Maintain Your RV Neatness with These 15 RV Storage Tips

An RV is like a second home. Or, for some, it is equivalent to your home. So, it just makes sense to take care of your RV. If you procrastinate in taking care of your RV, you will find that sooner or later, your RV could feel claustrophobic as it only has significantly less space than an average studio apartment. In that case, organizing RV storage is crucial. You can break down according to the room. It is because every each room needs different treatment. Read on to find some tips on how to do it.


The first place in the RV that should be considered to be organized well is the kitchen. The kitchen will be the most crowded and cramped space in the RV. Sometimes, you will find a messy situation in that place. If you don’t manage and maintain well this place, you will find the worst situation. There are some tips that you can do to organize your RV kitchen. First, install lightweight shelves inside the kitchen cabinet. The shelves will allow you to have decent and efficient space to store your cooking ware. To support a good organization, you can use nesting ware for a more efficient and neat. The second tip is better for you to use a magnetic rack to store your herbs and knife. It will avoid falling down during the trip. You can also utilize the space behind the cabinet door to be installed command hooks or holders to store your kitchen utensils.

Adding magnetic storage to one of the walls of this RV kitchen will give your room a more organized and clutter-free look. You can use it to store some of your knife collection. Equipped with a storage cabinet will make your room more tidy. Magnetic storage RV from rvinspiration.

Living in an RV full time requires good organizational skills. This is especially important in your kitchen where space is very expensive. Using a magnet storage to store some of the condiments will keep the room tidy and free from clutter. Placed on the kitchen backsplash it will make it easier for you to take it. Spice magnet storage from rvnstyle.

These kitchen storage tips using cabinet shelves will make it easier for you to store your various utensils during long trips. Some additional storage in the form of cabinets and drawers will give your RV a neat impression. With this white color scheme, it will present a spacious and airy room. Cabinet shelves from extraspace.

Save space in your RV kitchen by attaching magnetic strips to the wall to hold light household items. These strips can easily hold kitchen knives to help keep them in place without taking up drawer or counter space. Setting up a magnetic spice rack is another idea that works well for saving space and keeping your condiments organized. Complete it with open wooden shelves will make the room tidier. Magnetic strips from extraspace.

Utilizing vertical storage will maximize the space in your RV kitchen. Installing travel-safe shelves with edges or bumpers is an easy way to keep things organized and safe while living on the road. This shelf can be used to store pantry items, canned food, books, toiletries, or small knick-knacks. Wooden vertical storage from extraspace.


Nobody wants to sleep in a cluttered room especially in an RV that has limited space. Therefore, you need smart tips to maintain the neatness and organization of the RV bedroom. By keeping organize your RV bedroom it will bring a coziness during the trip. The first way that you can do this is by using bedside caddies to store your small items. The second tip, if the bed has drawers underneath, you will have a decent space to organize your blankets or clothes. Installing storage nets against the wall also will help you to store your bedroom items. Don’t forget to apply vertical storage to organize the closet. It will save space and create a neat look.

Storage of rattan baskets under this RV bed will provide a spacious room and avoid clutter. These are smart tips for maintaining the neatness and arrangement of an RV bedroom. With this storage, you can store various blankets and sheets easily and not take up too much space. Rattan baskets under the bed from joyfullygrowingblog.

Extraordinary Vintage RV Camper Bedroom Interior design ideas by adding drawers under this bed will give a room that is neat and free from clutter. In addition, the open storage shelf above the bed will make it easier for you to store some ornaments or other items. Drawers under the bed from decomg.

If you have a small RV, you don’t have to worry about storing your belongings, as you can store your belongings where they don’t take up much space. Adding a bedside caddy to store your small items is a brilliant idea for you to try. This will make the decor of the room neat and uncluttered. Bedside caddy from buzzfeed. 

Small storage areas such as caddy bags are perfect to be used because the caddy bag is a very minimalist storage area for your small RV car. Using this storage will create a neat and clutter-free room. You can also add additional storage to maximize the space under your bed. Caddy bags RV storage from buzzfeed.

Made of high-quality canvas. You will have no trouble storing your belongings in the mat caddy bag. Use vertical slits for minimalistic storage in your RV. This type of storage will make your room tidier and will avoid clutter. Canvas caddy bags from colorfuldesigner.


Since the RV bathroom is very limited space then applying smart storage organization tips is important. First, to organize the toiletries, you can use hanging shoe storage then installed it behind the door. The next tip, you can install a tension rod against the wall and add some hooks to hang some baskets. It will provide spaces for you to store your bathroom supplies or hang your towels. Possible for you to install some command hooks in your RV bathroom to provide extra storage space.

Adding vertical storage to this bathroom shower will maximize the space in your RV. Such decorators are smart storage organizations. This open shelf will also provide additional storage to put some towels and a pot of greenery. Vertical towel storage from trendey.

The tension rod that runs over the shower makes a great place to hang a storage basket. You can use this kind of decor to save space in your RV bathroom. Installing command hooks can also be used for other bathroom storage ideas. Tension rod storage from rvinspiration.

Classic corner bathroom shelves like this one are great if you have an RV bathroom. This kind of decoration will save space in one corner of the room and will add extra storage. Used to store various toiletries, will make your room neater and avoid clutter. Corner bathroom shelves from rvinspiration.

This is another picture of my RV bathroom. This over-the-door storage organizer comes in handy for tidying up your RV’s private room. In the picture above, using a pocket to store various toiletries is a brilliant idea for you to try. Over-the-door storage organizer from rvinspiration.

Shoe adjusters can be cut and used in a variety of locations throughout the RV. As the picture above is used to store various toiletries in an RV is a brilliant idea for you to try. Placed on the wall above the toilet to maximize the walls of your room. Pocket storage above toilet from rvinspiration.

And that’s all the easy tips! Hopefully, these RV storage tips give you some ideas on how to take care of your RV. For more tips, you can visit various RV enthusiast sites on the internet.

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