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Living Room Rug Ideas to Add Warmth and Luxury Look

Whether you are redecorating a living room or trying to bring life back into an old one, you will find that rug idea are one of the easiest ways to add warmth and coziness to the space. Not only are they beautiful and useful, but they can also help create the cozy ambiance and mood you are going for. With a little bit of thought and planning, you can end up with a rug that adds warmth to any room in your house. Here are living room rug ideas to add warmth and a luxurious look to your room.

Looks Luxury with Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are wonderful accessories and are available in plenty of designs, colors, styles, and themes that can make a great addition to the living room. If you’re trying to decide on the best rug for your specific needs, it’s a good idea to look into all of the various wool rug ideas for living room types. This rug is made from natural materials and can bring a soft and luxurious look at the same time.

The smaller diamond print brings a geometric edge to this casual striped rug. This piece is made from a combination of wool and viscose for a captivating texture experience. A rug with a large-scale pattern like this is ideal for open spaces. You can combine it with wooden floors and some comfortable sofas for a modern living room look. Wool and viscose rug from home-designing.

Traditional motifs combine with striking modern motifs with this energetic geometric rug for a stunning look. This large flat weave design is decorated with colorful stripes of stacked pompoms around the edges for a playful touch to this wool rug. Putting it under the sofa will make the decoration of the room more attractive. Geometric wool rug from home-designing.

This mustard yellow wool rug brings a contemporary look to your living room design. This piece offers a modern pattern in a trendy mustard yellow color for satisfying comfort in high-traffic placements and a comfortable retreat. Adding this rug will result in a warm and comfortable living room design. Mustard wool rug from home-designing.

The delightful handmade large floral wool rug is luxuriously decorated and has a warm feel. with a large-scale floral print made with plush wool providing the perfect design for your living room look. This spacious rug offers soft and bright colors to admire, providing endless possibilities for creative coordination in your décor. Floral wool rug from home-designing.

Choose the Right Colors

In choosing the living room rug, you can base it on the colors. You can choose depends on your favorite color or your living room theme. You can go for bold, bright, or neutral colors. Every color can bring different effects. If you want a sharp and bold effect on your living room, the rug in purple, brown, green, red, or another bold color can be your option. But if you like a subtle nuance the grey, taupes, or stone shade are good for you.

To create a comfortable and warm living room, you can add a large gray fur rug. Having this neutral color will give calm and stylish money. These gem-tone pillows and ottomans provide the perfect contrast. This white color scheme and skylights combine beautifully to create a brush and airy living room design. Gray fur rug from elledecor.

In this colorful woven rug penthouse, anchor this vintage red sofa and armchair. This white wood and bush floor blends perfectly with the colorful carpet and will give this loft living room a warm and airy feel. Don’t forget to add a 3D wall decor that will be the perfect focal point of the room. Colorful woven rug from elledecor.

Use a light beige rug with Greek key motifs to add interest and blend in perfectly with the neutral palette in this beach house. Wooden floors and some sofas in neutral colors will also create a warm and calm room. On the ceiling, you can use blue to give a fresh impression of this living room. These large windows and curtains will let the sun in and privacy the room. Beige rug with Greek key motifs from elledecor.

This living room relies on traditional rugs to unify the room’s red, yellow, and blue palette. Choosing this bright color will make your room more attractive and create a comfortable impression. Combined with the blue living room color scheme and patterned red curtains, this also makes the room perfect. This magenta and beige sofa completes the room and adds style to the living room. Red traditional rug from elledecor.

Patterned Rugs

When you want to add some style and function to your home, you can turn to patterned rug ideas for the living room. These ideas are perfect whether if you have a small or large living space but still want to make it more stand out. For the small living room, a rug can be a great way to create some emphasis in a small space and bring a sense of unity and purpose to the area. Not only will your living room feel more welcoming with these wonderful accent rugs, but they can also add a new dimension to any decorating scheme. There are many kinds of patterned rug that you can use, such as striped, checkered, geometric, to the classic or boho patterns.

Carpets with an attractive wave design are the right choice for this modern-style home. Putting it under these sofas and chairs will produce a perfect room design and steal the attention of many people. This uniquely shaped wooden table and wooden side table characterize the design of this living room. The white color scheme and abstract painting wall decoration complete the look of the room. Wave patterned rug from elledecor.

A snake-patterned rug is the touch of drama this neutral living room needs. Using this gray color will contrast with the comfortable gray sofa. Plus the unique chairs and modern coffee table, creating the perfect room design and stealing the attention of many people. The white color scheme and the windows on the walls make the room light and airy. Snake-patterned rug from elledecor.

The interior design of this luxurious living room is equipped with a classic red patterned carpet. Paired with a beige leather sofa set on a Persian rug in red, black, pink tones this creates a cozy and warm space. The off-white color scheme also makes for a calm and inviting room. Persian rug from elledecor.

This natural house style is equipped with tribal patterned carpets that will create a warm room decor and look more trendy. Combined with this sofa and backrest, it creates a comfortable space to relax with your family or friends. This open living room concept uses wood accents on the ceiling and large windows that will give a warm and bright feel to the room. Tribal patterned carpets from elledecor.

Add Texture with Woven Rugs

Add texture in your living room with woven rugs. The woven rugs come from several materials. For example, rag, wicker, jute, or sisal. Those materials can be used to make a woven rug. This is an easy way to add texture to your living room. Apart from that, the woven rug also can make your living room looks aesthetic.

Adding texture to this rug using jute will provide a comfortable room and can make your living room look aesthetically pleasing. This all-white living room will create a spacious and elegant room. This is an easy way to add texture to your living room. Jute rug on living room from housebeautiful.

The burlap rug throughout this living room provides extra texture and warmth. Complete the look with throw pillows, floral prints, and accented seating to fill the room with a youthful and cheerful spirit. This minimalist design features a neutral white color scheme and large windows to light up the room. Jute rug from housebeautiful.

A little color adds an extra layer to this square rug. Choosing the material from this washcloth will give texture to your living room decor. This would be an easy addition to any beach or boho space. Combined with neutral color furniture will create a carpet that stands out and is stylish. Colorful rag carpet from home-designing.

Adding something that can add warmth, cozy, and luxury look to the living room will enhance the decoration. And rugs can do it well. If you need some inspiration to choose the living room rug, follow those ideas above.


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