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Drab Drapes? Dress Your Windows With These 7 Curtain Alternatives

Curtains are a staple in many homes but the new interior decoration is choosing an alternative that is a far greater value-add for the home. But there are times where you feel bored with the curtains you have and feel it’s time to update the style, they can be very expensive to replace. There are a number of alternative replacement curtains, but still can give you privacy and also added value to your home.

Window Shelves

Some windows do not require full coverage. For this window, homeowners may choose to install a set of glass shelves instead of curtains. This approach allows them to meet their privacy needs while displaying decorative accessories, herbal collections, or anything else that interests them.

Take advantage of the empty window area by applying several vertical glass shelves that are used to put some cactus pots and green plants as window sill decorations that are fresh and become a different view. The green plants here will get enough sunlight to make them thrive. Vertical glass shelf from designsponge.

Instead of using curtains with several transparent glass shelves that are arranged and used as windowsills with several applications of different types of green plants. Take care of green plants regularly to get maximum results, these plants make the atmosphere in the room fresher and different. You can also enjoy the beautiful outdoor view. Transparent glass shelves from houselogic.

To get a different window appearance, you can use a glass shelf with a thicker surface so it doesn’t break easily when used for a long time. On this shelf, you can put several types of green plants with pots that have different sizes and materials as well. Do watering regularly for maximum results. Thick glass shelves as curtains from lushome.


Shades are an excellent choice for those looking to forget about drapes. They are similar enough to drapes but have a lot more functionality and designs.

Put more sunlight into your living room by using natural rattan curtains which have a thinner surface and can be rolled up during the day. This rattan curtain is coated with a cloth curtain which has thicker material so that it can be used at night. The green plants in front of him become a beautiful room decoration and are not easily boring. Woven rattan curtains from mydomaine.

Indoor Shutter

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, consider indoor shutters. They may be costly, but they will add value to your home and are a fantastic way to keep out light and neighbors.

Every room in your home decor certainly needs sufficient lighting, now you can try a white shutter that can be opened and folded according to the lighting needs of the room. This window helps so that your room is not easily damp and does not feel stuffy, you can try it easily and look more elegant. White shutter living room from diynetwork.

Stained Glass

A pretty and easy way to cover your windows, stained glass panels come in varying sizes and designs, allowing you to find one that fits your decor and individual personality.

In addition to providing patterns and colors that make the room look more cheerful, stained glass windows are also a barrier to excessive sunlight entering the room. You can choose and use this window according to the theme of your room, classic patterns are the best choice that is suitable for application in any room, including bathroom decorations. Colorful stained glass window from digsdigs.


Blinds are a fairly simple mechanism, allowing you to give the room as much light or shade as you prefer. They come in a variety of different styles so it is (mostly) quite easy to find a style to suit your interior décor, but we love the look of these wooden blinds because they gave a warm impression to the room.

Match and harmonize the color of your window blinds with the feel of the living room to get a more elegant and minimalist room atmosphere. Gray is one of the right choices that will be easier to combine with any stylish and colored interior. In addition, the use of blinds is also easier to regulate the entry and exit of sunlight according to needs. Gray curtain blinds from bobvila.

Laser Cut Wood Panels

These wooden window panels can make a real statement in the home, as the wood is cut to your specifications and design needs. Depending on the design you choose, you may or may not need the window behind the wood to be frosted for additional privacy.

Enter sunlight into the room with a beautiful classic pattern, now you can use laser-cut wood panels which are made of a harder material so that they are more sturdy and not easily porous. The reflected sunlight that enters will form according to the laser-cut window pattern that is used. Hardwood laser cut panels from digsdigs.

Frosted Glass

If you don’t want anyone looking in, but still want some light pouring in, then use frosting to artistically cover up the windows. You can use either frosting spray or frosting contact paper.

Frosted glass windows are the best choice that you can try in your living room decoration. In addition, this glass window also makes the room more private because it is not transparent and cannot be seen from the outside. You can use this window with a more transparent top surface to see the amazing outdoor view. Private frosted glass window from digsdigs.

Pattern the frosted glass windows for a different look and include sunlight as needed. The window is safe and there is no need to use curtains anymore because it has half the blurry surface of the window. Open this window by being pushed when you want to get a fresher atmosphere in the room. Frosted patterned glass window from digsdigs.

There are several ways to treat your window. Besides the curtain, those are some ideas to treat your windows when you are boring in drapes.

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