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Fabulous Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas

The living room design will always be the absolute most noticeable portion of the home because you will entertain your guests here. Nowadays you understand what you should do in order to have a good living area. A living room might be the most critical place in your home. In the event the room isn’t comfortable, it is not livable.

To have a comfortable living room design, you can adopt a mid-century modern living room design. This design is very popular in recent years. This design is very popular because incorporates a wide range of styles and elements. So it provides so much variety, there is something that everyone needs. Now, we are going to talk about mid-century modern living room design ideas. Furthermore, please kindly check these ideas below.

Juxtapositions of Elements

The important aspect in decorating the mid-century modern living room is the juxtaposition of elements that is between traditional and non-traditional. Usually, you can find this on mid-century furniture. Mid-century modern furniture is something that can be found in many homes today. Most of this furniture was created by mid-century modern designers and can be found in many homes. Many of them are more stylized than traditional but still provide a high level of function. For example, you can find a unique coffee table or sofa with sleek legs and using contrasting materials. In this case, you can find traditional wood sleek legs with soft fabric for the sofa. Mixing some materials is possible.

This brightly colored linen sofa is complemented by re-polished wooden legs to make it look cleaner and shiny. Sofas and chairs with wooden legs will be more sturdy because they are not easily porous when used for a long time. The combination of linen with wooden legs on the sofa is one of the hallmarks of mid-century decor that never goes out of fashion. Linen sofa with re-polished wooden legs from hgtv.

Combine it With Curve Shape

If you want to adopt the mid-century modern design for your living room, the one ways that you can do this is by adding a curved touch. Most of the modern living room designs adopt sleek and straight designs to achieve a clean and minimalist look. To transform to become a mid-century modern design, you can add curve design or round edges to change the straight lines. The round or curve coffee table can be your choice. Or the couch with a curve to them is good for your living room.

If you have children at home, then you can use some safe furniture and of course, start with the selection of a glass coffee table that has a curved edge or does not taper. In addition, this furniture idea is also one of the hallmarks of Mid-century modern living room decoration which is highly recommended for your next decoration, decorate the table with a rose vase that has a beautiful color. Glass coffee table with curved edges from hgtv.

The combination of plywood and coffee table glass is the perfect combination that you can apply in a modern Mid century living room decoration. You can choose this table with a round shape and of course surrounded by sofas and chairs as a comfortable relaxing area. Do not put the table too far from the sofa to make it easier to reach when taking drinks or food provided. Round coffee table from hgtv.

The Use of Color

Another concept that was common to many of these designs was the use of color. They were very aware of the colors that we use today and made sure that they were bold and bright so as to make an impact as well as present a clear view of the intended design. In most cases, white was used for a clean, stark appearance but depending on the design, it could be softened or even changed entirely to create a new look and feel. Red and other colors also had significant meaning in this era and often represented a revolution. For example, you can use orange, brown, mustard, blue, or teal are possible to bring the midcentury vibe to your living room.

Mid-century modern living room decorations can be obtained easily by using some of the right furniture. The use of a velvet sofa with mustards color is a focal point of the room that you can enjoy and can also be used as a comfortable sitting area. Furthermore, you can also use some patterned throw pillows and rugs in neutral colors as a more unique combination. Mustard velvet sofa from digsdigs.

Blue is one of the right sofa color choices for a modern Mid century living room decoration, then you can also add other colors through other furniture such as a yellow sofa and throw pillows in pink. These three colors look so unified without destroying the color tone of the room which makes it look tacky. Bright lighting really supports the room to feel more spacious. Blue sofa from digsdigs.

Choose and use one of the interiors in the living room with a bolder and brighter color, for example, you can choose a blue tufted sofa with a bright yellow chair as a comfortable sitting area. On the other hand, you can also use green satin curtains as an additional bold color that makes the room look more colorful and fun. Combination of blue sofa with a yellow chair from digsdigs.

Adding Some Patterns

Besides incorporating color, adding some patterns to the mid-century modern living room is a great idea. The geometric or retro-style patterns will make your living room more alive and attractive. You can present this pattern to the rug or throw pillows. The retro print can be applied to the wall art.

Don’t let the living room decorations that are often visited by your friends or family for the first time look boring. You can choose and use several interiors with an interesting combination of patterns. For example, when you use a boho embroidery rug, you can combine it with a geometric pillowcase pattern that has a combination of black and white. Furthermore, green plants that are placed in the corner of the room become a fresh decoration. Combination of rug pattern with pillowcases from digsdigs.

To make it look more real and striking, this time you can try to combine several patterns of pillowcases on one sofa, of course, choose also with a variety of colors. With these different pillowcase patterns, your living room will look more vibrant, in this room, you can also use a herringbone pattern rug with beige color to instantly neutralize the room. Colorful blends of patterned pillowcases from digsdigs.

Mid-Century Lighting

To complete your mid-century modern living room design, you should choose the right lighting fixtures. It comes in various shapes, designs, and sizes. Such as tinted pendants, chrome chandeliers, modern floor lamps, sconces, etc. Adding mid-century lighting style to your living room helps to soften the nuance and add unique elements.

Every room in your house certainly needs the right lighting. For decorating a modern mid-century living room, you can use a hanging starburst lamp that has a splash of gold so that it looks more luxurious without being overwhelming. If the chandelier is not bright enough, then you can turn on the table lamp simultaneously to help your night activities while in this room. Starburst pendant lamp from digsdigs.

This white round glass chandelier can be used only at night while during the day you can use sunlight that enters the room through large and wide glass windows. This window provides a beautiful view and can be enjoyed anytime you are in this room. The chandelier that is installed right above the coffee table looks modern and certainly never goes out of style. Round glass chandelier from digsdigs.

Having a warm, bold, sophisticated, and colorful living room is presented to this mid-century modern design. This is a great idea to get a beautiful living room. The great thing about this design is that they don’t have to be overly expensive. You can follow those ideas above to give some inspiration.

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