Small Apartment Design Ideas for More Inviting and Comfortable

When sharing a small apartment, you may need to sacrifice a couple of your favorite decor ideas. Because the apartment space is so taken out of the main residence, it permits the older occupants to retain a greater degree of independence regardless of the change in living arrangements. A little apartment presents lots of challenges for its occupants. Some designs may provide identical units while some may feature three or four unique layouts providing an assortment of choices that accommodate today’s lifestyles and household units. The main aim of any little living space is definitely to use every area as efficiently as possible. Since there’s such a small space to work within the very first location, the designer needs to be ingenious and discover approaches to conserve space without sacrificing the comfort of the proprietor. Furthermore, check these small apartment design ideas below.

Install Floating Shelves

It is very important to think carefully about the storage idea in the small apartment. Make sure that the storage does not take up space in your residence. To solve this problem, you can install floating shelves for your apartment storage idea. These kinds of storage ideas really help you to store your stuff safely and save the floor at the same time. It is also can enhance your small apartment decor.

Having a niche in the dining room of this small apartment, you can consider floating shelves as your decorative storage solution. They will allow you to get practical use and will look more stylish. You can make this space stand out even more by giving the floating shelves an orange-red background. Combined with the white color scheme and natural accents on the furniture and floors, this room makes a warm and serene look. Built-in floating shelves from housebeautiful.

Playing with various options and materials for floating shelves will make your apartment decor neater and will avoid clutter. Choosing a thin floating shelf like the picture above will be slimmer and allow decorative items to be the center of attention. You can put it in one of the rooms of your small apartment so that it will give an attractive appearance. Sleek floating shelves from housebeautiful.

Multifunctional Furniture

Opt for multifunctional furniture to fill your small apartment. Having multifunctional will allow you to have more function. For example, you can use a single table that can be used for work, dinner, reading books, and anything else. Or, you can choose multifunctional furniture that has storage underneath. The important thing about multifunctional furniture is can be functioned more than one function.

The minimalist style makes this coffee table seem more modern and unique. In addition, this table is also equipped with a storage drawer that you can use to store books or other small items that cause the room to become chaotic if placed in the wrong area. With decorations like this, your apartment decoration will look neater and avoid clutter. Fungsional coffee table from loveproperty.

Position your bed in front of a bookshelf to create a unique feature headboard. It’s a stylish alternative to a bedside table and a great way to maximize your bathroom wall space. Store items you access frequently and tuck the rest behind pillows and beds to make retrieving them easier. Headboard with storage from loveproperty.

Hang a Large Mirror

Every small apartment needs a bright and wide impression. Hang a large mirror can solve that problem. You can hang the large mirror on the wall and the mirror will reflect the light to make a broad impression on the room. The mirror is also an important item for interior design. So, you can choose a unique or beautiful mirror to increase your small apartment decor appearance.

In small spaces using mirrors is a very successful decorating trick. They reflect light and make space feel larger. Hang a large mirror on one wall of the small apartment space opposite the window, so that it is in a prime position to reflect natural light back into the room. Mirrors are also an important item for interior design. Large mirror from bhg.

Applying a hanging mirror above the sofa will create a spacious and bright room. Combined with brightly colored furniture, it will give a pop of color to your apartment living room. Use a colorful garden bench as an impromptu coffee table or bedside table. With a brown color scheme on this wall, it will make your room warmer and calmer. Hanging mirror above a sofa from bhg.

Use Light Color for Walls

When it comes to the color scheme of the small apartment, choosing a light color is very important. You can use white, beige, ivory paint colors to the wall to create a wider and airy impression. But you can also combine with other colors that match the main color scheme.

This casual Scandinavian style décor for this tiny living room features a white color scheme to create an airy and spacious room. Wooden floors and large windows will complete the decor, making your room warmer and brighter. Some wooden furniture complements the appearance of this dining room. White Dining room from decoist.

The white color scheme in the decor of this small apartment living room creates a bright and spacious room. Combined with a large window on one of these walls will create a bright room. This wooden beam ceiling and concrete floor add a warm impression to this living room. White color scheme from decoist.

Bring it Plants

To make your small apartment more alive, bring it some indoor plants. The greenery has known for its capability to freshen up the room and make it more alive. You can place some indoor plants in your small apartment. There are many kinds of indoor plants that you can choose from. Such as Monstera, succulent, cactus, etc. The important thing in choosing an indoor plant is low maintenance.

Installing planters from the ceiling to make this hanging garden will make your room decor look fresher and have a natural impression. Choosing hanging pots of colorful plants and a variety of leafy companions can make a fun statement in your small apartment kitchen. Colorful hanging garden from apartmenttherapy.

Applying some greenery to this kitchen will provide fresh air and a natural feel to the room. You can choose low virgin plants and you can hang them on the wall or you can place them on an open shelf. With a decoration like this, you will create a stylish room. Greeney on kitchen from apartmenttherapy.

Decorating a small apartment is a little bit challenging if you don’t know the tricks. Those ideas above are some ideas that can make your small apartment more inviting and comfortable. If you think it inspires you, go for it!

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