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Cozy and Inviting Fall Living Room Decorating Ideas

Have you ever thought of putting a cozy and inviting fall theme in your home? A lot of people have. This is also one of the most popular home improvement projects that homeowners take on. Some homeowners prefer to add a touch of color to their homes during the fall. Others want to add a warm and welcoming feel to their spaces.

There are so many ways you can go about putting together a cozy and inviting fall living room decor. And when you get more familiar with this decorating style, you’ll find that you have a better idea of what elements to include. Here are some fall decorating ideas to get you started.

Use Fall Colors

The beautiful fall colors of brown, yellow, orange, and red are just what you need to add to your living room for your new season. Using various colored leaves as accents on your walls and furniture, you can create a warm fall feel. Use fall colors on your tablecloths, throw pillows, blankets, curtains, and even your cup holders.

To emphasize the summer style in your living room decoration, you can use a splash of orange and brown in some of the interiors around it. For example, you can layer a white sofa with a bohemian pattern dominated by orange, then you can use a woven rug with a touch of natural color, namely brown. The fireplace is a perfect accent that makes the room feel warmer. Combination of orange with brown from homedesignlover.

There is nothing wrong with applying modern living room decorations in the fall. Start with the use of the orange color applied to the coffee table, pillowcases, and striped sofa cushion pattern. This orange color emphasizes the autumn room this year. When you have a living room decoration with a limited size, then just choose and use a multifunctional sofa that is equipped with a storage drawer underneath. Orange coffee table and pillowcases from homedesignlover.

Not only using orange to emphasize the autumn living room decor, here you can use a bright yellow chair that is equipped with a small patterned orange pillow. Then you can put this chair right in front of the fireplace for a warmer, more comfortable sitting area and of course, it will accompany your nights more relaxed. Yellow chair with orange cushion from homedesignlover.

Let the wooden furniture in this living room decoration appear more natural without repainting. This furniture will produce a brown color that is suitable for an autumn living room decoration, you can simply add an orange chair in the corner of the room as a focal point that can be used for a comfortable sitting area. The glass coffee table surface brings a classic modern room theme instantly. Wooden furniture with orange chairs from homedesignlover.

Red is also one of the fall-themed color choices for your living room decoration ideas this year. Apply this color to some living room interiors such as wall paint, rugs, and some pillowcases placed on a gray linen chair. This color displays a room that is more striking but still bright because it has a large enough glass window. Decorate your plain red walls with some historic classic paintings. Red plain wall splash from homedesignlover.

Decorate the Fireplace

Create a cozy fireplace by using one or more of these beautiful fall living room decor ideas. Fireplace mantels can be decorated in fall colors for a dramatic touch. Place pumpkins, grounds, fall leaves, fall flowers, garlands, candles, baskets, etc. Add a cozy fireplace log side table to your fireplace and you will have a beautiful fall centerpiece.

This modern and minimalist fireplace design will look more beautiful when you use some pumpkin ornaments and candle holders that are used as autumn mantel decorations. Use pumpkin ornaments of several different sizes but of course, choose this pumpkin that has the same color as the fireplace to make it appear more elegant. Combination of white pumpkin with candle holder mantel from settingforfour.

You can decorate this vintage-inspired stone fireplace with a fall mantel consisting of pumpkin ornaments, wreaths, classic mirrors and dry fall leaves. The combination of some of these coat decorations makes the appearance of the fireplace more attractive and ready to be a sight when your guests or family come to the house. Wall scones hanging on the right and left of the fireplace provide dramatic lighting that can be used at night. Stone fireplace with fall mantel decoration from trendir.

This combination of small pumpkins, fall leaves, printed plates, and a garland of knick-knacks makes for a beautiful fireplace mantle idea. You can use a white fireplace frame for a more contrasting look with the mantel decor you are using. Don’t forget to hang an autumn-themed painting frame as a compliment and of course it will be a sweet final touch. Fall mantel fireplace with a garland of trinkets from trendir.

Not only pumpkins are used as fireplace mantel decorations, but you can also use grounds and some transparent glass vases that are used as flower containers that have long stems. Don’t forget to fill this vase with water so your flowers can appear fresher. This fireplace can be used when your living room feels cold. Autumn style fireplace from trendir.

Arrange and arrange some orange pumpkins on top of your fireplace decor as a mantel decoration that emphasizes this year’s fall season. You can adjust the distance between the pumpkins so that they are not too close or too far so that they seem neater and more organized. The white stone fireplace decoration will look more attractive and contrast when combined with the orange pumpkin coat that you are currently using. White fireplace with orange pumpkins from trendir.

Create Appealing Centerpiece

For more inviting fall living room decor ideas, create an interesting centerpiece on your coffee table. You can make it from fall flowers and pumpkins. Add a few gorgeous colored flowers to a vase and place them on a wooden table for an autumn feel. Consider adding some seasonal berries or leaves to your centerpiece. Place votive candles nearby for a cozy evening glow. The candles can also serve as an ornament on your table as well as a decorative touch on the mantelpiece.

You can decorate this round wooden coffee table that is re-polished so that it looks shinier, you can decorate it as well as possible with a centerpiece pumpkin that is placed in a weathered iron container so it doesn’t roll over easily. Perfect this pumpkin ornament with green and dry leaf accents as a perfect combination that you can easily try without spending a lot of money. Round coffee table with pumpkin centerpiece from homestoriesatoz.

When you have a wooden coffee table with a wider surface, decorate it with a fall centerpiece consisting of a pumpkin, green leaves, and a flower vase with bold flower colors. You can perfect this fall centerpiece design by using a reclaimed wooden tray that has a chic white color. Try this centerpiece idea to beautify the room to the maximum. Wooden tray centerpiece with bold flower vase accents from homestoriesatoz.

This round wooden tray can be placed on the coffee table as an elegant centerpiece that has a touch of neutral color. Not only pumpkins, you can also use some candle holders as lighting as well as vintage decorations that never go out of style. A ceramic vase filled with greenery will complete your fall centerpiece this year. Round wooden tray from homestoriesatoz.

This wooden coffee table decoration with iron legs looks like a farmhouse style that is suitable for a living room decoration to welcome autumn this year. Complete this simple coffee table with a large pumpkin centerpiece surrounded by green leaves and a candle holder. Don’t just decorate the coffee table, you can also decorate the walls with a greenery wreath that looks fresh. Big pumpkin centerpiece surrounded with green leaves from homestoriesatoz.

The modern farmhouse living room decoration here will look more natural when you use a coffee table made of woven rattan. Emphasize the autumn decor in this room with white pumpkin ornaments and matching ceramic vases. You can choose pumpkin ornaments in several different sizes for a more beautiful appearance. White pumpkin centerpiece from homestoriesatoz.

Fall living room decor can be fun and exciting. Many people decorate their living rooms just for the fall season. With all the color and textures available, you are bound to find at least a few fall themes that you love. One of the most popular themes for the fall is pumpkin carving.


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