Minimalist Apartment Design Ideas On a Budget

With the high cost of building a traditional home and maintaining a lawn to maintain the yard and keep the flowers in bloom, many people wonder if there are any truly beautiful and effective minimalist apartment design ideas. After all, how do you decorate an apartment without using any large, expensive items? With some creativity and a good knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, a minimalist apartment design can be created on a very tight budget.

Simple Color Schemes

To begin with, the first thing you need to decide is whether or not you want a minimalist style in your new apartment. This can be done by selecting the right color whether single color or multi-colored paint color. If you want a minimalist vibe, you can use a neutral color. Keep it simple with simple colors to avoid overwhelming situations.

Neutral colors are always the best choice that can be applied to the decoration of a modern minimalist apartment living room. Combine several different neutral colors such as white, brown, and light gray in one room at the same time, instead of using a wall with transparent glass windows that are large and spacious enough to support the room to make it seem brighter. The combination of brown, white, and gray interior living room from apartmenttherapy.

White is the best neutral color that can be used throughout the room, including the decoration of your apartment living room. This white color can be applied through walls, ceilings, and some furniture such as sofas and chairs. To add a more natural color, you can use tall green plants as decorations that are refreshing and never boring. White nuances living room apartment from apartmenttherapy.

Not only using neutral white color in your living room decor, but you can also add other colors such as brown to accent floor pillows made of leather material. In addition, green plant decorations are also a refreshing accent that is very easy to get on your garden page, here you can simply move the plant to a potting area with a large enough size. White living room with brown floor pillows from apartmenttherapy.

Take Advantages of Walls

Maximize the use of walls in your apartment. You can install floating shelves. Floating shelves are effective ways to increase space in the apartment. This kind of shelf offers a combination of functionality and aesthetic look. The functionality of the floating shelves, you can use them as a simple storage idea. You can store your stuff there and also you can use it to display your indoor plants or other decorative items. This the cheap yet works well to beautify your minimalist apartment design on a budget.

Take advantage of your living room wall area as a storage idea by installing several floating wood shelves that are installed vertically. This wooden shelf is applied to the right and left sides of the fireplace so that you can store or show off some decorative ornaments with a larger number. Vertical floating shelf from apartmenttherapy.

Don’t let your white walls be plain and useless, you can use some of these walls as storage ideas by installing a floating wood shelf in the corner of the room. Don’t forget that before this shelf is installed, you have to paint and polish it again first to make it look cleaner and modern according to the style of this living room. Use this shelf to put some nice room decorations. Corner floating wood rack from apartmenttherapy.

Match the color of the wooden shelves with the walls to harmonize and of course not damage the color tone of the room in this on-budget apartment living room decoration. Choose and use melamine wood for a smoother surface, place some miniature greenery and paintings on this shelf as an inexpensive wall hanging. This DIY wooden shelf is very easy to make yourself. DIY wooden rack from apartmenttherapy.

Minimalist Furniture

Aside from minimizing the clutter in your home, another thing that you can do to create a minimalist apartment design on a budget is to choose minimalist furniture. Since this is an apartment, it would be silly to invest in expensive furniture. There’s nothing wrong with getting simple furniture such simple sofa, wrought iron furniture, other multifunctional furniture. It’s also important that you choose minimalist furniture in neutral colors such as beige, gray, or black.

Use living room furniture according to the size of your floor, if you have a smaller room then you can choose minimalist furniture such as linen sofas, small coffee tables, and rattan chairs that are placed in the corner of the room. Don’t forget to add green plants next to the sofa as a suitable decoration when applied in any style room, including a modern-style living room. Linen sofa with rattan chair from apartmenttherapy.

This white sofa will be more suitable and perfect when combined with a round coffee table made of wood which has a brighter color. This sofa is equipped with several throw pillows so it has a warmer and more comfortable surface. The use of minimalist furniture will also make it easier for you to clean the floor area every day. Round coffee table in bright wood and white sofa from apartmenttherapy.

This coffee table made of iron is equipped with storage space underneath which you can use to put some of your favorite magazines and books. Don’t forget that in this living room, you only need to use one sofa and one chair to save more floor area to make it seem wider and make you feel more flexible when doing activities in this room. Abstract canvas painting becomes a beautiful scenery as well as wall decoration. Multifunctional iron coffee table from apartmenttherapy.

Cheap Fixture Lighting

Instead of using a bulky floor lamp for your minimalist apartment better for you to use sconces. This lamp is simple and avoids a cramped look. Apart from that this lamp is also cheap and will not break your bank.

To bring a classic feel to the decoration of your apartment living room, you can use wall scones lights that are installed in several areas at a distance that is not too far away. This lamp can be enhanced with hanging chandeliers for maximum lighting ideas at night. Try using these two lights at the same time at night. Combination of wall scones lamp with chandeliers from thespruce.

If you need cheap lighting in living room decorations on a budget, then you can use two wall scones that are installed in the wall area between the fireplace. This lamp has yellow lighting so it seems more dramatic and romantic of course. In this room, you can also use a glass chandelier that will illuminate the entire room evenly. Twin wall scones lamp from thespruce.

If you have an apartment living room decoration with some bold colored furniture, then you can complete it with scones lights that have dimmer lighting. This is done to show a more dramatic room at night, you can install this lamp on an empty wall or rather above your dark pink sofa. Dimly lit scones from thespruce.

Adding Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can be a lifesaver for any home decor including minimalist apartments. Placing indoor plants wouldn’t take away the minimalist impression of your apartment. The existence of an indoor plant will beauty look to your apartment while still keep it minimalist in a way. Also, this is an inexpensive way to decorate your minimalist apartment.

Move one of the green plants in your garden to the living room area by moving it into a glass bowl vase filled with water. This water planting medium is intended so that your green plants do not wilt easily when placed indoors. Green plant with bowl glass vase from apartmenttherapy.

Not only green plants, but you can also use roses as room decorations that give a fragrant aroma to the surrounding room. Perform routine maintenance on these plants and flowers so that they can still grow lush and fresh in the room every day as a welcome as well as a beautiful view for your guests or family who come to your house. The combination of green plants with roses from apartmenttherapy.

Don’t let the minimalist living room of your apartment appear boring, you can use green plants as natural and inexpensive room decorations. Place green plant pots close to glass windows to get more sunlight so they can grow well. Green plants close to the glass window from apartmenttherapy.

Decorating an apartment doesn’t have to be expensive. Keeping it minimalist with limited budget decorating ideas is highly recommended. Those ideas above hope will help you to decorate your minimalist apartment on a budget.


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