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DIY Small Apartment Decorating Ideas on A Budget

Living in a small apartment might be a little bit tricky. You have to face the limited in some aspects. Whether by the space or the budget. You should have a good trick and idea to make your residence as comfortable as you can.

Using DIY small apartment decorating ideas on a budget, on a regular basis, can help to keep the costs of living in an apartment down. Living in an apartment is expensive no matter what the size. If you are living in a small place, it is even more expensive because you are forced to live in a tiny space. This has an effect on all areas of your life. For example, not having enough storage space can put extra strain on your finances and other things.

Wooden Shelves

The first problem that might be faced to live in a small apartment is storage space. If the floor is not possible to place a cabinet for storage space, you can make DIY wooden shelves. It can save your floor and you will have a proper storage idea. You can utilize the wall to install the wooden shelves. You can install it in the living room, bedroom, bathroom walls, or other rooms.

This small dining room has a special niche and floating shelves as your storage solution. A design like this makes the space stand out even more by providing a floating shelf against a bright orange-red background. Choosing a shelf from this wood will give a natural impression and look sturdy. This can save your floor and you will have the right storage idea. Wooden floating shelves from housebeautiful.

Floating shelves can be the perfect storage solution for your small apartment. In this space, wall-to-wall floating shelves are created for a neutral, linear, and clean look. This minimalist design will look sturdy and will make your room neat. You can install it in your apartment space. Equipped with some green plants in pots will bring a fresh and natural impression.  Floating shelves from housebeautiful.

In a smaller space, you can add open wooden shelves to store various ornaments and your book collection so that the design of the room is neat and will avoid clutter. A casual gallery wall displays the perfect decor and will steal the attention of many. In this small dining room, you can use modern furniture to give it a stylish look. Open wooden shelves frim housebeautiful.

DIY Sofa Arm Tables

If having a regular coffee table becomes a problem for your small apartment, the DIY sofa arm tables are very useful. The small, sleek, and practical shape of the table allows you to have decent space in your small apartment. This table comes in various shapes. You can adjust according to your need. But the DIY sofa arm table with an elongated one-sided model is good for you. You can also use this table for the side table at the same time.

Another glamorous sofa table model that is handcrafted and looks absolutely gorgeous. Adding a wooden table to the arm of the sofa makes for a stunning design that will steal the attention of many people. Here this sofa arm table comes in double appeal and really looks fantastic. You can also use this table for a side table at the same time. Wooden Table armchair from twoeggz.

Another brilliant design of this armrest side table which is also purely handmade is something beautiful for you to apply to your apartment design. Here this armrest side table has an L-shaped design and offers an L-shaped top which can easily hold food and some other ornaments like mobile phones and TV remotes. L-shaped sofa arm table from twoeggz.

With this low-budget apartment design with a minimalist look, you can add a sofa arm table that will suit your needs. This table comes in various forms that will make your apartment living room more stylish. Giving a pattern to this small table makes a stylish look and steals the attention of many people. Don’t forget to complement this sofa with some pillows to give a comfortable impression of the room. Striped sofa armchair from diycraftsy.

DIY Room Dividers

The small apartment design comes in open space. It means having privacy might be not an easy task. But with a little bit of creativity, you can separate the room in your small apartment with DIY room dividers. There are several materials that you can use to create it. For example, you can use ropes, woods, glass, bamboo, or the unique thing of macrame and many others.

Wooden slats that divide part of the room into two areas offer a more open effect on your apartment space. By choosing a barrier like this will give an attractive appearance and steal attention. Use this partition to separate the living room and dining room at once. The black and white color scheme in this apartment space gives an airy and modern impression. Wooden slats divider from housebeautiful.

Using this glass partition will give the illusion of a wider and brighter room. You can use it to provide a boundary between the living room and bedroom of the apartment. Decorations like this will provide great privacy for your apartment design. The white color scheme will also give the room a bright and airy look. Glass dividers from housebeautiful.

DIY Vertical Rack for Balcony Garden

Living in the apartment does not allow you to have a proper or regular garden design. To get a fresh and green nuance in your small apartment, you can make it on your balcony. If the balcony space is lack the vertical garden design is a good deal. You can make a DIY vertical rack then you can place your plant there. By against it to the wall, you can save the balcony floor but have a balcony garden in a beautiful and effective way.

Arranging old shelves on this balcony wall will make it easier for you to store pots there. It will also create plenty of space in your small garden. Choosing these colorful terracotta pots will also provide a special attraction for a cheerful balcony design. Choosing this low-maintenance plant will make a stunning garden design and steal the attention of many people. Old shelves vertical planter from balconygardenweb.


This DIY shares two basic space-saving ideas for gardeners with limited space. You can make your own from a wooden pallet arranged like the picture above and add a terracotta pot for a stylish look. Choosing this greenery and herbs makes for the perfect block garden design and will create a garden that is fresh and has a natural feel. Vertical hanging garden from balconygardenweb.

Using these decorating ideas will help to turn an apartment into a beautiful space. It can be exciting to create your own space. It may take a little bit of work, but the end results will be worth it. Decorating an apartment doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. You can easily get started.

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