Compact and Cute Cactus Pot Ideas

Out of all types of plants in the world, the cactus is arguably the easiest one to tend. You don’t have to water it every day, and it comes with a lot of unique and adorable shapes. Plus, the cactus can grow and live in basically every type of planter, making it even more exciting to be customized. If you need inspiration for that, look at these 5 adorable cactus pot ideas!

Ceramic Planter

This is one of the most popular pots for cactus that many people used. This planter comes in various sizes and shapes. And also available in various colors and motifs. You can choose according to your taste. Choosing the right and cute one will enhance your cactus looks. 

This combination of ceramic and terracotta cactus planter pots looks more attractive because it is enhanced by several different paintings. You can use colorful paints to make pots that are more beautiful and different from the others, of course. Here it only takes your creativity as much as possible. Painting ceramic pots and terracotta from mydesiredhome.

Repaint some of your ceramic cactus pots with a combination of cute and pretty pastel colors like yellow, green, and pink. These three colors will work well when placed in one room. The ceramic material also has a softer surface texture but is prone to breaking when it falls on the floor with a high table surface. Pastel color pot cactus from mydesiredhome.

Teacup Planter

If you decide to plant a cactus in a small size, the right planter that you can use is teacups. It sounds interesting, right? You don’t need to buy the cup, just use teacups in your home. Put your cactus in the pots then place them near the window to get the direct sunlight and enhance your home decor. 

This teacup made of ceramic has a splash of gold color that looks luxurious and shiny. Use this teacup as a container for several types of cacti that you have at home. Use colored gravel as a planting medium so that it doesn’t get dirty easily when watering regularly. Teacup cactus planter with gravel growing media from balconygardenweb.

Try to plant cacti in one teacup of only one type so that it can grow optimally. You can have a cactus with a size that is not too large, after this planting is done, you can place it in any area that is often visited by friends or family who come to your house. Small animal accents are the perfect complement that you can easily try. Cactus planter teacup with animal accents from balconygardenweb.

Make your windowsill decoration look fresher by applying some teacup planters that have a classic touch and different unique patterns. This cactus plant is one of the best choices that you can try because it is very easy to carry out daily maintenance. Enough sunlight makes this cactus plant can thrive. Cactus teacup planter windowsill decor from balconygardenweb.

Terracotta Planter

If you have been looking for terracotta pot ideas for cactus, then you may want to know that a terracotta plan is the easiest and least expensive option to create a unique terracotta garden. Terracotta pot ideas for cactus can be used both inside and outside your house. To look more eye-catching you can add a decorative accent to the pot. From painting, coloring, or adding lace accent to get a rustic vibe.

In addition to being a cheaper planter, terracotta pot cactus is also a unique display that you can easily try. Start by cutting a few pieces of lace to apply to the outer surface of this pot. Choose a different motif for the lace fabric idea as a cactus planter display that is more festive and attracts the attention of the viewer. Terracotta pot with lace decoration from abeautifulmess.

This accessory woven cord becomes a beautiful outer surface decoration of the pot and does not cost a lot of money. You can also paint with gold color on the top of the pot evenly. Don’t forget to use pink stone planting media which is commonly used in aquariums. With this planting, your cactus plant will look more leverage. Cactus pot with woven cord accessories from balconygardenweb.

Don’t let your terracotta pot appear plain and boring, you can paint it and repaint it with a mix of black and white to create an instant monochromatic style. Once dry you can plant different types of cactus to give it a more impressive display. Place this cactus pot on your work table as a room decoration. Monochromatic style terracotta pot cactus from balconygardenweb.

Glass Jar Planter

To look simple but sophisticated, the glass jar pots can be used for the cactus planter ideas. You can be creative with it. All you have to do is just take a shallow glass vase the fill it with small white stones, soil, and arrange the cactus there. Make sure that the glass jar is shallow so it doesn’t cover the cactus and looks beautiful.

So that the surface of your planting media is visible from the outside, then you can use a transparent glass pot that is large enough but has a low height. Combine soil planting media with white gravel to make it look more contrasting and beautiful. The combination of succulent plants with cacti can grow and develop together in one container. Transparent glass pot cactus from abeautifulmess.

Aluminum Planter

not only cute but you can also create an old-fashioned and industrial impression with aluminum pots for your cactus garden. Using an aluminum pot for the cactus planter is suitable for those of you who want to get a different look in your garden. This planter can be placed indoors or outdoor and less maintenance.

Do you have unused aluminum containers? If so, then you can use it as an idea for a cactus planter that has a fairly large size. This pot gives an industrial vibe to the room instantly. Let this pot appear as it is without being painted or repainted. Industrial aluminum cactus pot from balconygardenweb.

Remember, the sky’s the limit, and there are plenty of other exciting cactus garden pot ideas you can come up with on your own. Regardless, these cactus pot ideas are the ones you can always count on and improve. Happy cactus gardening!

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