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DIY Sofa Arm Table Ideas to Add to Function and Enjoyment in The Living Room

The living room is a place where you can do many things, and all you need is a comfortable feel when spending your time in it. To make happen, you need to add something more to double up your fun and enjoyment. And all you need is a nice and useful sofa arm table that will suit your need. A DIY sofa arm table simply can be put on the sofa arms to hold the refreshments and other items of interest beautifully.

The good news about this DIY project is that you can make it at home without breaking your bank. Just recycle the wooden-like pallet wood planks and put them together to make this sidearm sofa. You can also add a side pocket and a flat wooden top to it. Check out these DIY sofa arm tables below to bring comfort feel to your space. Enjoy!

DIY Wood Couch Sleeve

This is the first and easiest DIY arm table that you can make by yourself. All you have to do is just use a few 14″ long wooden boards then arrange them to become a square shape. This wooden couch sleeve will allow you to rest your arm during watching TV or reading books while nicely enjoy your drink and snack. This arm table can act as a tray at the same time.
To enhance the appearance of your sitting area, then add a DIY wooden sofa arm that can be used to put your coffee cup so it doesn’t roll over and can be enjoyed while watching TV or reading a book. Choose and use this sofa arm which is made of teak wood which has a smoother and softer surface. Teak wood couch sleeve from uglyducklinghouse.
Mix and match the colors between the wood couch sleeve and the sofa that will be fitted with this DIY arm accent. If your sofa has a brighter color such as gray, then there is nothing wrong with using a black matte wood couch sleeve which looks shinier because it has been re-polished. The materials used will be easier to find and of course more comfortable. Black matte wood couch sleeve from uglyducklinghouse. 
Take advantage of your sofa arm so that it becomes more useful and optimal. For example, by adding a wood couch sleeve with a comfortable surface and besides that it has a flat surface so that it can be used to place cups, glasses, or books and your remote safely. The idea of adding a wood couch sleeve doesn’t cost a lot of money. DIY wood couch sleeve on a budget from uglyducklinghouse.
Choose and use teak wood for DIY couch sleeve ideas that are sturdy and not easily porous. This teak wood material is re-polished so that it looks shinier when exposed to sunlight or light from any direction. This couch sleeve idea is easy enough to try and emulate. DIY re-polishing wood couch sleeve from uglyducklinghouse.

DIY Sofa Sleeve Table with An Elongated One-Sided Model

This DIY arm table has an elongated one side down to the floor that allows you to use it as a simple side table if you need it. So, you don’t need to buy a new side table to complete your living room decor. You can remove it easily from the sofa sleeve when you don’t use it. The other benefits that you can get from this kind of DIY arm table that is more sturdy and balance.

Reuse old unused wood as an idea for a sleeve table sofa that has longer and taller legs. Of course, this sleeved sofa table will be sturdier and flatter when used to store more books or coffee. Repaint the legs of this sleeved sofa table with white to make it look cleaner and newer. Reuse old wood as a sofa sleeve table from apkpure.

This square sofa table sleeve will work well for placing your glass so it doesn’t roll over easily and cause it to fall to the floor and then break. Additional accents on this sofa are designed to be safe because at the bottom there is a hole that will strengthen and lock the table sleeve on the sofa. Square sofa sleeve table from itsoverflowing.

Standing sofa sleeve table which is made of a combination of wood and iron is an additional accent for a chair that is sturdy and not easily porous even when used for a long time. This sleeve table has iron legs so you can store or put your glasses or snacks in more quantities according to your table surface. Standing sofa sleeve table from itsoverflowing.

DIY Multifunctional Sofa Arm Table

Another DIY sofa arm table that should be you have is a multifunctional arm table. This DIY sofa arm table not only allows you to rest your arm or place your food and drink but also can be used to store your things, such as phones, TV remotes, and even magazines or your favorite books. This arm table can act as functional as a side table. So this is very helpful if your living room is small and not possible to place a lot of furniture.

If you like the hobby of reading newspapers in the morning, then using a wood sofa arm table equipped with storage on the side is a smart idea that you can easily try. Besides being able to be used to store newspapers, this arm table sofa also has a wider surface and can be used to put your drinking glass. Wood sofa arm table with storage from gadgetsin.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a synthetic leather pocket on your plywood sofa arm table as a built-in storage idea that can be used to put your small remote so that it can be safer and not easy to fall. This remote storage doesn’t take up much space or time because it’s very easy to make. Plywood sofa arm table with synthetic leather pockets from itsoverflowing.

This Walnut sofa arm table is equipped with the idea of ​​remote storage on the side which is designed in such a way to make it seem more functional. You can place the remote vertically to make it easier to take when needed, don’t forget to put your glasses and snacks on the arm sofa table for a better and maximum view. Walnut sofa arm table with built-in remote storage from itsoverflowing.

Besides being able to be used to store your magazines, this wood sofa arm table is also equipped with phone storage at the top with a hole that has a size that fits your cellphone. The front of the cellphone is equipped with a cup holder which makes the surface of this arm table sofa safer and not easily rolled over, of course. Try it easily without spending a lot of money, just bring out your creativity as much as possible. DIY multifunctional wood sofa arm table from itsoverflowing.

DIY Wooden Sofa Sleeve with Cup Holder

If you like to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while enjoying watching TV or reading books on your sofa, might be you need this kind of DIY sofa arm table. The wooden sofa sleeve with a cup holder can be your option. This sofa arm table is specially designed by providing a place to put a cup. This is so that the cup is securely in place without fear of falling accidentally.

Do you want to put the cup safely and not easily toppled over the surface of the sofa sleeve? If you are then you can add a cup holder hole that has a standard size according to the size of your glass or cup. Re-polish this wood accent to make it look newer and shiny when exposed to sunlight or light. The cup holder hole on the sofa sleeve from abeautifulmess.

The more cup holder sofa sleeves you have, the more cups you can place on the surface of this sofa arm table. This cup will accompany you while reading your favorite newspaper or magazine. Don’t forget to use the bottom as a storage idea for your remote or small items that are easily lost. Two cup holders on sofa sleeve from dadand.

Are you a coffee lover in the morning? If so, then you can add a cup holder to your arm table sofa. This cup holder is made of a flexible material so it is more elastic. Choose a brown color so it doesn’t get dirty easily when used for a long time. Elastic cup holder on sofa sleeve from technabob.

This wood sofa sleeve with an additional cup holder accent is intended so that the cup placed here does not easily roll over or fall to the floor. Choose wood that is sturdy and not easily damp to make it more durable. This arm table sofa has a longer size so you can put more snacks or drinks that you can enjoy. Wood sofa sleeve with cup holder from incrediblethings.

When you need more relaxation on your couch without moving from your seating on then the DIY sofa arm table can help you. These are some DIY sofa arm tables that you can try to add to function and enjoyment to your living room.

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