Amazing Kitchen Backsplash Tile Design Ideas To Try

A new kitchen isn’t a project to lightly consider, as they’re typically a costly and long-term investment. The plan of the kitchen can match the plan of the entire house. One way to make interesting kitchen decor is by thinking about the kitchen backsplashes. Kitchen backsplash tile design ideas are available in a wide range of colors, materials, and shapes. They can be made from ceramic, marble, or any other material, they can come in a wide variety of thicknesses and the most common materials used are travertine, granite, and limestone. Kitchen backsplash tiles are very popular and one of the main reasons for this popularity is that it’s easy to install, it’s cheap compared to kitchen countertops and it’s relatively easy to keep clean.

There are a number of different reasons for having a kitchen backsplash but the most popular reason is to improve your kitchen’s appearance and make it more presentable. This can really help when you first buy a small kitchen. It will give the appearance of a much larger and spacious kitchen. To enhance the beauty of your backsplash you can have any number of different tile backsplash ideas. The best thing to do is start designing what you would like before buying the tiles. Whether you would like your backsplash kitchen tile to blend in with the remaining part of the wall, to serve as an accent piece, or even to be the focus of your kitchen, the broad selection of sizes and designs will allow it to be a cinch for you to accomplish your final aim. Here are some kitchen backsplash tile design ideas.

Subway Tiles

One of the most popular kitchen backsplash tile design ideas is the subway tile backsplash. It comes in white and black colors. This is an idea that has been around for a long time. Using a subway tile allows you to achieve a classic yet modern look.

To make it easier for you to clean the backsplash when you are finished cooking, you can use subway tile material which has a smoother and more slippery surface so you just need to wipe it with a damp and soft cloth. When the kitchen cabinets have used a splash of white, then you can use tile subways with solid black. Black subway tile backsplash from hgtv.

Give a different feel to your modern kitchen decor by installing a brick subway tile as a low-maintenance backsplash design. You can install a floating cabinet in an empty backsplash area so that it can be used better and is suitable for decorating a minimalist kitchen with a room that is not too big. Brick subway tile backsplash from hgtv.

The combination of the subway tile pattern with herringbone that is applied through the kitchen backsplash simultaneously will work well to make your kitchen decor seem more unique and attract attention. These two patterns have become one of the favorite designs so that many people like them. Apply a herringbone tile pattern to the stove backsplash. The combination of subway tile pattern with herringbone backsplash from hgtv.

The white subway tile backsplash that is applied in this kitchen has a more glossy surface because it is made of ceramic material which is very sturdy and not easily broken. Use kitchen cabinets with matching colors to match the neutral color tone of the room, but there’s nothing wrong with adding bold colors to the stove cabinet for a focal point that can blend in perfectly. Ceramic subway tile backsplash from hgtv.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles add a lot of texture and color to a surface and these can be difficult to get in a solid form but with mosaics, you will have so many different colors available. You can also use this type of tile on walls to give them a more interesting look. It will make your kitchen more standout.

This small square tile mosaic makes kitchen backsplash decorations that have a reflective quality view more beautiful. The tile design used is also suitable for application in any stylish kitchen, including modern farmhouse kitchen decorations. The blue color gives a contrasting effect when combined with vintage white kitchen cabinets. Blue mosaic backsplash tile from hgtv.

Furthermore, the mosaic tile that you can try in your kitchen design is a colorful rectangle tile pattern. This colorful tile is part of the focal point of the room that many people like because it changes the atmosphere of the kitchen to be more pleasant when used for cooking or washing dishes. Perform routine maintenance to get a clean backsplash design. Colorful mosaic tile backsplash from hgtv.

A natural look and on a budget is always the best choice to maintain in this modern era, now you can try some kitchen furniture made of wood. Next, you can try mosaic stone tiles which have a neutral color combination that gives the impression of a warmer room. Don’t forget to perfect this kitchen room with several different types of chandeliers. Mosaic stone tiles from hgtv.

Mosaic brown tile backsplash will be easier to combine with other kitchen interiors that are around it because it has a neutral color. You can apply this tile to only one part of the wall so that other wall areas can be used as storage ideas by installing stainless open shelves. This backsplash tile never goes out of style so as to minimize your kitchen decorations for renovation. Mosaic brown tile backsplash from hgtv.

Travertine Tiles

Are you looking for a few travertine backsplash tile ideas for your kitchen? There are several great ideas that you can choose from. This type of tile is used in many types of homes, from modern homes to older homes that have that old vintage look. In addition to having beautiful natural colors, it also has a unique texture that makes it so popular as a tile.

You can easily create a comfortable and friendly modern kitchen through the use of subway travertine tiles backsplash which has natural textures and colors. Travertine tiles work well when combined with other natural furniture such as floating wooden cabinets that have been repainted with clean white paint. Subway travertine tiles backsplash from deavita.

Travertine tiles come with a variety of patterns and textures so you can choose the one that suits your current kitchen d├ęcor. For example, for contemporary decoration, you can use travertine mosaic backsplash tiles with the appropriate interior color scheme. The advantage of using this sweet potato is that it is very sturdy, durable, and not easily scratched. Mosaic travertine tile backsplash from deavita.

So that your kitchen decor looks more natural, then you can combine beige travertine tiles with wooden kitchen cabinets simultaneously in one room. This tile has a pattern that is not tacky and easily boring so it is highly recommended to try it now. Re-polish some wooden furniture to make it look shinier. Beige travertine tile backsplash from deavita.

Patterned Backsplash Tiles

Another kitchen backsplash tile idea that can bring a statement to your kitchen is patterned tile. It comes in various kinds from classic to modern one, according to your needs. The patterned tiles will break up the plain color in your kitchen design and lend a character.

Don’t let your kitchen decor appear boring, you can try installing a neutral circle pattern backsplash with a neutral color combination so it doesn’t look so flashy. The touch of gold on the handle of the cabinet is an additional luxurious color that is suitable to be combined together. Don’t forget to install a floating cabinet as additional storage that saves floor space. Neutral circle pattern backsplash from goodhousekeeping.

Not only using plain tiles, now you can try backsplash geometric tiles which have a wider and wider surface. This pattern is also one of the designs that is very suitable when applied to modern or contemporary style kitchen decorations. Kitchen cabinets with dark green color provide a bold color that brings a fresh and natural outdoor feel. Geometric tiles backsplash from goodhousekeeping.

The combination of blue, black, and white that becomes one in a modern print pattern on this kitchen backsplash is the center of attention that is never boring. The blue color symbolizes a fresh impression and is very suitable when combined with kitchen cabinets that are dominated by white. In this kitchen, you can also use marble countertops which have neutral colors as well. Modern print tile backsplash from goodhousekeeping.

The last kitchen backsplash pattern that you can try is the chevron pattern which has a combination of cute and beautiful pastel colors. This Chevron pattern is one of the backsplash designs that are suitable for use in modern-style kitchen decorations. Don’t forget to include some bold colors like yellow to add color to the room to make it more fun, for example, you can apply it through chandeliers and tulips. Pastel chevron tile backsplash from goodhousekeeping.

Kitchen tile design ideas are nearly endless. With a little research, you can find the perfect design for your space right away. When you start your project, remember that you can purchase tiles in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some people love the look of natural stone, while others prefer more modern materials. No matter what you decide to use for your kitchen backsplash tiles just make sure that you stay within your budget and choose quality materials so that your project turns out beautiful!

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