Beautiful White Kitchen Designs To Complete Your Home

White color has always been most of the homeowner’s favorite colors. It is simply because it doesn’t only make the space neat, but also elegance! If you decided to go on white for your kitchen, then you come to the right page. So let’s spice up your kitchen with white!

The white kitchen is classic. They are bright, clean, and can blend well in almost any style. If you are worried that white kitchen might be boring, these examples will convince you otherwise. Check out these white kitchens below to inspire you!

White Kitchen With Soft Gray Cabinet And Hardwood Flooring

The first idea of a white kitchen is trying to combine it with another color. In this case, you can mix it with soft gray color for the cabinet, and looks more appealing with a hardwood floor. That combination will make your white kitchen looks more classic. With the pale vibe, it will create a farmhouse nuance. 

A small kitchen with simple French-style cabinets painted in light gray captures the romantic appeal of a classic kitchen but gives it a more refreshing vibe. This combination allows the kitchen to look great with rough wood floors and white walls that will make your rustic kitchen more calm and warm. Small kitchen decor from designingidea.

The plain light gray finish also looks great with dark hardwood floors. It helps balance the heavy textures on the floor and provides a neutral medium for wood transitions and flat white walls. Using a neutral gray will help balance the rustic and modern details of this space. Adding a wooden ceiling will also give a warm feeling to the room. Dark hardwood floors from designingidea.

Dark gray is sure to look great with this contemporary kitchen design, especially when paired with solid wood floors and ceiling boards. It adds a subtle sophisticated appeal to a small kitchen space that is sure to have a timeless appeal. A touch of white on this wall will also present a bright and spacious room decoration. Dark gray cabinet from designingidea.

All White With Patterned Tiles

When you are decided to apply an all-white kitchen, you have to make sure that your kitchen design is far from boring look. You can play with patterns. The patterned tiles can be a good option to bring a different touch to your all-white kitchen. You can apply the patterned tiles to the backsplash. Apart from being able to bring a different color to your white kitchen, the patterned backsplash can be a focal point.

Using an all-white kitchen scheme is an easy way to add personality to bland tiles. Use a stencil to create the perfect pattern on your backsplash. This will create a stylish kitchen design and will steal the attention of many people. Using a wooden beam ceiling will also create a rustic kitchen design that is sturdy and looks attractive. Stencil pattern backsplash from bhg.

By using white as an attractive kitchen decoration, will make the room look stylish and look cleaner. Adding a chevron pattern to the backsplash will also enhance the look of your modern kitchen. Using wood as an alternative finish helps keep the look minimal and allows for further accent colors to add more personality. White chevron backsplash from idealhome.

Add interest to a white kitchen with a statement wallpaper. The soothing white background helps enhance the decorative design. This bird-and-twig-embossed character paper welcomes a touch of nature in the room, which ties the wood workbench perfectly. Decorations like this will add a stylish look to an all-white modern kitchen. Bird-and-twig wallpaper backsplash from idealhome.

Add A Pop Of Color

Adding a pop of color to the white kitchen can be a good way to avoid a boring look. Play with colorful bar stools, plates, or other cooking supplies are the easiest way to make the white kitchen look more interesting. Applying a bold color on the one spot of the kitchen, such as on the kitchen island or stove also can be another option to add a pop of color to the kitchen.

The bright color of this chair blends well with your white kitchen scheme. This will make a stylish room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. In addition, these chairs will make the perfect focal point of the room. The wooden countertop and the chandelier above this kitchen island give the illusion of an interesting and dramatic room. Bright color chair from thecottagemarket.

This is an adorable cottage kitchen. The cabinets and floors are all white, but the chairs and accessories make the room sing in perfect color harmony. This really makes your kitchen decor more stylish with a pop of color that attracts the attention of many people. The shabby chic style in this kitchen adds a stylish look to this room. Bright color chairs and accessories from thecottagemarket.

Open Wooden Shelves

To add appeal to the white kitchen, go for open wooden shelves. Besides being able as the storage space, adding the wooden shelves can add beauty look to the kitchen. The wood shelves are known for their capability to create a warm and natural nuance and also this shelf is applicable to any style. So, it will suit your white kitchen. 

Using this thick plank wood open shelf will look sturdy and durable. With the look of bare natural wood, they fit into the aesthetics of the modern farmhouse and work well with a variety of surface types and colors. As pictured above you can pair this versatile shelf with dark stains, window lighting, and a white backsplash tile that will catch a lot of people’s attention. Wooden open shelf from homebnc.

One great thing about hanging open kitchen shelves instead of using cabinets is the fact that you have more choices in the size, shape, and capacity of each shelf. Using this wood material will be durable and look sturdy for you to try right now. Another feature that’s sure to be awesome is that you can use the extra shelf space to decorate with your favorite succulents or artwork. It will look functional with some of the other kitchen décors. Vertical open wooden shelves from homebnc.

Applying white kitchen is versatile. It can look bright, clean, simple, and blend well with any style. If you are interested to apply for a white kitchen, hopefully, those ideas above are helpful to create an appealing white kitchen and complete your home. 

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