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Minimalist Home Design Ideas with Wood Touches

If you want to add a natural feel to your home, then consider adding wood elements! The wood decoration is easy to find and easy to maintain. So let’s create an interior design that is chic, yet charming using wood. Love the look of wood but need some ideas? We’ve got you covered.

The best thing about wood decor is that if you are handy, you can easily create your own decorations to place in your home. The designs do not have to be intricately carved; just create something that fits the current decor in your home. Or if you think that you are not handy enough, there are many stores selling a variety of wood decor for your home. And now, if you want to add a minimalist look with wood at home and need some inspiration, check out these minimalist home design ideas with wood touches below to inspire you.

Wood Furniture

It is quite easy to add wood touches to your minimalist home design. The first way that you can do is using wooden furniture. The wooden furniture with a simple and sleek design is very suitable. To balance your minimalist and modern home design, the simple and modern shape of the wooden furniture will complete your modern interior design with a natural touch. For example, modern-looking chairs, tables, and cabinets have simple and plain designs for you to choose from.

The first thing you can do for modern minimalist home decor is to use wooden furniture. For example, by using a wooden chair covered with thick pillows so that it is comfortable and softer when used. Dressers with matching materials can also be used simultaneously in decorating this living room. Wooden chair and dresser from extraspace.

You can also use a melamine wood coffee table with a simple shape. The coffee table is an important thing that you need to install in the living room or family room to put some drinks or snacks properly. By adding a touch of wood to the living room, it will certainly add warmth when chatting with relatives or family. Melamine wood coffee table from extraspace.

Another idea you can try is to use square wooden blocks for a unique wooden coffee table. Its unique shape makes this wooden block coffee table a new focal point in your minimalist living room. Besides being unique, this wooden block coffee table also has a small size so it doesn’t require a lot of space that is taken up just for a coffee table. Square beam wood coffee table from extraspace.

You can also use a wooden side table to add a natural impression to your living room. Feel free to use one or two of these wooden side tables, their simple shape won’t take up much space at all. To make it seem more minimalist, you can repaint it with solid black as an area to place a fairly large ceramic vase. Repaint wooden side table from extraspace.

Wood Ceiling

There are a lot of people that are now looking for a way to add a little something to their home that will not cost them an arm and a leg but still give them the room they want. The main thing that most people are lacking with regard to adding some sort of decoration to their homes is something that is both unique and yet still adds some style to the home. With this being said, one of the best types of decor that you can add to your home is the wood ceiling. The wood ceiling is able to make the home more appealing. Using wood ceiling for minimalist home design looks fits and sophisticated. Combine it with recessed lamps so that keep minimalism.

To support your minimalist and modern home decor style, you can install a wooden ceiling for your living room or family room. Using a wooden ceiling will certainly make the room look more vintage but still charming and very suitable for minimalist modern room decorations. Furniture with a splash of black color makes this room look more masculine. Vintage wooden ceiling from digsdigs.

If you have an all-white kitchen decoration theme, it will be more interesting if you also add a touch of wood to it. For example, using a wooden ceiling with natural colors will certainly add to the beauty of your room. Use teak wood for materials that are not easily porous and of course very sturdy. Teak wood ceiling for white kitchen decor from digsdigs.

Wooden ceilings can also be applied to homes with an open minimalist style. By adding a touch of wood can make the atmosphere of the room warmer. Re-polish the ceiling with a glossy paint to bring out the original color of the wood you use so that it looks more natural. Re-polish the wooden ceiling from digsdigs.

You can present a natural look by using a wooden ceiling that you install throughout the room. Coupled with several large translucent glasses used as walls, it will certainly make the room get a natural look from the view of green plants outside the house, besides the incoming sunlight will also minimize the humidity of the interior made of wood. Natural wood ceiling from digsdigs.

Wood Flooring

There is nothing wrong with the wood touch for the minimalist interior design. The wood touch will make the home nuance homier. Instead of using marble or ceramic tiles, using a wood floor will bring more advantages. The wood floor will bring a warm and natural nuance at the same time. This also confirms that the use of wooden floors does not mean eliminating the minimalist and modern impression in the interior design.

To bring a warm and natural feel to your minimalist home decor, using wood elements is a smart idea that you can do. An easy thing that you can try is to install a wooden floor. You can use pine wood for a smoother foot surface. Pinewood minimalist room floor from home-designing.

The all-white bedroom will feel more alive if you use wooden floors. Besides being able to liven up the atmosphere of an all-white room, wooden floors will also add a natural impression to the room with a modern minimalist style. This will be maximized if you also use wooden furniture. Combination of wood flooring and furniture from home-designing.

Bring a warm feel to the family room by pairing a wooden floor with a bright color to make it easier to combine with other interiors around it. Give a final touch with a glossy polish on the floor to make it look more attractive and easy to maintain. In order to get maximum warmth, you can also add a faux fur rug as a base under the living room sofa. Light wood floor from home-designing.

Wood Walls

Another way that you can do to add wood touches to your minimalist home design is using wooden walls. Covering your walls with wooden materials is a smart way to expose wood in your home without ruin its minimalist interior design. To get a match with your minimalist interior design, you can combine the natural wood color on the walls with a gray color accent either for furniture, curtains, rugs, lampshades, and many things. It would look sophisticated without losing the natural and warm impression.

If you are confused about exposing wood in your bedroom decor, try coating the walls of the room with shiny wood that has a hard texture and striped pattern. That way you can show off your wooden decor in a different way in your bedroom. Striped wood wall from home-designing.

Use wood with white fibers for your bedroom walls to get a clean and spacious look. The white color on the wood grain will not make the room dark, instead choosing this type of wood will make the room brighter, plus the LED lights on this wall will make it look more perfect at night. Wooden wall with white grain from home-designing.

The traditional style is not always with things that are excessive, you can also apply a minimalist traditional style. Just need to cover the entire wall with wood material, you will easily get a traditional impression, use enough furniture with a long bench with a round coffee table and wooden lounge chairs in the corner of the room. Traditional style wooden wall from home-designing.

In order to get the center of attention in your family room, simply coat the walls of the room with plywood. Not only to make the room more natural, but you can also use wooden walls as a background to make the room more attractive and beautiful. Plywood wall from home-designing.

When you can add a natural feel to your minimalist home design, why not? Through the wood touch, your minimalist home design becomes homey and warm in a simple way.

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