpkin. It is a very simple pumpkin decorating idea but can create an elegant look on your front porch. You can welcome your guests with these affordable but adorable pumpkin decorating ideas.

The pumpkin ornament that is applied to some of the stairs is painted with a black and white monogram with a polka dot pattern. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add a ribbon at the top of the pumpkin as a decoration as well as items that beautify this pumpkin ornament. A few small pumpkins around it make for a finishing touch that accentuates the fall entryway décor. Monogram polka dot pumpkin painting from diys.

The house number that is applied through this larger-size white pumpkin is a complement to your entryways decorations in the fall. This pumpkin house number looks so clear even when viewed from a far distance so you can try it easily without spending a lot of expenses. Use black paint to write down your house number to make it look more clear and contrasting. Pumpkin house number from bhg.

Pumpkin Vase

Pumpkins can easily be used as a centerpiece for any group of flowers. It’s just a few pretty and easy ideas for pumpkin decorating. These pumpkin vase ideas are easy and lovely. All you have to do is just carve the top of the pumpkins in hole shapes, then place some flower arrangement there. The fall flowers will look more beautiful if placed inside the hollowed-out pumpkin. You can use it as the centerpiece on your dining table or coffee table.

Pour your creative ideas to decorate your home decor in autumn. One clever DIY idea that you can try is to turn orange pumpkins into a vase of flowers that bloom beautifully. After all the flowers are put in this pumpkin vase, you can place them on a wood slice and apply them to your dining table area as a beautiful centerpiece decoration. DIY pumpkin orange flower vase from countryliving.

You can complete the decoration of a dining table or coffee table in the fall with a pumpkin vase filled with several kinds of autumn plants such as pinecone, fall leaves, and flowers. All of these items will work well together for a more beautiful display. Now you can use white pumpkin as another option to make it more different than before. White pumpkin vase design from apumpkinandaprincess.

No-Carve Painted Pumpkins

If you’re someone who likes the personalization of a custom carved pumpkin, then these no-carve painted pumpkins ideas are perfect for you. You can paint the pumpkins with your favorite color and theme. Such as pastel color, gilded pumpkins, white, colorful, black, and another color. You can also add some accents such as glitter, sequin, sprinkled, lace, and many others. No matter what type of pumpkin you prefer or whatever kind of pumpkin painting idea you have in mind, it’s almost always easy to find something that you like to make personal.

To please the children who come to your house in autumn, you can use a pumpkin unicorn ornament that is equipped with a horn filled with glitter so that it looks more sparkly. Repaint the pumpkin with pink to make it look cuter and of course, it will be fun to make. Unicorn pumpkin with glitter horn from redtri.

The shiny gold paint applied to this pumpkin becomes a beautiful pumpkin ornament design and looks more elegant. This repaint on the pumpkin is intended to make the pumpkin look not boring when placed in your living room decoration in the fall. You can easily make different paints and patterns with your family on the weekends. Gold pattern pumpkin from redtri.

Pumpkin Candy Container

This pumpkin decoration can be used to complete the Halloween event in your home. You can make a candy container with a pumpkin. Take a faux pumpkin and cut it in half to create a lidded container for serving your Halloween candy. You can make it with your children for a fun crafting project.

Take advantage of pumpkin ornaments to make a creative DIY candy container, how you can cut this person’s pumpkin into two parts. Next, coat the inside of the pumpkin using a cloth plate and then close it again to avoid your candy scattered everywhere and cause the room to be uncomfortable and messy. DIY pumpkin candy container with plaid fabric lining from hgtv.

Another option for your fall candy container is a pumpkin with a hole that is not too big or fits the size of a child or adult hand. This hole will make it easier for you when taking the candy, you can try this idea easily without spending a lot of money. Isn’t it very creative and fun? Hollow a pumpkin as a candy container from countryliving.

Full of your fall home decoration with pumpkins will create a more festive look. There are many kinds of pumpkin decorating ideas that you can try. Hope those ideas above will inspire you.

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