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Best Old World-Inspired European Rustic Decor Ideas

The truth is, rustic design is dated since the old-world way before the coming of the 19th century and promoted by European countries. Because of that, among rustic interior design enthusiasts, many have shown interest in the older, more genuine old-world rustic décor.

European rustic decor is one of the most popular styles of decorating for use in the home. The warm and inviting feel this decor lends to any room are hard to beat. The feel is created by using rugged woods, basic plain-woven fabrics, and lots of natural items. You will find very few modern items in this decor, but that is because this style is not usually found in homes today. If you use this style in your home, you will truly be adding charm, warmth, and a sense of the outdoors to any room or space.

Before you start creating your own rustic decor, it is best to learn more about it so you can create an authentic look for your home. This type of decor is actually older than most of us may think. Most European settlers made their homes in the middle of the nineteenth century. They brought with them many of the designs of the age from their home countries such as Spain and Italy. Therefore, if you love an even more unique and significant rustic décor, look at these old-world European rustic décor!

Distressed Furniture

You can really create a wonderful look in any room in your home by adding some rustic decor items. Because this style is not usually found in modern homes today, there are a wide variety of great items you can choose from that will make any room in your house look like it was made back in the 1800s. Think distressed wood furniture and other items with an aged look. Even old painted coffee tables and benches can be used in this decorating style to give it that look.

Using distressed wood furniture in this European country house decor will make the perfect look and steal the attention of many. Applying these distressed wood benches and cabinets will create an eye-catching look. These ancient ornaments and vintage jars add a rustic feel to your room. This wood-framed antique painting makes the perfect room decor. Distressed wood furniture from dengarden.

Earth Tone Elements

These design elements include elements such as the use of dark woods, rough-textured wall coverings, earth tones, and lots of earthy colors. The use of reds and yellows is also very popular in this decorating style. Rustic kitchens and baths are often created with the use of stone and tiles. When using accessories, such as iron candle holders and coasters, use ones that have a rugged, earthy appearance.

Using the interior design of this old European house with dark wood will give a warm and elegant look to the room. This book storage cabinet with dark wood and equipped with some antique furniture will make your room decor more attractive and stylish. For you, a wooden coffee table and a red sofa will complete the look of this house. Old European house with dark wood furniture from dengarden.

The earth tone scheme in this old European home living room decor adds serenity and will create a warm feel to the room. Some dark wood furniture will complement your room decor so that it will give a natural impression and a calm atmosphere into this living room. A rustic lantern chandelier also provides dramatic lighting. Earth tone elements from dengarden.

European old house designs bring simple luxury and feel at home through this warm kitchen. The rustic sage cabinets in this kitchen bring natural warmth while comfortably closing the space for an intimate feel. A low vaulted brick ceiling, hex terracotta floor, and dramatic display of copper pots, vases, and wrought iron chandeliers over the island complete this European kitchen décor. Dark wood countertop from hgtv.

Providing an unpretentious kitchen by using cabinets and wine storage from wooden cabinets will bring a rustic and warm atmosphere. Combined with the natural stone walls and wood accents throughout this room, this wine storage decor will be even more eye-catching. The dramatic lighting of this rustic chandelier adds to the elegant look. Wooden wine storage from hgtv.

Warm natural elements, such as wooden cabinets, stone walls, and green marble countertops, enhance the cozy feel of this European-style kitchen. The cathedral ceiling with wooden beams and natural stone walls add to the splendor of the room along with antique wrought iron chandeliers and wall sconces. The hardwood floors and earth color scheme will provide serenity and warmth while you are in this European kitchen. European-style kitchen from hgtv.

The use of dark wood in this old European home kitchen design will create a calm and warm feeling. In this kitchen design using dark wood cabinets will create a rustic look. Choosing a granite countertop will also give an elegant kitchen design. The rustic chandelier and wooden beam ceiling create the perfect rustic feel. Dark wood kitchen cabinet from hgtv.

Rustic Lightings

Another great way to add a European rustic look to any room is with rustic lighting. You can find a great variety of lamps and lanterns on the market today that have a very European feel. You could even add a few wall sconces in the same color scheme as well as a few wrought iron candle holders. The lighting in this area will be softened by the warm glow from the candles. Use these to complement the furniture you have chosen. Some people choose lamps that have a rustic design on the base and then put other items that have a European look on top of it.

While simple in design, this vintage 12-lamp chandelier makes a dramatic statement in a cozy white casita. In keeping with the traditional old European style, using a wooden beam ceiling, reclaimed larch flooring and a neutral color palette for an open and airy feel will make your décor more inviting and warm. The white walls and linens allow Old World-inspired furniture to provide visual appeal in the room. Vintage 12-lamp chandelier from hgtv.

This Old Europa dining room offers elegant European appeal with a cozy and comfortable dining experience. Using this rustic candle chandelier provides a dramatic yellow glow that will light up the entire room. The brick vaulted ceiling subtly mimics the details of the kitchen ceiling, while providing a subtle contrast to the stone walls. Old Europa dining room from hgtv.

In the dining room of this old European home, dramatic lighting is used. Applying a chandelier with gold accents will create a luxurious and elegant room. Placed on top of this classic dining table set will create a bright room. Combined with a white color scheme and wooden floors, this will create an airy and warm decoration of the room. Chandelier with gold accents from onekindesign.

Consider applying old-world European rustic décor designs to your house a grand investment. Not only will they increase the value of your property, but they will also keep you excited timelessly. Therefore, pick your rustic interior design wisely, and have yourself a good time in the house.

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